Varsity sacks Kenyan impostor


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Feb 11, 2007
Tuesday Feb 24, 2009

Varsity sacks Kenyan impostor

PIUS RUGONZIBWA, 24th February 2009 @ 10:07

Management of St John’s University in Dodoma has sacked Kenyan Paul Maweu, who the university had engaged as a senior lecturer after he had tendered forged academic credentials. The University’s Vice- Chancellor, Professor Manoris Meshack told the 'Daily News' by phone from Dodoma that Mr Maweu’s employment was terminated with immediate effect since last week.

Mr Maweu (33) was sacked after he was discovered to have presented for employment fake credentials including certificates of secondary education, both BA and MA degree as well as PhD papers.

According to the Curriculum Vitae he presented at the University, Mr Maweu painted himself as a BA graduate from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya where he said he graduated in 2001, Masters degree in 2004 from Lincolin University, Atlanta in the United States and a PhD from the same University in 2006.

“He is not here any more … we handed his matter to the state security organs who are now handling his case,” Prof Meshack said. Apart from forging papers, Prof Meshack said the Kenyan ‘lecturer’ was also found with a Tanzanian passport that demonstrates he also cheated about his citizenship.

The Immigration Department was reported to have initiated investigations on how he obtained the passport. Maweu entered the country in 2007 and joined Mwenge University College of Education (MUCE) in Moshi before storming the ranks of St John’s University last year, where somebody who happened to know him tipped off the authorities – and the Kenyan was immediately grounded pending verification of his credentials.

In another development, the Tanzania Commission on Universities (TUC) has cracked the whip at the growing number of foreign academicians reportedly securing top jobs in Tanzanian institutions of higher learning using dubious credentials to secure top posts in the Higher Learning Institutions.

TCU Executive Secretary Professor Mayunga Nkunya, told the 'Daily News' that his Commission had since given all foreigners teaching at the institutions up to mid March this year to submit all their credentials for verification. Professor Mayunga Nkunya added that the crackdown was a special move aiming at keeping the good image of home Universities and that of the country.

“We must do something before it is too late … we have to safeguard the country’s image and that of our institutions,” Prof Nkunya said. Meanwhile, Prof Nkunya has said he was prepared to advise the government and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) on how to introduce vetting mechanisms of academic credentials of candidates who will vie for political posts in future general elections.

The move comes amid widespread reports of some cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament holding fake academic credentials. “We intend to advise the electoral body on the exercise so as to get rid of this shame … Uganda is already doing this,” he said. Citing the enormity of the problem, Prof Nkunya said that some MPs holding fake PhDs had since approached some of the universities hunting for part-time teaching jobs.


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Jan 29, 2009
the sad thing is that this impostor was only discovered due to a tip off.This tells me that our institutions of higher learning do not have a reliable vetting process.

It is quite conceivable that there are more fake lecturers roaming the corridors of our institutions,.


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Jul 14, 2007
The problem is that tanzanian we dont have proper track record of our citizen, tunafanya uhuni kila sehemu ndio maana mtu anaweza kuingia tanzania na kupata pasport ya tanzania, bila hata cheti cha kuzaliwa anapeleka afidevit ambayo inasainiwa na hakimu wa mahakama ya mwanzo kwa kumpa th. 2000 tu.


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Jul 15, 2007
the sad thing is that this impostor was only discovered due to a tip off.This tells me that our institutions of higher learning do not have a reliable vetting process.

It is quite conceivable that there are more fake lecturers roaming the corridors of our institutions,.

This is most evident in institutions which wants ready made lecturers, they avoid training costs and incur credibility and reputation costs which much worse than the former.

UDSM has credibility due to the high costs it had incurred in the past for training Lecturers abroad who are now qualified to deliver at the hill. These mushrooming varsities in Tanzania with street picks lecturers will cost the country's higher education credibility sooner or later


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Jun 24, 2007
Naona kuwa na plan ya kusomesha waalimu kwanza as a pre-condition kupata accreditation!

Unakuta Chuo Kikuu 50% Wahadhiri ni Part Time from Public Universities!

Je tutafika?


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Sep 26, 2007
Haya huyu mtu yuko TZ toka 2007, na amefundisha kwenye vyuo vikuu vyetu since then....How much harm has he caused our University students academically? Ubaya wetu wabongo ni kubabaika na "kiingereza kibovu" cha kenyans. Wake up!!! Hawa watu ni matapeli by nature!!! Jeez!


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Aug 13, 2011
If you new the real maweu and understand he is lecturing in the university of greenfield united states, when you are still juggling with your mouth and poverty. what would you say! aaah somethings happen for the better.but i will remain a Tanzanian cause i like the country. Thanks for all comments.


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Oct 25, 2010
Come on mr.maweu!So you defend yourself by using unclaimed allegations.Who said that your post is terminated because you are incompetent?I know that competence is not always measured by academic qualifications somebody posses!But the allegations with you is academic certificates forgery.Now you have to say that you didn't forge,you have your own original certifictes.Dont mess around the bush.


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Nov 5, 2008
After coming across this article, Kindly i wish to respond and clarify as concerns this topic by first asking the following questions IF THEIR POSTING IS TRUE AND CHALLENGE THEM.

1. I do not hold BA and MA as indicated i hold a Bsc and MSC.? SO WHY THIS? ( who where they referring?)
2. I i hold BA and MA then how come i was lecturing in Biochemistry which is a science? has it happened in the world
3. If someone was having fake certificates including form four then how can he teach university Biochemistry? is it possible!
4.If all my certificates where fake then how did i perform the following duties i) designing curriculum for biology st. johns university ( accepted by Tanzania commission of universities 2) Teach Biochemistry 3) design a laboratory in the said university 4) by giving list to the administration i was able to buy all the laboratory equipment 5) How can somebody with fake form four use osward viscometer and the PCR machine 6)How then one with fake form four certificate teach a science without students complaining unless i was a genius.
These are people with bad intention because they were shocked by my bright ways of doing my assignment. This is academic inferiority complex and thinking of seeking legal redress to the university and jamii forum. I kindly ask administrator to remove these after going through the questions above. somebody somewhere had bad blood i can see but he will be shocked.

I think it would be better if you took them to court for malicious damage, the problem is not the forged certs (If any) or your performance at the Uni, the problem is your citizenship, you being Kenyan kills them inside, sad but true.

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