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Jul 2, 2006
Kingunge warns against divisions

Date: 05.07.2006

A SENIOR cabinet minister has warned strongly against dividing the country politically into zones.

Moving a motion in Parliament yesterday, the Minister of State in the President's Office (Political Affairs), Mr Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru, said he could understand the country being divided into geographic zones but it was dangerous for national cohesion to turn the areas into political blocs.

"It is a big mistake to divide the country politically; you will end up in problems. Let us not drift in that direction and, in any case, that is not CCM's policy," said the elder politician who is also the president's principal political advisor.

When debating budget estimates of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, many MPs yesterday referred to their areas as “neglected people.” Mr Ngombale-Mwiru said geographic zones were a natural reality and fact "but should be used accordingly."

However, the sentiments were part of a healthy dialogue in society. "What has been said is good. The government has heard and will act on many of the views," he said.

Winding up debate on his estimates, Infrastructure Development Minister Basil Mramba said he was happy to encounter such a lively and candid debate. So far, Mr Mramba has come under fire in the House than any other minister. Part of the criticism against him was that he has directed far more resources to his own home region. The minister hails from Kilimanjaro Region.

Mr Mramba, however, told the MPs that he was all along guided by the CCM Election Manifesto and has never at any time acted on personal whims.
By 2010, all the projects mentioned in the election manifesto will be completed, he said.

But the man who has been finance and trade minister at different times, appeared cornered and stuck when Nzega MP, Mr Lucas Selelii, pinned him to give assurance on the source of funding for the Manyoni, Itigi, Tabora to Kigoma Road which the minister said would start to be built next year while the item was not voted for.

It took the personal intervention and promise by the Prime Minister, Mr Edward Lowassa, that the road would be built within the next five years to enable Mr Mramba to go on with his speech.

The House passed the estimates last night.

Ninaomba, tulijadili hili suala maana ninaona akina kingunge baado wanafirki watu wamelala!!
Mzee Mkwawa, ( au Kijana?)
Mimi huyu mzee kishanitoka siku nyingi. Siku za Nyerere alikuwa marxist. Enzi za Mwinyi akawa right wing free marketeer. Awamu ya Mkapa naye yumo hivyo hivyo, eti mshauri wa masuala ya siasa. Sasa hii awamu ya nne sijui anaibuka kama nani tena. Nadhani he is just another political opportunist, samahani sana. :p
Yes Jasusi, baadhi ya wabunge ninaona wako imara watasaidia angalau kukemea yaliyokuwa hayakemewi enzi za Mkapa!

Ni nani angethubutu kumhoji Mramba kuhusu huo upendeleo!

Mimi ni kijana ndiyo kwanza damu inachemka! niko below 35!
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