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Vyombo vya kimagharibi viliporiti ajali ya kuzama kwa boat ZANZIBAR

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Lokissa, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Lokissa

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    Oct 18, 2011
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    GAZETI LA LEO hapa norway limeripoti hivi

    Sjokktall etter fergeforlis - - Verden - Aftenposten.no
    The boat was registered for 600 people. When it sank off the eastern Africa a month ago, it was assumed that at least 800 passengers were on board. Now it's up to 3568.


    They clung to their mattresses in the high, night-black waves the 619 survivors of the ferry disaster in the Indian Ocean on 10 September this year.
    Swimming against the strong current, 25 kilometers off the coast of Zanzibar, they could only pray to Allah that no sharks were to find them before rescue came.

    It came in the form of a U.S. aircraft carrier, which was in reasonable proximity because of Somali pirates.
    It was right after the holiday that follows Ramadan, the ferry boat "Spice Island" I was getting ready for the relatively short distance between the islands of Unguja, Pemba and Zanzibar - all three popular holiday islands off the coast of Tanzania.
    According to the boat's passenger list was only 610 people and 97 tons of cargo on board the ship that tragic day. But the 619 passengers were rescued and 203 bodies were found. How inferred in the first half of the roughly 800 passengers had fought for his life when the great ferry capsized. There were only 100 life jackets on board.
    But the allegations and rumors that the "Spice Island" I was extremely crowded continued, and after a month of investigation informed Monday Zanzibar's second vice president, Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, government officials that the ship reportedly had 3,586 passengers on board.

    - As of 10 October is 2,764 people still missing in Zanzibar, Pemba and Unguja, said Iddi, according ippmedia.com.
    But he added that authorities were skeptical of the high figure, as it possibly can be about more missing reports on one and the same person, written with a different name.

    Zanzibar's government has so far paid 156 million shillings (555,000 Norwegian kroner) in compensation to the affected families, in addition to 99.9 million shillings (355,000 Norwegian kroner) to the rescue operations after the tragedy.
    The Government has also received one billion shillings (3.55 million) in contributions to the survivors, a sum set aside in Zanzibar's National Bank until further notice.
    Engine Failure
    Zanzibar's President, Dr Mohammed Shein has appointed a special commission of inquiry to determine the cause and extent of the accident. The boat is said to have capsized because the engine broke down. The work shall be completed within 15November.

    But the authorities in Tanzania have already charged the owner of the company, the first mate on board and an employee at the port terminal in connection with the ferry accident.The ship's captain has been charged in absentia, he is one of the missing.

    In the case of the high number of accidents is finally confirmed, the crash of the world's largest in peacetime. The casualty of the M / V "Dona Paz" outside the Philippines in 1987, is considered the largest ferry accident so far, with between 1,565 and 4,375 fatalities.

    inashangaza serikali haitaki kusema ukweli kuhusu idadi ya walifariki
    ni kwa nn hadi leo viongozi hawajawajibika au kuwajibishwa:
    hela zilizotolewa kwa majeruhi na pole kwa wafiwa zimehifadhiwa matokeo yake kiasi kidogo ndicho walichopewa kwann?
    Tanzania ni zaidi ya uijuavyo.