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Uso wa Kukirimiwa Hauwachi Kuona Haya(Aibu) Ndio Yaliyomkuta Msichana Huyu.

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Sonara, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Sonara

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    Mar 30, 2010
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    Kama Desturi Yake Nigeria Man Ni Lazima Afanye Unaigeria Wake.

    The innocent Kenyan girl was left to pay for the scandal​
    "She was a good care worker, always punctual and honest in her duty"​

    Behind these walls and curtains, Victor Ayinde-Azeez and Ruth Wambui Ayinde-Azeez staged one of the most daring acts of fraud and scam in the United Kingdom. From this address in one of the most secure neighbourhoods in the Great Britain, a cabal of fraudsters used the ‘safe’ area status of Pinner in Harrow, North West London to engage in a crime that has come to engage the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) of the Scotland Yard, in a lengthy investigation covering 15 countries. They feathered this nest with the best that money could buy - the latest upholstery and furniture and lavished champagne and caviar parties straight from a James Bond Hollywood blockbuster script. From this address, they drove their latest acquisition of cars to catch planes in nearby Heathrow Airport to spend their ill-gotten wealth and celebrity status in Spain, Portugal and Southern France. Having a 72’ Sony plasma TV in a house is very good, but having 12 in a six-bedroom house is asking for too much from someone waking up in the morning to go to a care home and look after a pensioner. From the receipts found by the investigating team, buying a new kitchen and furniture in one day from London’s most exclusive store is pushing class to new heights. For the family weekend outing, they enjoyed the luxury of the most expensive hotels and restaurants in London, in the comfort of the top-of-the-range Bentleys, BMW X5, Land Rovers and Mercedes Benz. However, the Mercs cannot be traced. Meticulously planned with military precision, the band of friends and fraudsters exploited Ruth’s naiveté to squirrel more than 6 million with clear hits targeting UK commercial banks in what now seems to be a scam of cataclysmic proportions that still engages the former colleagues of the Kenya-born nursing assistant at an elderly people care home in Barnet, North London.

    The Bentley which was found at Victor Ayinde-Azeez and Ruth Wambui Ayinde-Azeez in Pinner, North West London - it is worth more than £150,000 ​
    In a typical fraud sting operation, the gang managed to scoop 6 million in as many weeks and when rambled on by the SOCA, Ruth has been left to pay for the wages of the sin, allegedly committed by the gang. Inside this address in an area where even common and petty crimes like mugging and robbery are unheard of – Pinner last had a murder in 2000, completely unheard of in the UK- with a group of associates organised a mission that would lead Kenyan born Ruth to a life of penury after completing her 4 years in jail. After their marriage at the St John the Baptist Church in Pinner on 11 August 2007, the gang, apparently exploited her ‘safe’ credit status to use her account to channel the cash from the banks, ostensibly using the account that could not raise any shreds of detection. “She was a good care worker. Always punctual and honest in her duty. She was a lovely lady at work and someone people took to be a good person to relate with. The husband was friendly and looked to be a loving family man. We all knew the couple. They were friendly and to me, they looked okay,” says Marion, a senior colleague at the care home. However, what struck many was the sudden change in life and the new status that she acquired at one time during the young marriage. Perhaps, this could have led to the interest from her colleagues, or might have blown her cover. As a care assistant, driving a used Rover or Vauxhall, which at one time, even the husband owned, was an achievement. But driving the latest model of Bentley, related to David Beckham and Wayne Rooney and other soccer stars who earn more than 100,000 a week, was simply blowing away the cover for someone working for 240 a week. “I think it was a little bit over the top. People talked about it, but here, everybody keeps to himself or herself and that is as far as it went,” says Marion, not real name.

    Victor Ayinde-Azeez and Ruth Wambui Ayinde-Azeez multi milti-million house in Pinner ​
    Ruth at first told colleagues that the husband, who also worked as care worker while a student, had found a new job and was from a rich Nigerian family where his father is ‘chief’ and he is in line to inherit a lot of cash from their oil field proceeds. In the quick-fire acquisitions of property in London’s South East, the Nigerian born Victor bought 22 houses in the period of the scam, took out mortgages from banks including Bradford and Bingley and Abbey National (now Santander) using the title deeds using crooked solicitors. The solicitors do not exist, further complicating the investigations that saw a large chunk of the money pass through Ruth’s account. At the time of her arrest, she had just received a message from the husband in a foreign land that police were on the way. She could not react to the message and ended up in police hands, where she has been since, after all her travel documents were withdrawn from her. At the time of arrest, she had 1.6 million in the account, but many are questioning why she had all the cash in the bank if she was really part of the gang. And, why could she not withdraw it and put it in a safe account or even bank in a friend’s account. Questions linger. Police, on the other hand have been unable to get Victor and efforts by Interpol to locate him have neither been successful. Ruth’s family and friends in London say that he has not communicated; even using the friends she might have known. “The man has not even sent a message. Of course he cannot make any contact, nobody knows where he is and being that police are on his case and they will pick up any conversations. He is somewhere, but the police have not managed to find him or members of the gang,” said a former colleague who spoke on a Kenyan social forum. Despite all that, the Judge hearing the case Justice Martin Beddoe has told her to expect a sentence, even without a guilty plea. With it, and like all cases of property acquired through crime and criminal activities, she stands to loose everything in her life, including her face.
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    Article ilivyorundikana inakuwa ngumu kusoma through the lines
  3. babukijana

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    Mar 30, 2010
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    good warning to the girls who are always after quick money.