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USIPIME.COM, is a Tanzanian start up adventure, born with a very simple mission: Make the e-commerce world become totally free for Tanzanian users.

Anyone who would like to contribute in this experience can join our team by simply contacting us. We will be happy to have your comments and improve our community with your help.

How and Why should I use USIPIME.COM?
- Well here you go, we put together a few ideas as to why you will find USIPIME.COM a great place to visit and browse awhile.
- It's a fast and functional experience.
- No user registration needed.
- Free photo ad listing ....four photos per listing.
- Unlimited classified listings.
- No success or selling fees.
- No buying or trading fees.
- Full 60 day free classified listings A range of categories.
- Ability to shape the way USIPIME.COM grows with your feedback, suggestions and ideas ...after all you are the people that will grow the site.
- Localised to your area.
- 100% Tanzanian.

Thank you for you visit.

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