Wafanyakazi Bulyanhulu kugoma

itakuwa ni mafao duni na mazingira ya kazi. sasa inamaana Rais akienda huko huwa hafiki?
Bulyanhulu strike looms.

-Over 1,000 miners at nation’s largest gold mine set to down tools
-Management in last-minute negotiations to avert the go-slow

THISDAY REPORTER Dar es Salaam said:

MORE than 1,000 miners at the country’s biggest gold mine have threatened to go on strike today following a protracted dispute with management over pay and conditions. Trade union leaders at the Bulyanhulu gold mine in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region have declared a formal strike, citing poor medical care, for one thing.

But according to Greg Walker, general manager of the mine owned by Canada’s Barrick Gold Corporation, the management was still holding talks with union leaders in an effort to avert the looming strike action. ’’As far as I know, there is no such strike planned. Management will be meeting union leaders tomorrow (today),’’ Walker told THISDAY in a telephone interview from the mine premises yesterday.

The Australian-born GM said the discussions scheduled for today would cover all the outstanding issues, thus he did not expect the workers to go on with the strike. Bulyanhulu, the country’s biggest underground gold mine, employs a total of 1,971 workers including some 178 expatriates. About half of the expatriate staff at the mine (90) are employed in management/supervisory positions, while the rest work at technical, operational and administration levels.
On the other hand, some 160 Tanzanians are in manpower supervisory positions at the mine, while the vast majority (1,811) work in mine operations and administration.

It has been claimed that the expatriate workers and supervisors are being overly favoured by management in terms of salaries and other fringe benefits, while most of the local staff involved in underground mining operations are allegedly being grossly mistreated. The Tanzania Mines and Construction Workers Union (TAMICO) maintained the strike action was imminent because management had apparently ignored a previous agreement reached with the union leaders on October 17, this year.

’’Our initial plan was to strike on October 18, but management later said it had accepted most of our demands, including providing medical cover to the workers,’’ said TAMICO branch secretary Merchadis Kajungu. The union leader said the workers agreed to call off the strike after management promised to pay for medical care for the workers, some of whom required referral health services at Bugando Hopital in Mwanza or Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

’’We agreed that implementation of the (medical cover) would start immediately. Many workers were suffering from the effects of 12-hour work shifts with heavy machinery every day, and poor working conditions including lack of transport for workers to and from their homes,’’ Kajungu said.

The workers accused the mine management of discriminating locals against expatriates and cited the area of medical treatment, where it is claimed that whereas expatriates are often airlifted abroad for treatment, local staff are not even helped to go to local referral hospitals. Said Kajungu: ’’Currently we have one local staff who needs a hip replacement, but management has advised him to stay put and use just pain-killers until such time as it becomes very necessary to have surgery. This is outrageous.’’

Other bones of contention include perceived discrimination in on-mine accommodation, education facilities, transport services, salary scales and bonus payments between expatriate staff and Tanzanian employees.

’’The previous general manager, Mike Mracek, was more responsive to our needs compared with the new GM (Walker),’’ said the TAMICO branch chairman at Bulyanhulu, George Mandia, in a statement to the mine management which also gave notice for the planned strike action.

It remains to be seen if the mine workers will actually down their tools today or return to the negotiating table with management. By the end of this year, the giant mine’s total gold exports are expected to reach $1bn (approx. 1.3tr/-), plus copper valued at over $100m (approx. 130bn/-) and about $10.5m (approx. 13.7bn/-) worth of silver.

Also by year-end, the mine is expected to have generated various taxes amounting to $120m (approx. 156bn/-), in the form of royalty, payroll salaries, pay as you earn (PAYE), levies, withholding tax and duties, NSSF/PPF and several more.

That is the language they can understand, they need to be paid properly in accordance to the job they perform.

BTW Kodi ya ardhi mbona hailipwi?
Sasa this is something to go by! Hongera TAMICO. The salary negotiations and improvement of work environment has to be done on company to company basis. Siyo kutoa agizo la serikali kuhusu mishahara! If Barrick can get away with 3000% profit they will, but when workforce that are essential to them will strike then they need to listen to them! And then they can negotiate their salaries and allowances and housing accordingly. Demand and supply! Naona wananchi wameamua kuchukua mambo mikononi badala ya kusikiliza blah blah.
But I have another question: how long will the 'mshikamano' last? Wasije wakapewa chochote some, wengine wakasahaulika maana these are union busting techniques (read American economic history for more info on various union busting methods)Also don't forget there are many unemployed unskilled young men looking for jobs kwa hiyo ni rahisi kupunguza wafanyakazi na kuchukua wengine. I think that in this case it might be different if the striking staff include machine operators and other skilled workers!
But I really appreciate the way Tanzanian miners are using proper means of fighting for better salaries. Hope they achieve their goals.
Nimeambiwa kuwa wamepewa muda kama hawataingia kazini hadi kesho basi zaidi ya wafanyakazi 700 watafukuzwa.
Barrick Gold matatani tena

na Mwandishi Wetu

MISUKOSUKO inayoikabili kampuni inayomiliki migodi kadhaa ya dhahabu nchini, Barrick Gold Corporation, inaongezeka huku wafanyakazi wake wa mgodi wa dhahabu wa Bulyanhulu wilayani Kahama katika Mkoa wa Shinyanga wakigoma, na mfanyakzi mwingi wa mgodi wa North Mara mkoani Mara akidai kufukuzwa kazi kwa mizengwe.

Habari zilizopatikana jana zilieleza kuwa wafanyakazi wa Bulyanhulu waligoma jana baada ya kutoa notisi juzi usiku kwa uongozi wa mgodi huo.

Notisi hiyo kutoka katika tawi la Chama cha Wachimba Madini na Ujenzi (TAMICO), ilitolewa kuufahamisha uongozi wa mgodi huo kuwa, wanachama wa chama hicho mgodini hapo, wamepanga kufanya mgomo Oktoba 25.

Hata hivyo, mara baada ya kuipata notisi hiyo, uongozi wa mgodi wa Bulyanhulu ulijibu na kukishauri chama hicho na wafanyakazi kuwa mgomo wao utakuwa batili na kinyume cha sheria.

Aidha, uongozi uliwaeleza wafanyakazi hao kuwa, iwapo wangegoma, uongozi ungechukua hatua zinazofaa kulingana na hali hiyo, kwa masilahi ya kampuni.

Hata hivyo, habari zilizopatikana kutoka mgodini hapo zilieleza kuwa, baadhi ya wafanyakazi hawakuujali ushauri huo na jana waligoma kufanya kazi.

Kampuni hiyo jana ilitoa taarifa kwa vyombo vya habari ikieleza kuwa Oktoba 17 mwaka huu, TAMICO na uongozi wa mgodi walikaa pamoja kuzungumza na kufikia makubaliano kuhusiana na masuala kadhaa.

“Mazungumzo yalikuwa yamepangwa kuendelea asubuhi ya Oktoka 25,” ilisema sehemu ya taarifa hiyo na kubainisha kuwa, uongozi wa mgodi bado una dhamira ya kuendelea na mazungumzo hayo kama ambavyo ilikubaliwa awali.

Hata hivyo, kampuni hiyo ilisema kuwa, mazungumzo hayo hayawezi kuendelea wakati baadhi ya wafanyakazi wapo katika mgomo ambao umeuita kuwa ni batili.

“Makubaliano katika mazungumzo ya awali yalikuwa wazi kuwa kila upande uendelee na mazungumzo ili kufikia muafaka wa masuala yote,” ilisema taarifa hiyo.

Katika notisi iliyopelekwa kwa uongozi, Katibu wa kamati ya TAMICO anaelezea baadhi ya sababu zilizowafanya wafanyakazi wagome kuwa ni kushindwa kwa mwajiri kutekeleza makubaliano yaliyofikiwa Oktoba 17 na hofu dhidi ya usalama wa wafanyakazi baada ya kumwagwa kwa askari wa Kikosi cha Kutuliza Ghasia (FFU) mgodini hapo.

Hata hivyo, kwa mujibu wa taarifa ya kampuni hiyo, Meneja Mkuu wa Bulyanhulu, aliwataka wafanyakazi wote waliogoma kurejea kazini, hasa wale waliopo katika shifti inayofuata.

Uongozi huo pia ulitoa taarifa kwa wafanyakazi hao kuwakumbusha kuwa uongozi una haki ya kuwafukuza kazi wafanyakazi wote watakaogoma.

Wakati huo hio, Edward Ibabila, anaripoti kutoka Tarime kuwa ofisa wa Kampuni ya Barrick, inayomiliki mgodi wa dhahabu wa North Mara, Terry Brown, raia wa Canada, anadaiwa kutoa lugha chafu za matusi na kutishia kumuua Bahati Ndimanya, aliyekuwa mhandisi wa kampuni hiyo, ambaye alifukuzwa kazi baada ya kuripoti tukio hilo polisi.

Akizungumza na Tanzania Daima kwa masikitiko makubwa, Ndimanya alisema tukio hilo lilitokea Septemba 6 mwaka huu, majira ya saa 11 jioni wakati alipokuwa akizungumza na wafanyakazi wenzake wawili ofisini kwake.

Alisema Mzungu huyo aliwafuata na kumuuliza mmoja kati ya wafanyakazi aliokuwa akizungumza nao walikuwa wanafanya nini mahali hapo na Ndimanya alimfahamisha Mzungu huyo kuwa yeye ndiye aliyewaita.

Alidai kuwa baada ya kumjibu hivyo, Mzungu huyo alianza kumtolea lugha chafu kwa lugha ya Kiingereza.

Alisema baada ya kumtolea lugha hiyo chafu, aliondoka na kurejea tena baada ya muda mfupi na kuendelea kutoa lugha chafu, huku akimnyoshea kidole na kutishia kumuua iwapo ataendelea na tabia hiyo.

“Aliporudi alikuwa amekasirika zaidi na aliendelea kunitukana huku akininyoshea kidole na kuniambia ataniua kama nitaendelea na tabia hiyo. Kwa kweli kauli hii ilinitisha na kunishangaza kwani sikuona kosa langu. Hata kama ningekuwa na kosa hakupaswa kutishia kuniua, alitakiwa kuchukua hatua za kisheria dhidi yangu,” alisema.

Alisema alitoa taarifa kuhusiana na tukio hilo kwa mkuu wa idara, aliyemtaja kwa jina la Adam Wilson, ambaye ni Afisa Utumishi na Mwanasheria wa Kampuni, ambaye aliahidi kushughulikia suala hilo baada ya wiki moja kwa madai kuwa wakati huo alikuwa anajiandaa kusafiri.

Alisema kuwa pamoja na kutoa taarifa kwa maofisa hao, alichukua fomu maalum na kujaza akieleza jinsi tukio zima lilivyokuwa na kuzipeleka kwenye uongozi wa kampuni hiyo, lakini alidai hakuna hatua zilizochukuliwa.

Alisema baada ya malalamiko yake kupuuzwa na uongozi wa kampuni hiyo, alimfuata meneja wa kampuni hiyo na mkuu wa idara na kuwaeleza dhamira yake ya kumchukulia Mzungu huyo, hatua za kisheria, ambapo maofisa hao walimruhusu kufanya hivyo.

Alisema ndipo aliporipoti katika kituo kidogo cha Polisi Nyamongo na kufungua kesi yenye namba RB/1153/2007 na kuelekezwa na Mkuu wa Kituo hicho cha Polisi, kuwa kuna tararibu za kuwakamata Wazungu wanaofanya kazi nchini, hivyo isingewezekana mtuhumiwa huyo kukamatwa hadi taratibu hizo zitakapokamilika.

“Kauli aliyotoa OCS kwamba eti Wazungu hawakamatwi hivi hivi mpaka hatua fulani zifuatwe, ilinishangaza. Huyu ni mfanyakazi wa kawaida na si mwanadiplomasia anayewakilisha nchi yake. Huu si unyanyasaji wa wazi kabisa tunaofanyiwa ndani ya nchi yetu?” alisema na kuhoji.

Alisema alirudi kituoni hapo Septemba 11 mwaka huu, na kumweleza mkuu huyo wa kituo kuwa, Mzungu aliyetishia kumuua alikuwa akijiandaa kutoroka nchini na kurudi kwao Canada, lakini alisema mkuu huyo wa kituo hakuonekana kujali na hakukuchukua hatua yoyote.

Alisema Septemba 12 mwaka huu, Mzungu huyo aliondoka Nyamongo kwa ndege hadi Dar es Salaam akiwa katika safari kwenda kwao Canada. Alisema alipoona hali hiyo alitoa taarifa kwa Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa wa Mara, ambaye hata hivyo alikuwa nje ya mkoa kikazi hivyo akamtaka kuwasiliana na Kaimu Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa.

Alisema mara baada ya kuwasiliana naye, Kaimu Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa wa Mara alipokea taarifa hiyo na kuahidi kuifanyia kazi.

Alisema alituma ujumbe mfupi wa maneno kupitia simu yake ya kiganjani kwenda kwa Mkuu wa Jeshi la Polisi nchini, IGP Said Mwema akimweleza juu ya kutoroka kwa Mzungu huyo.

Alisema alipata taarifa baadaye kuwa Mzungu huyo alikamatwa na polisi kwenye Uwanja wa Ndege wa Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Dar es Salaam ambapo alihojiwa kwa zaidi ya saa moja na kuachiwa huru baada ya kuthibitisha kuwa angerudi nchini Oktoba 3 mwaka huu, lakini hadi sasa bado hajarudi.

Aidha, Ndimanya alisema baada ya kuonekana akifuatilia ili Mzungu huyo afikishwe kwenye vyombo vya sheria kujibu tuhuma dhidi yake, uongozi wa kampuni hiyo ulianza mikakati ya kumfukuza kazi.

Akielezea kuhusu mikakati hiyo, Ndimanya alisema Septemba 20 mwaka huu aliitwa na meneja wa kampuni hiyo, Bill MacNevin na kutakiwa aeleze kile kilichosababisha aondoke katika eneo la kazi bila taarifa, ambapo alimweleza kuwa kabla ya kwenda kituo cha polisi alimjulisha msimamizi mkuu wa idara yake.

Alisema meneja huyo kwa dharau alikejeli hatua aliyoichukua ya kuripoti tukio hilo kituo cha Polisi na kwa IGP na kusema kuwa hata kama angeripoti kwa rais, hakuna hatua yoyote inayoweza kuchukuliwa dhidi yao.

Alisema Septemba 14 mwaka huu, aliitwa na jopo la uongozi wa kampuni hiyo na kupewa onyo la mwisho kwa maandishi kutokana na madai ya kuondoka katika eneo la kazi bila ruhusa, madai ambayo aliyakana.

Alisema wakati kikao cha kumjadili kinafanyika, Meneja wa kampuni hiyo hakuwapo na aliporejea Septemba 19 mwaka huu, alishangaa kuona kikao hicho hakikumfukuza kazi ndipo mipango ya kuhakikisha anafukuzwa kazi iliendelea.

Alisema Septemba 20 mwaka huu, aliomba ruhusa ili kwenda hospitali kung’olewa jino na siku iliyofuata alianza likizo ya wiki mbili. Alisema aliporipoti kazini baada ya likizo hiyo, Oktoba 5 mwaka huu, walinzi walimzuia kuingia wakidai walipewa maelekezo hayo na mwajiri.

Alisema baadaye aliongozwa na walinzi hao hadi ofisini kwa mwajiri ambapo alipewa barua ya kuzuiliwa kutoka kambini na kuwekwa kizuizini hadi Oktoba 8 mwaka huu ambapo alijadiliwa, bila ya yeye kuwapo kwenye kikao na baadaye kupewa barua ya kufukuzwa kazi (nakala tunayo), ambayo haielezi bayana sababu za kuchukuliwa kwa hatua hiyo.

Alipoulizwa kwa njia ya simu juu ya madai hayo, Meneja wa Kampuni hiyo, Bill MacNevin alijibu kupitia kwa Meneja Uhusiano wa Kampuni hiyo Makao Makuu Dar es Salaam, Teweli Teweli, akikiri kuwapo kwa ushahidi wa mfanyakazi huyo kutishiwa na ndiyo maana kampuni iliamua kumfukuza kazi Mzungu huyo aliyemtishia.

Akielezea kitendo cha kufukuzwa kwa Ndimanya, meneja huyo alisema hatua hiyo ilichukuliwa kutokana na kitendo cha utovu wa nidhamu alichoonyesha Ndimanya kwa kuripoti tukio hilo polisi, wakati uongozi wa kampuni ulikuwa unalishughulikia.

Aidha, Teweli alishindwa kueleza chochote juu ya kitendo cha kumzuilia Ndimanya katika mgodi huo kinyume cha sheria.

Naye Kamanda wa Polisi wa Mkoa wa Mara, David Saibul, alikiri kupata taarifa za tukio hilo na akaongeza kuwa, yeye aliambiwa na uongozi wa kampuni hiyo kuwa, Mzungu anayelalamikiwa kwa kutishia kuua alienda likizo kwao.

Hata hivyo, alikanusha madai yaliyotolewa na mkuu wa Kituo Kidogo cha Polisi Nyamongo kuwa Wazungu hawawezi kukamatwa hadi baadhi ya taratibu zifuatwe.

Aidha, Kamanda huyo wa Polisi alisema ni kinyume cha sheria kwa kampuni au mtu binafsi kumzuilia mtu mwingine mahali kwani ni kuingilia utu na uhuru wa mtu huyo na kuongeza kuwa aliyefanyiwa hivyo ana haki ya kuripoti polisi na hatua za kisheria zitachukuliwa dhidi ya mhusika.

lazima wananchi kwa msaada wa vyama vya wafanyaakzi kuchukuwa hatua wenyewe, kwa vile serikali imelala na haitaki kuchukuwa hatua madhubuti kusaidia wananchi wake
mmh huko bwana nako kumeshindikana waachie watu wapate pesa zao nzuri sio kwua wabahiri wakati wanavuna pes anyingi!! mafisadi wale nao maana hiyo sio tena barrick ni anglo american/gold
hapa Bulyanhulu (Mgodi mama wa BUZWGI). Wafanyakazi wanaokadiriwa kufikia 1000 (idadi kamili itafahamika baadaye) wamepoteza ajira zao kwa kile kilichoitwa mgomo haramu wa kudai maslai.
Viambatanisho vilivyo kwenye barua pepe hii vinaonyesha mtiririko mzima wa sakata lenyewe.
Je, kwa hali ya namna hii tutafika?
Unaponyanyaswa na unakuwa huna pa kukimbilia, je hatima yake nini? Nasema hivyo kwani viongozi wetu wa serekali ndio wanatuweka katika mazingira ya jinsi hii kwa kujali maslahi yao binafisi.
jamani hiyo kweli ni haki kwa wageni kuja kutufanyia hivi nchini mwetuu?je ni familia ngapi zimeingia in to crisis ya ki uchumi kwa mpigo due to that act?
cant serikali yetu do anything to stop this if its true?
jamani hiyo kweli ni haki kwa wageni kuja kutufanyia hivi nchini mwetuu?je ni familia ngapi zimeingia in to crisis ya ki uchumi kwa mpigo due to that act?
cant serikali yetu do anything to stop this if its true?

Bellow are statements to support the Thread.

Taarifa kwa Vyombo vya Habari – Imetolewa na Barrick Tanzania

Kusimamishwa kazi kwa wafanyakazi Walioshiriki Mgomo

Dar es Salaam, tarehe 29, Oktoba, 2007- Kampuni ya Barrick Gold Tanzania leo imetangaza kuwa imewasimamisha kazi wafanyakazi takribani 900 katika mgodi wa wa Bulyanhulu uliopo Wilayani Kahama, Mkoani Shinyanga.

Wafanyakaazi walioathirika na kusimamishwa kazi ni wale waliojisusisha na mgomo batili ulioitishwa na Chama cha Wafanyakazi wa Migodi na Ujenzi (TAMICO) jioni ya tarehe 24,October,2007.

Menejimenti ya mgodi wa Bulyanhulu imetoa taarifa kwa wafanyakazi wote ikiwaataarifu kuwa, wafanyakazi wote walioshindwa kurudi kazini kama walivyoagizwa wamesimamiswa kazi na nafasi zao zitatangazwa upya.

Menejimenti pia imefafanua kuwa waajiriwa wote wa hapo awali hawatabaguliwa kwa namna yeyote na kwamba kila mmoja anayo haki ya kuomba kazi kwa nafasi zitakazo tangazwa upya.

“Nasikitika sana kwamba TAMICO hawakuwa wastahimilivu, tumejaribu kwa kiasi kikubwa kutafuta suluhisho ili kuzuia vurugu za aina yeyote lakini wenzetu wa TAMICO wakafanya maamuzi kwa nia isiyo njema” alisema Greg Walker, Meneja wa Mgodi wa Bulyanhulu.

Hasara iliyopatikana katika Mgodi wa Bulyanhulu kutokana na mgomo huo inakadiriwa kuwa zaidi ya dola za kimarekani USD $ 5.2 milioni. Hasara hiyo inategemewa kuongezeka mpaka pindi mgodi huo utakapoanza kuendeshwa kwa ufanisi kama hapo awali.

Kipaumbele kilichopo kwa sasa ni kuhakikisha kuwa mgodi unarejea kufanya kazi haraka iwezekanavyo ili kukidhi na kutimiza wajibu wetu kwa jamii inayozunguka mgodi, wafanyakazi wetu, wabia wetu kibiashara na serikali kwa ujumla.

Ili Shughuli zetu ziendelee kufanyika katika hali ya amani, Uongozi wa mgodi wa Bulyanhulu unaona haja ya kutekeleza marekebisho ya mfumo wa uendeshaji ambayo yatainufaisha kampuni na wafanyakazi wake.

Kuhusu Barrick Gold

Barrick Gold Tanzania inaendesha migodi mitatu ya Bulyanhulu, North Mara na Tulawaka, ambapo hivi karibuni itaanza ujenzi kwenye mradi wa Buzwagi. Maeneo ya migodi ya Barrick inachangia kwa kiasi kikubwa kwenye sekta hii muhimu ya madini nchini Tanzania, huongeza nafasi za ajira, ukuaji uchumi na kuboresha huduma ya elimu na afya kupitia miradi inayobaki kuwa endelevu.

Kampuni ya Barrick ni mchangiaji mkubwa katika hazina ya Serikali, kupitia mishahara, mrahaba na kodi.

Imetolewa na;

Teweli Kyara Teweli
Uhusiano & Mawasiliano

Barrick Gold Tanzania,
Plot 1736, Hamza Aziz Road,
Msasani Peninsula
P. O. Box 1081, Dar es Salaam
United Republic of Tanzania

Kwa mawasiliano zaidi;

É+255 22 2600604
È+255 767 308600

Open attachment for the English and Swahiili downloadable verison issued by Barrick Tanzania!


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wafanyakazi wa migodi yote wekeni nyenzo zenu chini!! Mkitaka maslahi mmoja mmoja waajiri wenu watawafanya kama hivi.. where is OTTU when you need it?
Jana Niliweka Post Kama Hii Pamoja Na Barua Toka Menejimenti Ya Barrick Sijui Zimefutwa ?
so CMB wataka kusema wasupport barrick?
if its so just immagine umepata fweza za bingo..then can u go to a foreign country kama uko europe au hata kwa bush na kimada wake rice..ukanunu kampuni halafu ukaweza just fire them all 900 workers??????
ila sishangai watakao support barrick as soon najua mmoja wa wakubwa ataweza diriki sema jamani wananchi tuamini ndege yetu ya uchumi ndio inapaaa...ha haaa i like this joke...it makes me nicheke kwa uchungu!!
ndege yapaa huku ajira mia tisa zimesimamishwa na foreigners..kwa mkupuo tena wakati 2005 tuliahidiwa more than one million ajiras especially kwa vijana...au nimekosea kuamini na kuelewa?walimean watapunguza ajira zaidi ya million moja jamanii??
Jana Niliweka Post Kama Hii Pamoja Na Barua Toka Menejimenti Ya Barrick Sijui Zimefutwa ?

yawezekana ilifutwa...so na hii yawezekana ikawa mbioni kufutwa...ikifutwa then naomba tujue cheo cha admi. either kwenye chama ama serikalini maanaaaa.......
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