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Very important lesson to learn here!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Kitara, Jun 29, 2009.

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    Kitara New Member

    Jun 29, 2009
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    For sure, it was an amazing and victorious match, you know what, i'm in Switzeland, and many people here in this city(Fribourg) are not WASHABIKI as much as is in Tanzania, you know it is a developed country and every one quietly watches the match at his or her house, so I was sad because since I came here, I have not yet watched even a single federation match which was taking place in SA, all the TV channels are broadcating in french and german languages, and all the TV don't show soccer, for sure I even didn't know what will be the exact time for the match between USA and Brazil, but yesterday night as I just went to watch the TV, stayed for half an hour, and when I was tuning to other channels, I was so happy to find live soccer between USA and Brazil and already USA was leading at that time. Then what followed it was just by miracle, it might be true that the Brazilians depended on Jesus, but you know soccer and all other entertainments are perishable things, yes we value, and enjoy from many things, but there is something more that Jesus wants to give to us, Jesus wants to place us in the position where even if we miss soccer, and all other good things, yet we feel satifsactory. Jesus told the samaritan woman there at the Well, that yes you have had five men, and the one you still have now is not your husband, and He said, come to me I will give you the living water and you will never thirst again, if we get the opportunity to drink that water, my friend, we will see how heavens are open and very close to us. You know there are times when, the disciples of Jesus went to preach the gospel and many people were healed as a result of their ministry and when they came back to give a report to Jesus overwhelmingly with joy, Jesus told them, don't be happy for the miracles you have seen, but you have to rejoice because you have been accepted by God, so the brazilians can rejoice now, maybe because Jesus was on their side, but there is more than that, everlasting joy, one day Jesus healed ten women who had Leprosy(Ukoma), but later on, only one woman among the ten turned to Jesus to give thanks, and Jesus asked where are the rest, because you were ten, and then He told her, Your sins are fogiven which means, she was given an everlasting joy and/or hope.

    Actaully, what I want to say is that, we we can have so much in this life, good education, good family(wife and children), good house and car, yet, we can miss the satisfaction. The Brazilian's victory was so important and almost many people were so blessed with such unexpected victory, but I want to tell you, today we are talking of other things, already that victory has been an history, we need the lasting victory over everything, and in every situation. If you will allow and open your heart to desire for an everlasting joy, God will see it and help you. You can't do it by your own. There were many rich people in the land of Esrael but Jesus, only went to the house of (Zakayo), the shortest man. Just have a desire my dear brother and sister!

    I now live is switzerland, God helped to come here to study my master's degree, I'm from Tanzania, you can contact me through