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Wananchi 'wenye akili' huchagua viongozi Wenye akili, ila Tanzania..! - Davos 2012 comments;

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Not_Yet_Uhuru, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Not_Yet_Uhuru

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    Ishara za kuangamia taifa la Tanzania ni nyingi mno!.

    Kuwachangua Viongozi toka CCM waiongoze nchi yetu, ni
    mkusanyiko wa laani na ukosefu wa Uwajibikaji kwa watanzania waliopiga kura 'kienyeji' na hili ni kosa la kizazi na madhara kwa kizazi kijacho pia.

    Kitendo cha serikali kugoma na kutumia ubabe kushughulikia maslahi na madai ya madaktari na waalimu, na kukimbilia kupitisha posho za wabunge 200,000 kwa siku (wengi wakiwa CCM), ambao wengi ni wazee, waliokosa dira, wanaolala bungeni na maofisini kwa uzembe na uvivu wa kufikiri, ni ishara ya kuwa nchi 'inakwisha! kizazi kimedhoofishwa na kuangamizwa! Wakati madaktari wanaookoa uhai na maisha ya wamama, watoto na watanzania wote wanapokea si zaidi ya 10,000 au 20,000 kwa siku, mbali na hatari zote! ni maangamizi!

    Raha ya Kula vya Wajinga.jpg
    Kwa uozo kama huu, nalo tunakaa kimyaa??, Huyu naye analipwa 200,000?? Tumeangamia kwa kukosa maarifa!

    Wachangia hoja zilizotolewa na Viongozi waliokwenda ktk kongamano la Davos, Uswiss 2012, wametufundisha mengi, na zaidi ni kuwa Watanzania wataangamia kwa kosa lao wenyewe la kuchangua viongozi wabovu, walafi, wasio na vision, na waliojaa ubinafsi! Tuamue kujikomboa, au tusilalamike tena! [Pata comments kwa undani chini, NA HASA SEHEMU ZILIZOWEKWA

    The Guardian UK


    26 January 2012 2:33PM

    Tanzania's Kikwete is one of the most pathetic African leaders of our times. He is a peacetime leader for a country known to be one of the richest in the world in terms of natural resources, yet he leades the world with begging. Foreign companies have known Tanzania to be a free land in which you can go in and take all you can without being asked a question. I really don't get the mind set of its leaders especially their prsident Mr. Kikwete, a Muzungu worshiper. Having worked with the UNDP in that country for 8 years, I realized how inneficient and corrupt the country's leadership is. His ministers that requested bribes from BAE have never been tried despite the damning evidence against them. British TAX payers must stop funding this man's corruptin and foreign trips. His human rights record is horrible. Mr. Kikwete had no business of going to Davos to ask for foreign aid. Already his country is the world third leading foreign Aid dependant nation. He should be embarassed to say to the world that people are poor. His people living "hand to mouth " is his own is own ignorance and stupidity.That is hiw own problem, Brits are having their own problems he must realize that. We cant bankroll his foreign trips. He should make good use of his country's wealth. Instead of letting his corrupt officials and foreigners loot his country, he needs to think before letting himself be a global loughing stock. I read in one of the regional (kenyan) publication the mockery nature related to his frequent foreign trips. Palestinian, Haiti, Lebanon, Somalia and even Rwanda economies are more robust that of Tanzania. We must question the nations that welcomes this "Joker's" request for AID. He needs to be on a "no-fly" list so he can be serious. Hopefully the billionaires questions what he has done with the Money he has received for decades. The Arab spring should turn into the African summer and get rid of the Kikwete likes



    26 January 2012 3:50PM
    Response to RichardBrunwick, 26 January 2012 2:33PM

    This man did not deserve to be a head of state. He has no credibility. How can a head of state be bribed suits? We must write Downing Street and our parliament, and let them know that Aid to some of these african countries ought to STOP. nyerere the founding president of tanzania was a visionary even though his socialist policies failed, but he was a nationalist and a true patriot.
    Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana have seen far and are on the roll to economic dependence. Kikwete, and his chrony of rulling elites getting richer and richer. These people have no electricity yet the country has so many dams and rivers. There should be a policy to bar all corrupt leaders and their children from stepping into the EU.
    I dont blame Kikwete, i blame Tanzaians for letting this happen. They should be 100% responsible for their poverty and suffering. We just dont need them to come for Aid. We have many Brits out of work, and that money should pay for their Unemployment Benefit



    26 January 2012 4:01PM

    African problem is more than foreign aid. They are not ready for economic transformation. In Tanznaia today, they have started the leadership inheritance in which the old guards passess on the torch to their children. we should not expect anything serious from African nations. If it means our money, lets cut it off. We have so many social problems to deal with people's own created misery
    because they will never have free elections without someone stffing ballot boxes and ready to let the whole country in flames as long as they remain in power and their children in top american and british schools



    26 January 2012 7:32PM

    @Richard, The issue with Tanzania president is not a British issue or a global issue. It is a Tanzania voter's issue. They have let this man continue with corruption and impunity. Those in diplomatic circles especially in the US state department are privy of the matter and very disgust with Kikwete. He is not a serious leader and the chatter in Washington about his endless lavish foreign trips is not flattering. He is an embarrasment to his country and african leaders

    He has literally sold his country and done nothing to combat corruption. Nepotism has risen; those in power ensures they slot in their children in sensitive positions before they retire. Currently, 15% of Tanzania government leadership is made of sons and daughters of those that once ruled or still in power.
    I see Tanzania in the line of Tunisia and Egypt very soon, and won't lose sleep if this man is ousted, we just don't want him in America. UK, you can have him. Our cabinet secretaries take subway, their ministers in expensive land cruisers. Not with our tax dollars. I learnt through secret channels that one of his associates transported a Range rover in a cargo plane to Tanzania
    Then go around and say "Hand to Mouth"???????? Comment from a whole president to his fellow world leaders? can he ask himself why???
    Davos main goal is to discuss Euro crisis not African problems and this president should have known that, because at the end of the day he will be leaving bare handed



    28 January 2012 6:39AM

    To RichardCameron must focus on problems at home instead of trying to solve world problems. He should let Jacom Zuma solve African problems. SA economy is the largest in Africa, and can support some of those that needs economic boost.

    If Tanzanians dont want to solve their problems, then nothing we can do as Brtis. ANC austed Thabo Mbeki to save the party . Tanzania rulling party must get rid of Jakaya Kikwete to remain the party it once was because the man is an embarassment to say the least. I was in the audience and was shocked he could not answer the simple question posed to him

    Tanzania people are some of the most hospitable in the EA region and do not deserve the kind of leadership they have. I think getting rid of their rulling party and current goverment may save their boat from sinking else they will be history. This happened in Kenya, Zambia during Kenneth Kaunda and will keep on spreading..."

    source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/jan/26/davos-2012-day-2?commentpage=all#start-of-comments
  2. theophilius

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    ungeweke comments hizo, mada yako ingenoga
  3. Gwankaja Gwakilingo

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    Wananchi Wajinga{Wasio na akili} wamewachagua viongozi wajinga wa CCM na sasa ujinga wao umeonekana kwa kujiongezea

    posho halafu eti makuu wa nchi anakana hivi kunaumbali gani toka kwa Pinda kwenda kwa Jakaya? mpaka watofautiane Jakaya

    Mnafiki Pinda Mwongo!!!!!!{ujinga wa waliowachagua CCM ni kulalamika eti maisha magumu}
  4. m

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    Lugha nayo ikawa tatizo huko Davos....dah!! Presidaa unaniangusha sasa
  5. m

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    Feb 1, 2012
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