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Waliorudisha na wale hawakurudisha pamoja na kagoda kusimama kizimbani

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Ng'wanza Madaso, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Ng'wanza Madaso

    Ng'wanza Madaso JF-Expert Member

    Nov 27, 2008
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    All EPA suspects to face trial, says DPP

    2008-11-26 11:04:17
    By Joyce Kisaka

    Director of Public Prosecutions Elieza Feleshi said yesterday his office would prosecute all suspects linked to the siphoning of 133 billion/- from the Bank of Tanzania External Payment Arrears (EPA) account, including those of Kagoda Agricultural Company regardless of their status.

    The DPP also revealed that those who cleared their EPA debts were not exempt from trial.

    Speaking exclusively to The Guardian, Feleshi said he would not be pushed to hurry up the prosecutions for the sake of succumbing to public pressure or any other quarter. “We are professionals. We must maintain the ethics of our profession,`` the DPP said.

    Asked to comment specifically on Kagoda, and whether he had the guts to charge its owners as they were rumoured to be big fish, the DPP simply laughed and affirmed that no one would escape the dragnet as long as he was part of the EPA suspects` list.

    He reminded this reporter that there was a time when members of the public believed that the trial of EPA suspects would never take place, but this is exactly what is happening.

    ``People will know the truth once all the suspects are also arraigned,`` Feleshi said.

    He said once a case file was handed to his office for prosecution, all suspects would be treated impartially regardless of their status or colour.

    Responding to a question as to whether those who would be tried are only those who did not settle their EPA debts, the DPP cited as an example defendants Jeetu Patel and Njake who fully cleared their balance but were being prosecuted.

    On the other hand, the DPP cautioned against rumour-mongering.

    ``We do not work on hearsay. We are an authority that utilizes proven information. Whoever has concrete information should go to the Director of Criminal Investigations and hand over the details,`` he said.

    When requested to comment on Prime Minister Pinda`s remarks that the DPP would soon succumb to public pressure by prosecuting suspects who were linked to Kagoda, the DPP said what the Premier actually meant was that ``we have no plans to swallow the files,`` but they had to work on them according to law.

    ``We would have to go through the files and that needs time. Please give us room to work on this matter ``he said.

    He said his responsibility was to approve the prosecution of suspects brought before a magistrate, and he was still doing that job. ``Court cases are filed according to merit. This is what members of the public should understand,`` he said.

    ``We should respect each other`s profession. Give us room work rather than concentrate on distorted information,`` he said.

    President Mugabe allocated unilaterally, leading to fears he will dominate the new structure.

    In the meantime, the country`s implosion has continued, with hyperinflation independently estimated in the sextillions, millions in need of food aid, and hundreds dying of cholera.

    The former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan, the US ex- president Jimmy Carter, and Graca Machel, Nelson Mandela`s wife, had planned to go on a fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe, but Mr Mugabe`s government made clear they were not welcome.

    After three days of meetings in Johannesburg, they said the humanitarian crisis was worse than they ever expected, and now so urgent that a resolution of the political deadlock was imperative, as the two went hand-in-hand.

    ``Politicians have a way of playing little games and nitpicking sometimes over issues that are not that important in the scheme of things,`` said Annan.

    SOURCE: Guardian

    Maoni yangu:
    DPP nampongeza kwanza kwa moyo wake wa kuongea na waandishi si kama viongozi wengine ambao hukataa kuongea na waandishi hata kama ni muhimu kufanya hivyo.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2008
  2. Ng'wanza Madaso

    Ng'wanza Madaso JF-Expert Member

    Nov 27, 2008
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    Je hii itawezekana kwa hivyi karibuni au ndio mpaka 2010 kesi zingine?
  3. Pascal Mayalla

    Pascal Mayalla JF-Expert Member

    Nov 27, 2008
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    DPP ni DPP, mamlaka yanatamkwa kwenye katiba kama alivyo Jaji Mkuu, Mdhibiti, na wengineo, ila Mamlaka ya DPP ni ya ajabu kabisa!. Japo ofisi yake iko chini ya Wizara ya Sheria na Mwanasheria Mkuu, mamlaka ya DPP ni Kiboko!. Hawajibiki kwa waziri, kwa mwanasheria mkuu wala kwa rais. Yeye anawajibika kwake mwenyewe kama rais anavyowajibika kivyake.
    Waziri anawajibika kwa Rais. Makatibu Wakuu wanawajibika kwa Katibu Mkuu Kiongozi. Mwanasheria Mkuu anawajibika kwa Waziri, Lakini DPP hawajibiki ndiye pekee na Jaji Mkuu wanawajibika kwa Katiba kama rais. Maamuzi ya Jaji Mkuu ni mpaka wakae majaji 7. Full Bench ndio uamuzi wao unakuwa final. Maamuzi ama Ripoti ya Mdhibiti na Mkaguzi, CAG, pia iko huru ila haitoki mpaka rais akabithiwe kwanza na aridhie ndipo inatoka hivyo rais akiamua kuizuia anaweza na CAG anakuwa ametimiza wajibu wake.

    Hivyo wanabakia watu wawili tuu ambao maamuzi yao hayadhibitiwi na mamlaka yoyote. Hawa ni rais na DPP.

    Power za rais kuteua akipenda anaweza kumteua kuanzia mwanae wakaja nduguze, wakaja marafiki zake na hata akawateua wale wakinanii wote wa enzi zake katika nafasi za madaraka na hakuna mamlaka yoyote inawezaa kuuliza chochote. Wote kimya!.

    Ndivyo alivyo DPP. Ana mamlaka ya kuamua kitu kinaitwa 'Nolle Proseque', yaani hakuna kesi ya kujibu. DPP akiamua Nolle Proseque ni final. Hakuna mamlaka yoyote kwa mujibu wa katiba yenye kuweza kumuuliza DPP kwanini. Hata rais haapo hana mamlaka.

    Naomba tumwache DPP atimize majukumu yake kwa nafasi naa muda anaotaka. Tukimpresha sana anaweza akakasirika akaamua kudeclare kesi zote za EPA ni 'Nolle Proseque'