Very Shoking


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Aug 16, 2007
Very Shocking.... .

This is a story of a young college girl who passed away last month in
Iringa . Her name was Flora. She was hit by a truck.

She was working in a call center. She had a boy friend named Patrick.

Both of them were true lovers. They always talked on the phone.

You used to be never found her without hand phone. In fact she also
Changed her cell connection from Celtel to Tigo, so that both of them
can be on the same network, and save on the cost.

She used to spend half of the day talking with Patrick.
Flora's family knew about their relationship. Patrick was very close to
Flora's family as well. (Just imagine their love). Before she passed
away she always told her friends "If I pass away Please bury me with my
hand phone" she also said the same thing to her Parents.

After her death, people couldn't carry her body, A lot of them tried to
do so But still can't everybody had tried to carry the body, the results
were the Same. Eventually, they called a person known to one of their
neighbours, who Can speak with the soul of dead person and who was a
friend of her father.

He took a stick and started speaking to himself slowly.

After a few minutes, he said "this girl misses something here." Then her
Friends told that person about her intentions to bury her with her
He then opened the grave box and place her phone and simcard inside the
Casket. After that they tried to carry the body. It was then moved

And they then carried her into the van.

All of us were shocked. Flora's parents did not inform Patrick that
Flora had passed away.

After 2 weeks Patrick called Flora's mom.....

Patrick:...."Aunty, I'm coming home today. Cook something nice for me.
Don't tell Flora that I'm coming home today, I wanna surprise her."
Her mother replied..... "You come home first, I wanna tell you something
Very important."

After he came, they told him the truth about Flora.
Patrick thinks That they were playing a fool. He was laughing and said
"don't try to fool Me - tell Flora to come out, i have a gift for her.
Please stop this Nonsense".

Then they show him the original death certificate to him.
They gave him proof to make him believe. (Patrick started to sweat) He
said... "It's not true. We spoke yesterday. She still calls me.
Patrick was shaking.

Suddenly, Patrick's phone rang. "See this is from Flora, see this...."

He showed the phone to Flora's family. All of them told him to answer.
He talked using the loudspeaker mode.

All of them heard his conversation.

Loud and clear, no cross lines, no humming.

It is the actual voice of Flora & there is no way others could use her
simcard since it is nailed inside the grave box they were so shocked and
asked For the same person's (Who can speak with the soul of deal
persons) help again. He brought his Master to solve this matter.

He & his master worked for 5 hours.

Then they discovered one thing which really shocked them...

Tigo has the best coverage.

"Where ever you go, our network follows!!!"

"Just Express Yourself"

Don't shout at me I am also looking for the person who has sent me this

Best Regards
in fact you deserve a severe beating ... maana you put tears in my eyes ... then immediately you wiped them off yourself ... that joke is not good eeh!

i will tell you something .. very true but this time not about Tigo ... we had a grandpa of our .. a brother to our grandma ... who had this naughtymjukuu who never respected his father ... one time they quarrelled akamwambia i will never want to see you again dead or alive ... the mjukuu told him ... i will definately come when you are dead maana you will not see me or even if you see me hutoweza kunifukuza ... the grandpa akamwambia ... subutu .. nitaondoka na kidole chako .. basi .. miaka ikakatika yule mjukuu kasahau ... babu akaja akafa nae akenda kuzika ... basi pale kaburini kuna mtu akatokea tu kuomba kijiti sijui cha nini ..lakini kilikuwa cha kutumia pale pale kaburini .. yule mjukuu akachukua panga akaenda kukata tawi .. akawa analichonga vizuri .. ile kumalizia akamua asawazishe kwenye ncha vizuri akanyanyua panga juu aweze kukata mara moja .. tiii na kidole gumba kikaanguka ... watu wakakumbuka ... too late mpaka leo hana kidole

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