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Utamu wa Siasa za Kenya: The Intrigues of Political Alliances and Coalitions.

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Ab-Titchaz, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Ab-Titchaz

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    Oct 13, 2012
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    The shaping up of these political alliances/coalitons before 2013 is proving to be interesting. Egos are about to clash and bruised at the same time. Time to kick back with a bag of popcorn and watch this free movie!

    Uhuru, Ruto plot to shake up ‘G7'


    Updated 5 hrs 52 mins ago

    By Stephen Makabila and Mwaniki Munuhe

    Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka's political future with Mr Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr William Ruto looks bleak as support weakens for proposals to back the VP as a "compromise candidate" should the two fail to vie for the presidency.

    Hidden political interests and a high level of mistrust in the on-and-off G7 alliance are making political alliances a mirage. There is now talk of a scheme by Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto to sideline both Kalonzo and Deputy PM Musalia Mudavadi.

    Investigations by The Standard on Saturday have found growing support for a plan to have Uhuru as the group's presidential aspirant, Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa as his running mate, and Ruto as Majority Party Leader in Parliament. Wamalwa strategists are already preparing the ground for this possible shift, telling people to wake up to reality that, on his own, the Saboti MP cannot win the presidency.

    "Talks are on are we are telling our people to soften their demands that Wamalwa must be on the presidential ballot," revealed a key Wamalwa ally. "Kalonzo was offered Speaker of the National Assembly but refused, arguing the much he could cede was to retain the vice-presidency," an insider said.

    In a bid to counter Kalonzo, the group is working out ways of luring Water Minister Charity Ngilu as a likely replacement, with a promise of making her the Deputy Party leader to Ruto. Mudavadi has not been factored in, given the group prefers to work with Wamalwa as the Western province point man as Uhuru takes care of Central region and Ruto the expansive Rift Valley.

    Other targets include the Muslim vote, with word Mvita MP Najib Balala, who has launched his own party, the Republican Congress, is being targeted to be brought on board. Other regions earmarked for positions include Kisii and the Meru region, which may share the positions of Speaker of the National Assembly and the Senate.

    The biggest challenge for this alliance, however, is the integrity case that will have a final say on whether Uhuru and Ruto can run for elective office. However, part of Plan B is to have the duo run in the first round of presidential elections in the hope that one of them will qualify to go to the run-off stage.

    Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was this week quoted saying it would be bad for the country for the two to run.

    "Both Ruto and Uhuru have agreed in principle, both will run in the first round," said a source involved in the negotiations. "Whoever wins will support the other in the run-off on condition that he will then become leader of majority. But this arrangement is not conclusive."
    This arrangement would effectively destabilise Kalonzo who has been part of the G7 family, which Mudavadi has distanced himself from. Only the removal of Uhuru and Ruto from the race, which Chief Justice Willy Mutunga recently hinted was likely following precedents in two other cases, can revive the compromise plan.

    Recently, Ruto was quoted by sections of the media as having confirmed that his party is working closely with TNA regarding the March polls, but has thrown everyone in a spin by also meeting Mudavadi and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.


    Uhuru and Ruto, we confirmed, met on Monday morning at Ruto's Karen home but the contents of their discussion was not made available to the media. Uhuru, a source within TNA told The Standard on Saturday, is more comfortable with Wamalwa as a running mate. It will be remembered that Wamalwa played a key role at the launch of TNA and has been widely involved in different political issues involving Uhuru.

    The latest happenings are a testimony that although different consultative forums amongst parties friendly to President Mwai Kibaki's side of the Government have been formed to explore ways of building a formidable political alliance capable of checking Raila's ODM, some preliminary proposals brought up by each of these forums are in direct conflict with each other. However, the common denominator in each of these proposals appears to be the quest for strength in Parliament.

    A discussion between The Standard on Saturday and multiple sources involved directly in the coalition talks amongst different parties revealed that several teething challenges in the talks will have to be overcome before a comfortable coalition agreement can be drawn up. Among these are the nature of the alliance, mode of picking the presidential flag-bearer for such an alliance and holders of other key positions among them deputy president and leader of majority in parliament. Understandably, the alliance discussions are characterised by mistrust amongst parties, which include, TNA, UDF, WDM, NFK and URP.

    "Leaders in G7 especially Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Eugene Wamalwa have always insisted on a democratic process," said Uhuru through his spokesman Munyori Buku. "Even if there are coalitions to be formed, let it be clear that everything will be democratic because the people must decide. The talk of a compromise candidate is empty and amounts to a short-cut democracy have no short cut.

    UDF member and nominated MP George Nyamweya added: "As a party, we will not take part in coalition discussions that are based on individuals and what positions individuals will occupy. We will only take part in discussions based on issues affecting the country."

    And even as Uhuru denies talk of a compromise candidate, we have established four committees have been formed to navigate his new alliance with Ruto and Wamalwa and address emerging challenges. Representation in the teams shows Kalonzo and Mudavadi are not part of the script. The four include the Political Affairs Committee, Finance and Resources Committee, Logistics and Gender Committee and Conflict Resolutions Committee.

    Standard Digital News : Uhuru, Ruto plot to shake up ?G7?
  2. Ab-Titchaz

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    Oct 13, 2012
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    Then here comes Raila calling back the ODM rebels...

    Secrets of Raila meeting with ex-ODM ally

    By JULIUS SIGEI jsigei@ke.nationmedia.com
    Posted Friday, October 12 2012 at 23:30

    In Summary

    • Orange party leader promised to make Eldoret North MP his running mate and rule for one term in a 50-50 coalition government in Tuesday night meeting

    Prime Minister Raila Odinga promised to make Eldoret North MP William Ruto his running mate and give his party half of the slots in a coalition government if they win the next elections during their Tuesday night meeting in Nairobi.

    The PM is also said to have offered to serve for a single term and support Mr Ruto for the presidency in 2017 as part of a pre-election deal.
    The meeting was held at the home of businessman Joshua Kulei, who has been leading efforts to reunite the pair following a bitter falling out that saw the Eldoret North MP quit ODM in 2010 to found the United Republican Party (URP) this year.

    Mr Kulei, a powerful Moi-era presidential aide, was reportedly at the centre of the behind-the-scenes negotiations that led to Mr Odinga and Mr Ruto working together in the Orange party during the 2007 election.

    Mr Odinga is said to have been driven to the meeting by East African Community minister Musa Sirma, while Mr Ruto was escorted by Belgut MP Charles Keter.

    The former allies-turned-rivals also discussed the trials at the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Mr Ruto, TNA leader Uhuru Kenyatta, former Civil Service boss Francis Muthaura and radio presenter Joshua arap Sang for alleged crimes against humanity during the election violence in 2007 and 2008.

    "Mr Odinga is said to have given the assurance that it [ICC trials] would be his burden too and that he would handle it. It was an ice-breaking meeting really. After dinner the offer was given but there was no commitment," said an aide to one of the two leaders who could not be named for fear of betraying the trust of his boss.

    Mr Ruto is said to have promised to consider the offer and the leaders parted with a promise to hold further meetings.

    The Saturday Nation has also learnt that Mr Ruto may have decided to meet Mr Odinga after failing to secure a pre-election pact with Mr Kenyatta.

    An MP close to the two leaders said matters were complicated by the push by senior people from Mt Kenya to have Mr Kenyatta be Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi's running mate.

    This would in effect lock out Mr Ruto from the political high table.

    Return favour

    "Uhuru told Ruto ‘I can support you with all my family, but I cannot assure you that my people would support you'. It was then that Mr Ruto told Mr Kenyatta of his decision to see Mr Odinga," said the MP, who declined to be named.

    Earlier on Tuesday, Mr Ruto told the Kalenjin vernacular radio station, Chamgei FM, that he could consider working with Mr Odinga if the Prime Minister gave URP 60 per cent of seats in government.

    It is understood that Mr Ruto went on air to prepare his supporters for his new election strategy.

    "When you see me talking with others you should not panic. I know what I am doing… If Mr Odinga wants to work with me he should be able to give URP 60 per cent of the positions in the government. And if Uhuru wants to work with us he should give URP 50 per cent of the positions," said the source.

    The URP loss in Market Ward in Mr Ruto's own constituency in the recent by-elections is also said to have strained relations between Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta.

    Turkana Central MP Ekwee Ethuro hinted that his party was uncomfortable with the failure by TNA to withdraw their candidate in the ward despite URP not fielding a candidate in Kajiado North.

    "We thought they would return the gesture. But whether Ruto and Raila met or not is immaterial. There is nothing in the works. Wait until it is there then I can comment," he said from Kilifi where the URP team had taken their campaigns.

    Saturday Nation has also learnt that this was the fifth time the two were meeting to discuss a possible political deal this year since they parted ways two years ago over the Mau Forest restoration and the ICC trials.

    Some of the meetings were reportedly requested by Mr Odinga and others by Mr Ruto.

    The meetings are said to have been sparked by the mutual feelings of being in government next year.

    Presently, Mr Kenyatta is Mr Odinga's biggest rival, and recent opinion polls indicate that an Uhuru-Ruto ticket could win the anticipated run-off election against Mr Odinga.

    With Mr Mudavadi expected to eat into ODM's support in Western Province, party strategists say support from the expansive Rift Valley would guarantee them victory.

    Signs of a possible rapprochement between Mr Odinga and Mr Ruto emerged in August when at a homecoming party for Industrialisation minister Henry Kosgey, Mr Odinga said he could still work with Mr Ruto.

    This was significant given that Mr Kosgey has publicly campaigned for the post.

    The jostling for the position has since been muted with insiders saying the aspirants who included Roads minister Franklin Bett and her Agriculture counterpart Dr Sally Kosgei, being asked to go slow on it.

    Mr Bett on Friday told Saturday Nation that he was aware of the meeting and welcomed it, saying it was good for the unity and development of the country.
    "None of the leaders has categorically denied they met. Why deny a fact? I agree to any coalition arrangement and any manner the positions are shared," he said, adding it was Mr Ruto's safe and sure route to State House.

    Meanwhile, the two leaders' reported meeting has divided Mr Ruto's supporters with a majority of MPs criticising the move.

    MPs Zakayo Cheruiyot, Joshua Kutuny, Moses Lessonet, Charles Keter and Peris Simam on Thursday held a meeting in Parliament Buildings where they planned to confront Mr Ruto over the matter.

    The URP leader, however, did not turn up for the meeting as he was receiving Kilgoris MP Gideon Konchellah who ditched Mr Kenyatta's side moments after leading PNU in signing a pre-election deal with TNA to support Mr Kenyatta's candidature.

    "The move to see Raila has made us lose credibility and trust with our allies. This move will give room to smaller parties in the region to gain ground," said Mr Kutuny.

    He said if Mr Ruto insisted on working with Mr Odinga then they might be forced to join Mr Kenyatta's TNA.

    Konoin MP Julius Kones supported a pre-election pact that would take them to government, but warned the ground was hostile to Mr Odinga's candidature.
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    Siasa za Kenya ni nzuri sana kuangalia maana ule mwamko ulioko kule na watu wanavyo-cross from one party to another na hizi secret meetings ambazo leo wanaalikana kesho wanakanusha na ile hama vyama morning yuko chama hiki jioni ashahama
  5. Ab-Titchaz

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    Kamata hii mkuu,

    Why everyone wants an alliance with Ruto


    From left: William Ruto, Raila Oding, Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi. The manoeuvres by various camps to woo Mr Ruto partly reflect the quest to fulfil the constitutional requirement for each candidate to attain 25 per cent of votes in at least half the counties. NATION MEDIA GROUP

    By JULIUS SIGEI jsigei@ke.nationmedia.com
    Posted Saturday, October 13 2012 at 23:30

    In Summary

    • The URP leader held consultations with Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi last week, cementing the perception that the Rift Valley, the largest and most populous region in the country, could hold the trump card on who emerges tops in the Kibaki succession.
    • Mr Odinga is not the only one attempting to reach out to Mr Ruto. An aide of Mr Kenyatta downplayed the meeting between the PM and the URP leader, saying Mr Kenyatta was aware of it and was "relaxed" about the meeting.
    • An insider in Mr Musyoka's camp also claimed that Mr Ruto had an arrangement with Mr Musyoka.

    Prime Minister Raila Odinga's overtures to his former-ally-turned-bitter-foe William Ruto have underlined the Eldoret North MP's emergence as the kingmaker ahead of next year's elections.

    Mr Ruto has in recent months been courted by prominent members of the G7 alliance, including Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka.

    The URP leader further held consultations with Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi last week, cementing the perception that the Rift Valley, the largest and most populous region in the country, could hold the trump card on who emerges tops in the Kibaki succession.

    The entreaties by Mr Odinga, in which he reportedly committed himself to serve for one term as well as cede 50 per cent of the Cabinet positions to Mr Ruto, underlines the importance of this vote basket.

    Curiously, however, Mr Odinga on Saturday appeared to make a veiled attack on the Eldoret North MP who was a vocal opponent of the new Constitution.

    "There are those who were showing you red cards before the referendum, they are non-reformists and they like to remain in the past and it's not possible for them to take this country to a different level," Mr Odinga said in Narok, hours after his presidential campaign secretariat issued a statement denying reported details of a proposed deal with Mr Ruto.

    A further layer of intrigue was added when elders from the Kalenjin and Luo communities held talks in Eldoret for what they described as peace-building initiatives.

    The talks, which come after the Tuesday night meeting between Mr Odinga and Mr Ruto, heightened speculation about alliance-building before the elections. (READ:
    What Raila offered Ruto)

    At stake is the major candidates' initiative to try and secure the support of voters in the Rift Valley. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission records show the Rift Valley had 3 million voters during the referendum on the Constitution.

    The region, which voted overwhelmingly for Mr Odinga in the last election, has seen most of its leaders troop to Mr Ruto's United Republican Party.

    The latest to join the party, which was founded in January, was Kilgoris MP Gideon Konchellah who on Thursday ditched Uhuru Kenyatta's side moments after signing a pact with TNA.

    The overtures to Mr Ruto are part of efforts the PM has made to win back a region that voted for him overwhelmingly in 2007 before he fell out badly with some of its leaders over the Mau Forest rehabilitation and the trial of post-election violence suspects.

    On Saturday, Roads minister Franklin Bett said in Narok that he was ready to mediate between Mr Odinga and Mr Ruto. "Mr Ruto has announced publicly that ‘if you see the PM tell him I am looking for him'. We tell him here and now that we have heard and are ready to welcome him," Mr Bett said.

    The crowd vouched for Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, too. But, in another twist, ODM secretary-general Prof Anyang Nyong'o on Saturday evening dismissed a statement sent to newsrooms in the morning by the head of the Raila Campaign secretariat George Owallo that there was no deal on the table for consideration by the two leaders.

    "The Prime Minister announced yesterday (Friday) clearly in Kilgoris that those who had left the party were free to come back, who is Mr Owallo to counter it?" (READ:
    Raila invites ODM rebels back to party)

    The sentiments were echoed by ministers Henry Kosgey, James Orengo, Paul Otuoma, and assistant minister Gen (rtd) Joseph Nkaissery, who said if Mr Ruto and Mr Mudavadi returned the PM would win the presidential election in the first round.

    Mr Odinga is not the only one attempting to reach out to Mr Ruto. An aide of Mr Kenyatta downplayed the meeting between the PM and the URP leader, saying Mr Kenyatta was aware of it and was "relaxed" about the meeting.

    The official said the meeting was timed to coincide with the presence of former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in the country to show that Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta were a formidable force despite what they perceive as efforts to paint them as pariahs.

    "It is unlikely Mr Ruto will give up URP," he said. "The lesson from Narc and ODM in 2002 and 2007 was that supporting a candidate and not having your own party would expose you to dismissal after the elections. Mr Ruto will probably go all the way and angle for the powerful position of House majority leader."

    An insider in Mr Musyoka's camp also claimed that Mr Ruto had an arrangement with Mr Musyoka. He said they had been in talks for many months and that it was only a matter of time before a pre-election agreement was revealed.

    In Nairobi on Saturday, the ODM Reloaded campaign team urged Mr Ruto and Mr Mudavadi to return to ODM.

    "We know our friends William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi were misled to leave the party but we are telling them to come back because we started this journey together with them and we want to finish it together," said Sports minister Ababu Namwamba.

    Mr Namwamba dismissed suggestions that the party had been weakened by recent defections of some of its MPs, saying those who have left the party had insignificant support. He was speaking at the KICC grounds during the Orange party's open day forum.

    The manoeuvres by various camps to woo Mr Ruto partly reflect the quest to fulfil the constitutional requirement for each candidate to attain 25 per cent of votes in at least half the counties. The Rift Valley has the bulk of counties in the country.

    Among other strategies, Mr Odinga's campaign will reportedly seek to woo the URP leader who he is treating as a "friendly opponent". "We have decided to go slow on projecting Ruto as an enemy. You will see us treating him with kids' gloves even as we charm his supporters," said the highly-placed source.

    It is this approach that is credited for having brought Mr Ruto to the negotiating table. The last census ranked the Kalenjin - a conglomeration of 11 ethnic groups - as Kenya's third largest community after the Kikuyu and the Luhya.

    "However, in terms of voting patterns, the Kalenjin are the second biggest constituency after the Kikuyu," said Mr Lelei Kiboy of Masinde Muliro University. "Look at the 2007 figures and you will see a constituency which any serious presidential candidate will ignore at his or her own peril."

    Sources from the ODM elections board revealed that the Kalenjin contributed about 1.5m votes to Mr Odinga's presidential basket. Mr Ruto is seen to command the support of about 10 counties: Trans Nzoia, West Pokot, Elgeyo Marakwet, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, Baringo, Kericho, Nakuru, Narok and Bomet.

    The MP has also reportedly made inroads in Ekwee Ethuro's Turkana County, North Eastern, Samburu, Upper Eastern (Isiolo, Marsabit, Moyale) and sections of the Coast.

    With the approval of new boundaries, after the next election Rift Valley will have 75 elected MPs, up from the current 49. Any candidate that will bag a majority of seats from the region will, therefore, have a head start in efforts to control Parliament.

    Some of the Eldoret North MP's allies such as Cherang'any MP Joshua Kutuny have, however, warned that Mr Ruto should use the advantage of numbers judiciously.

    "The move to see Raila has made us lose credibility and trust with our allies. This move will give room to smaller parties in the region to gain ground," said Mr Kutuny.

    Political observers partly attribute the new-found scramble for Mr Ruto to his charismatic character.

    "He is perhaps the most energetic of all the present campaigners. He is also a self-made politician who together with (Lugari MP Cyrus) Jirongo saved Moi's Kanu from being vanquished by the opposition in 1992," said Kabianga University College lecturer Herbert Kerre.

    Mr Odinga's former top adviser Miguna Miguna lends further credence to this assessment. "Ruto is charismatic, articulate, hardworking, rumbustious and ambitious. He is also extremely restless.

    "Unlike both Raila and Mudavadi, he is a teetotaller, and thus less distracted from political campaigning," writes Mr Miguna in his memoirs, Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya.
    Mr Ruto also reputedly commands considerable financial resources.

    "Big money is the oil with which serious presidential campaigns are run. Recent research indicates that the cost of running a presidential campaign has leapfrogged to Sh12 billion, more than double what President Kibaki and Mr Odinga spent in 2007. Money is an important consideration in seeking allies," said Moi University don, Prof Peter Simatei.

    However, there are the lingering doubts about Mr Ruto's candidature. The International Criminal Court, where Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta are facing crimes against humanity charges, has indicated that trials could begin after March 2013.

    And, while this may not interfere with the election, the run-off date set by the electoral body coincides with the beginning of trials set for April 10 and 11. A number of activists, including Ndhiwa MP Agostinho Neto, have gone to court seeking to bar Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta from vying.

    Mr Annan and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have also warned that electing people facing charges at the ICC will have implications on Kenya's foreign relations.

    It is this apprehension, analysts suggest, that has ignited a wait-and-see approach by voters, an attitude which makes them contemplate a scenario where they could vote for an alternative leader.

    Some analysts say Rift Valley is one of the regions where voters have not fully decided who to support.

    Why everyone wants an alliance with Ruto - Politics - nation.co.ke
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    Uhuru, Ruto get down to coalition talks


    Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and Eldoret North MP William Ruto at the launch of The National Alliance party. Photo/FILE

    By ISAAC ONGIRI iongiri@ke.nationmedia.com
    Posted Friday, October 19 2012 at 23:30

    In Summary

    • State House aspirants meet to set parameters of pre-poll pact between their parties
    • URP and TNA leaders plan to contest the March 4, 2013, election on a joint ticket. Barely a week ago, the Eldoret North lawmaker met Raila, raising questions over future of the G7 Alliance.

    Presidential aspirants Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto have started structured talks which could lead to a pre-election coalition.

    The two politicians met on Thursday night in Karen in the company of six loyal MPs and set the rules of engagement for their parties, TNA and URP.

    The meeting came just a day after Mr Ruto hosted about 20 MPs allied to URP and briefed them on his talks with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

    Cabinet minister Jamleck Kamau, Juja MP William Kabogo and Nominated MP Rachael Shebesh accompanied Mr Kenyatta, while assistant minister Kazungu Kambi, and MPs Charles Keter (Belgut) and Isaac Ruto (Chepalungu) formed Mr Ruto's team.

    Mr Kambi said they met at Mr Ruto's Karen home. "We met and we have agreed and mandated our candidate to engage with TNA. That is why Mr Kenyatta came to see us. We will continue talking," he said.

    He said the party had mandated Mr Ruto to seek alliances with other leaders to form a winning team.

    "We do not want to close the door on anyone. We want to even talk to Raila, Kalonzo (Musyoka) and (Musalia) Mudavadi as our mission is to build a united country ahead of the elections and what we are doing now is bonding," Mr Kambi said.

    Another MP who cannot be named as he is not authorised to speak on the matter said the party preferred a deal with Mr Kenyatta to teaming up with Mr Odinga.

    "We are giving Mr Kenyatta first preference so long as the deal will give URP at least the deputy presidency and 60 per cent of government appointments or we take the presidency and 50 per cent of public offices," said another MP.

    TNA secretary-general Johnson Sakaja confirmed the meeting.

    "We do not want to hide the fact that TNA is willing to work with URP," he said.

    The two teams are expected to meet next week and appoint technocrats to lead the process.

    Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto hope to strike a deal before December 4 when parties are expected to submit pre-election pacts to the Registrar of Political Parties.

    Mr Ruto's aggressiveness could eclipse other G7 players from the equation as Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa, who has been seen as favourite to be Mr Kenyatta's running mate, may be displaced.

    It is unclear what role Mr Musyoka, also G7 member, will play in the alliance. Both Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta are willing to engage Mr Mudavadi as long as he can consolidate support in western.

    On Friday, Mr Mudavadi asked leaders from the province to support him. "Our talks with Cyrus Jirongo and Moses Wetang'ula and others was an initiative of Mr Francis Atwoli in his capacity as a leader from the region. He is out of the country but we intend to continue next week so that we can agree on a way forward," he said.

    Other positions that could be shared include that of the leader of majority party, speaker of the senate and national assembly, cabinet and diplomatic appointments.

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    Katika siasa hakuna adui wala rafiki,masilahi ndio yanaangaliwa,hapendwi mtu katika siasa bana,ni kuangalia wapi Tsunami inavuma kuelekea ukijisahau utashutuka umeachwa mbaaaali.Chezea mtu ya Kenya wewe
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    Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY MOSOKU GEOFF

    ELDORET North MP William Ruto is facing a rebellion from the Kalenjin and his URP party following a reported deal between him and Uhuru Kenyatta to run jointly in the March 2013 election.

    On Sunday, former President Moi's aide Joshua Kulei hosted Ruto at his Ngata farm in Nakuru. The Eldoret North MP, accompanied by MPs Charles Keter and Issac Rutto, faced a barrage of questions from elders and aspirants and was warned against "mortgaging" the community.

    "We told him that the interests of the community are not safeguarded in TNA and thus any deal is personal and the community will not be with him," said a source who attended the meeting.

    And yesterday, the URP Parliamentary Group added its voice of opposition when it rejected the political deal between Ruto and Uhuru.

    The five-hour PG meeting took place at Biblica Guest House in Nairobi and was attended by 18 MPs. The meeting was called to give Ruto an opportunity to brief the MPs on his recent contacts with other contenders in the presidential race and to discuss talk of him accepting the position of Uhuru's running mate.

    Most of the MPs in attendance rejected the deal and said only the party had the "capacity" and the "structure" to negotiate with other political parties. The MPs said Ruto should only lead the URP team.

    The MPs argued that it would kill the URP if Ruto became Uhuru's running mate. They mandated Ruto to open negotiations with other parties or go it alone.

    "We have the capacity to go it alone and win the next general election. We are very aware of the constitutional provision on pre and post-election coalition. We have no problem to discuss the way forward with any political party that will step forward," said Environment minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere.

    "We are a serious party and let those planning for a deal with us know that negotiations shall be on our terms. URP's interest will have to come first," said Mwakwere.

    Party chairman Francis Ole Kaparo said the meeting had resolved to negotiate with all parties. "There have been talks between our leader and other parties because we are not averse to discussions. But there is no done deal with anyone," Kaparo said.

    "We have the capacity to go it alone but we invite all parties that want to be part of the next government," he added. Ruto attended the meeting but did not address journalists.

    Yesterday callers to Kalenjin stations Kass FM and Chamgei FM described the alleged deal between Ruto and Uhuru as selfish and untenable.

    Some callers supported the alliance but most complained of exclusion in the process and called for wider consultation. Some dared Ruto to try and go it alone without them.

    One caller only identified as Raymond recalled that last week Ruto indicated willingness to talk with Prime Minister Raila Odinga and wondered why it was so urgent to reach a deal with Uhuru.

    Len Nee Emet (What the country is saying) is a show on Kass FM that acts as a forum on Kalenjin issues. It was previously hosted by Joshua arap Sang who has left the station.

    Hosts Alex Tum and Silas Tarus struggled to calm the listeners. Elders and professionals are said to be planning a meeting in Eldoret to counter the decision for the Kalenjin to join TNA. Kalenjins in the diaspora are also said to oppose the move arguing that it would not augur well for national unity.


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    Qoute from a Kenyan reader:

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    Ruto coalition bids spark heated debate among Rift supporters

    By Vincent Bartoo

    Eldoret North MP William Ruto's recent public declaration that he is working on a pre-election pact with Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta has sparked a heated debate among voters in his populous Kalenjin community.

    And on Monday, MPs allied to Mr Ruto's URP met and expressed fear that becoming Uhuru's running mate might kill the party.

    This comes barely two weeks after the much-publicised night meeting between him and Prime Minister Raila Odinga at a Nairobi businessman's house.

    Initially, callers from his community met Ruto's move with scepticism during a morning talk show on a Kalenjin radio station.
    ODM also reacted to Ruto's move, with the PM's spokesman Dennis Onyango dismissing the Eldoret MP as "driven by a selfish political agenda".

    "It is emerging that the issues Ruto used to complain about the PM he does not speak about anymore. It is now clear that it was not about Raila," said Onyango.

    During the morning show, opinion was divided over current coalition talks, with some callers supporting an ODM-URP merger while others favouring a Ruto-Uhuru union.


    However, some callers opined that a TNA-URP alliance would be suicidal for the country as both leaders are facing charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court over the 2007 post-election violence.

    "The problem with the Uhuru-Ruto alliance is that it would be very difficult for the Kikuyu community to vote for the Eldoret North MP if he was the presidential flag bearer and Uhuru his running mate," said a caller to Chamge FM.

    On Kass FM, Ruto was on Monday also the topic of discussion after he announced that he had chosen to work with Uhuru in a presumed political pact ahead of the polls.

    Radio callers from the community inundated the vernacular radio station Kass FM to voice their opposition to Ruto's move, with majority of listeners hitting out at him for allegedly choosing to play second fiddle.

    Standard Digital News : Ruto coalition bids spark heated debate among Rift supporters

    URP MPs set to vet Ruto offers

    By Vitalis Kimutai

    United Republican Party presidential aspirant William Ruto has a date with MPs affiliated to his party to table the offers for pre-election pacts he has received for evaluation.

    The venue of the retreat is yet to be disclosed but several MPs confirmed they have been put on standby and are waiting to be told when and where.

    The MPs, keen to ensure discussions on possible political alliances with other aspirants are controlled by party and not left to Ruto alone, will review his options over the weekend. Though Ruto has had discussions with Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Vice- President Kalonzo Musyoka, and Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi, it is believed he is keen on teaming up with The National Alliance presidential aspirant, Uhuru Kenyatta.

    However, this hasn't gone down well with his traditional support base in the Rift Valley, a fact demonstrated during a morning radio show on Tuesday.

    Most callers claimed Ruto had ‘auctioned' them and questioned why he was seemingly in a hurry to drop his own bid to play second fiddle to Uhuru.

    Kaloleni MP Kazungu Kambi, a confidant of Ruto, confirmed there would be a retreat for the MPs to speak on issues affecting the party and to bond so they can speak with one voice as they move towards the March 4 General Election.

    "We want a united country and that is why we will continue engaging other parties so that we have peaceful elections," said Kazungu.

    Turkana Central MP, Ekwee Ethuro, said they have not set a date, but they agreed they need a retreat to address emerging issues.

    It also emerged the MPs will again meet next Wednesday to review the progress in the search for ‘dependable' allies to team up with in the race to State House.

    Sources also disclosed a rally earlier planned for Nakuru either this Friday or Saturday where Uhuru was to join Ruto as a sign of unity, may have been cancelled.

    Sources close to Ruto revealed there was fear the meeting may be coming at the wrong time given it coincides with a groundswell against URP-TNA alliance in the Rift Valley, particularly among members of Ruto's community.

    Despite his confirmation in Nakuru over the weekend he was in talks with the ‘Son of Jomo', it appeared nothing had been decided, and Ruto would first have to win the support of URP MPs, who mandated him to scout for alliances with other presidential aspirants.

    Standard Digital News : URP MPs set to vet Ruto offers
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    I like the hypocracy used in that line, fronting a "clean kikuyu" for the likes of peter kenneth, martha karua, or Githongo (a whimpy man) to take leadership vis-a-vis not accepting an "another untenable kikuyu presidency". yes "clean kikuyu".

    SHERRIF ARPAIO JF-Expert Member

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    At least Kenya nawapa a lot of credit for changing the diapers. Tanzania hatutaki kubadilisha nepi iliyokwishachafuliwa na kinyesi. Inatunukia na mauvundo yake lakini hatutaki kuibadilisha. Politicians and their political parties are like diapers. Diapers need to be changed often
  13. K

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    BY MOSOKU GEOFF | The Star | 27 October 2012


    Possibilities of a political alliance between Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka seemed to be taking shape yesterday when Kalonzo’s staunch ally Johnstone Muthama hosted Raila in Ukambani.

    Muthama first hosted Raila for lunch at his Tala rural home in Kangundo constituency before joining the PM to address a joint rally in Tala market.

    The PM was accompanied to the lunch by ODM chairman Henry Kosgey, Lands Minister James Orengo, Meru politician Mpuru Aburi among other party leaders.

    The luncheon and the joint rally came barely a week after Kalonzo dismissed talk that he was negotiating with ODM for a pre-election pact.

    Kalonzo said while he welcomed such discussions with like-minded parties, ODM was not one of them. Kalonzo is part of the G7 alliance that brings together Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto among others.

    However, this seems to have changed as Muthama is not only one of the closest allies to the VP but has been a vocal and fierce critic of Raila since the formation of grand coalition government in February 2008.

    The Kangundo MP revealed that Kalonzo called him from Israel where he is on a four-day official visit and requested him to receive and welcome Raila to Kangundo. (Tuliongea na Makamu wa Rais akiwa nchini ya Uyahudi, akanituma nije leo hapa nikampokee Waziri Mkuu) “I spoke with the Vice President from the Jewish state and he told me to come here and welcome the PM.” In his speech Muthama, who is the joint chief whip in the National Assembly, made a strong appeal for the PM and the VP to work together.

    He said he would advise Kalonzo to hold frequent discussions with Raila before going out to campaign as the two could learn a lot from each other. “There is no reason why Kalonzo should not be talking regularly with Raila as they know each other and have been friends for a long time,” said Muthama.

    Similar sentiments were expressed by Orengo who called for a partnership between the two leaders amid wild cheers from the crowds. Orengo said the politics of today is about coalitions and making friends and those who stand alone have little chance of success.

    Muthama said leaders are known by the sacrifices they have made for the nation, citing the detention by the colonial government of founder President Jomo Kenyatta and Paul Ngei.

    Muthama paid tribute to Raila’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who quit government without fearing going to jail. “Because of Jaramogi’s struggles, Kenya got the multiparty (system) and a new constitution.” Kalonzo, according to insiders in his Wiper party, is worried that he is being isolated in the G7 especially with reports that Uhuru and Ruto had struck a deal for a 2013 joint ticket.

    The VP and his supporters are incensed by the Central Kenya voters who do not seem to favour him even though he joined forces with Kibaki after the disputed 2007/08 elections to shield the President from agitation by Raila’s ODM team which wanted the incumbent to cede power. On Sunday, Kalonzo sent Muthama and Machakos Town MP Victor Munyaka to for- mer South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara’s PDP party launch at the Bomas of Kenya.

    During the launch Muthama, in an apparent reference to the Uhuru-Ruto deal, said he could not support a situation where leaders from the ‘big tribes’ unite to get power.

    He voiced similar sentiments yesterday when he condemned the Uhuru-Ruto alliance saying Kenya “does not belong to two big tribes”. Muthama said he expects Kalonzo to get as good a reception as Raila got yesterday when the VP tours Nyanza. Raila said he is willing to work with Kalonzo since he does not have any fundamental differences with the VP.

    Asserting he respects all the presidential hopefuls, Raila urged them to discard politics of tribalism and ethnicity and embrace nationalism. Raila and Kalonzo parted ways shortly before the December 27, 2007 general election when both insisted they would be the ODM Kenya presidential candidates.

    The PM left ODM-K and took over the near-moribund ODM party on whose ticket he ran for president. Water minister Charity Ngilu, who was Raila’s point person in Ukambani and has for the longest time been seen as Kalonzo’s rival for the community’s support, has revived her Narc party and indicated her preference to work with Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA instead of ODM.

    Instant Analysis
    Kamba powerbroker and MP Johnstone Muthama yesterday hosted Prime Minister Raila Odinga in Tala. He publicly stated that Raila and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka should be talking.

    Muthama is Kalonzo’s main fundraiser. He is perhaps Kalonzo’s closest political associate. If he says that Raila and Kalonzo should consider a deal, then a deal may already be under discussion.

    It could serve both men well. Having Kalonzo as his running mate would bring a substantial Kamba vote to Raila. Raila can rely on a substantial Coast vote and also those voters in Rift Valley who might be reluctant to vote for Uhuru Kenyatta in a second round run-off.

    A deal with Kalonzo might be enough to take him to State House. For Kalonzo, it would mean giving up his presidential ambitions. However the courts are due to rule next week on whether the integrity rule prevents Uhuru and William Ruto from standing.

    If Uhuru and Ruto can stand for president, Kalonzo would be unlikely to make it to the second round. Being Raila’s running mate would then be better than nothing.

    But if Uhuru and Ruto can’t stand, then Kalonzo would have everything to play for, and there would be no benefit for him in being anyone’s running mate.
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    Ihope for Kenya politics that is possible. Let wait and the time will tell
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    Plot thickens as VP open to Raila talks


    Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka walks out of a conference room at Wilson Airport, Nairobi, with nominated MP Mohammed Affey and other Wiper members after addressing the media on coalition building.

    By LUCAS BARASA lbarassa@ke.nationmedia.com
    Posted Saturday, October 27 2012 at 23:30

    In Summary

    • It emerged that Mr Ruto and Deputy Prime Minister and TNA leader Uhuru Kenyatta may have crafted an election pact that excludes Mr Musyoka
    • The VP told journalists that he had not started any pre-election coalition talks with ODM contrary to the statements made on Thursday in Kangundo by his key ally Johnstone Muthama
    • Asked if Wiper would negotiate a coalition with ODM if approached, Mr Musyoka said the emphasis was on "structured dialogue"

    At about 10am on Saturday, Eldoret North MP William Ruto was at Wilson Airport in Nairobi to catch a flight to Taita Taveta county.

    Some 15 minutes later, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka arrived to address a news conference he had called to speak about alliance building ahead of the March 2013 elections.

    As the VP exchanged greetings with journalists, Mr Ruto walked out of the waiting room apparently after receiving a telephone call. He had been waiting for his helicopter with Environment minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere and Dujis MP Aden Duale.

    Although Mr Musyoka inquired about the whereabouts of Mr Ruto, whom he referred to as "Billy", the duo did not meet for the close to 30 minutes that they were at the airport to catch flights to different destinations.

    The helicopter by which the Eldoret North MP travelled took off as the VP left the conference room. Mr Musyoka was on his way to Samburu.

    The cold relations at the airport perhaps signifies the latest phase in the roller-coaster of alliance building that has dominated the political landscape in the past few weeks.

    It emerged that Mr Ruto and Deputy Prime Minister and TNA leader Uhuru Kenyatta
    may have crafted an election pact that excludes Mr Musyoka.

    Indeed, on Saturday, Mr Musyoka invited Mr Duale and Mr Mwakwere to his press conference but they politely declined.

    Mr Duale, the URP spokesman, later told the Sunday Nation they would not attend the press conference because the VP's agenda did not concern them.

    The VP told journalists that he had not started any pre-election coalition talks with ODM contrary to the statements made on Thursday in Kangundo by his key ally Johnstone Muthama, who hosted Prime Minister Raila Odinga and other Orange leaders to lunch and a political rally in Tala.

    But Mr Musyoka said the two parties could still talk on peace, unity and stability of the country.

    "We are mid-wifing rebirth of the Kenyan nation," he said. "There's need for Kenyans to set aside their suspicion, prejudice and bitterness."

    Reports of a new political alliance between Mr Odinga and Mr Musyoka came to the fore after Mr Muthama, the Kangundo MP, said on Wednesday that the VP and Mr Odinga should agree on who would run for president and who would be running mate.

    The remarks were backed by Mr Odinga's allies, including ODM chairman Henry Kosgey and Lands minister James Orengo at rallies in Machakos county. In Kangundo, Mr Odinga said his visit was a sign of things to come.

    "We have come a long way together and whenever we reach an agreement things happen," the PM said.

    But on Saturday, Mr Musyoka said his party had a relationship with TNA, URP, New Ford-Kenya and Alliance Party of Kenya and asserted that he "likes keeping friends".

    The VP who appeared to have softened his stance that his Wiper Democratic Movement would not negotiate with ODM said dialogue should be above suspicion, participatory and not through random pronouncements.

    "It should follow the party rank and file," he said, adding that Kenyans deserve a leader they can respect and trust.

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    Kenyan politics may depict a swift turn towards presidential race if Rutto joins Raila and form the 'Double R' team. I'm eyeing such coalition in a very near future!
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    Mr. Prezidaa, I am of the opinion that by ODM and its principal sweet-talking Ruto and the Kalenjin elders, means that The party is on the political backfoot. Though cynics of this view would want to apply william of occam's razor to challenge it, bear in mind that Ruto is not that naive. Having visited the hague twice courtesy of Raila and his team, having being labelled a "theif" (concerning maize scandal), it will be quite hard to induce Ruto's response by offering relief from prosecution, or many apoligies.

    The kalenjin elders were advocating Raila to back Ruto and work out a plan for the job of the 2013 presidency, but as usual Raila's character would not allow him to play second fiddle to Ruto or anyone for that matter. And this is the challenge ODM is facing currently. It is time for The orange democratic party to go back to the drawing board and restrategize their campaigns, bring in new blood, new people, which will ultimately and practically proof their support for democracy.

    Mr. Maranya I do not need to remind you about kenyan politics which is about popularity and numbers. Right now the battle is still at the grassroots, winning hearts of local people. When you talk about fate I do not actually understand what you mean, but there are many factors that will finally shape the destiny of march 2013.

    Take for instance the many high profile interparty cross defections, which is partly motivated by ethnicity and partly by selfish ambitions. While taking these into account, let me remind you that a politician is usually not the bigger picture, but a tip of the iceberg. It will be hard to put hopes on any politicians to shape the destiny of this country, it is just the ordinary mwananchi who will build this nation to prosperity.
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    Sasa Mr. platonist, if that is the case, what will be the fate of Ruto towards next election 2013?
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    Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) presidential hopeful Prime Minister Raila Odinga is adamant that he will be the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] President of Kenya after the March 4, 2013 General Election.
    While speaking on Wednesday to more than 2,000 ODM aspirants who converged at Bomas of Kenya in a meeting to plan way forward for the coming elections, Raila said that ODM was still the party to beat in the coming elections.
    "I will win the presidential contest even without entering into coalitions. We stand a real chance in forming the next Government," said Raila.
    During the meeting, ODM came up with 13 teams which will be spearheading for Raila's presidential bid at the grassroots.
    The teams are expected to be launched today in Nairobi before going down to the grassroots in a week's time.
    The campaign dubbed "ODM Mashinani' will be spearheading the Odinga's chances to the voters in his bid to be the president of Kenya.
    Raila also added that ODM will conduct fair nominations and promised to make sure the exercise will be above board.
    "The ODM nominations will be free, fair, and democratic," he added.

  20. Muke Ya Muzungu

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    Rutto is too selfish