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Usidanganywe na waganga...hata wewe unaweza.

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by Bujibuji, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Bujibuji

    Bujibuji JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    How do you attract a girl

    First of all you shouldn't change for someone, they should like you for who you are. Corny jokes get really annoying. I have a boyfriend, he's really sweet and compliments me, it makes me feel good. But here's the point, treat her with care and passion and be yourself. Don't think burping and farting is a good way to attract us girls one burp here and there is all right but the farts gotta go, they STINK! If a girl looks pretty tell them, dont just stare at them they will get really creeped out. But in one way they might come and ask why you were staring at them and then that could start a relationship.

    Walk up to her give her a good compliment then walk away she will have the urge to chase after you, and trust me she will, then you can keep her chasing or date her.

    Most girls like funny boys so don't be afraid to crack a joke, but not a corney joke. If she is a dark (Emo/Goth) go though being a dark (Emo/Goth), if you are not already. Good healthy boys, like most girls, do NOT like the pants being down so you can see your underwear. And DO NOT be hard to GET.

    The one before me was good. Just talk to her. Be funny and sweet. But dont be pushy. I am a girl and I had a boyfriend recently that followed me everywhere; lets just say it didnt last very long. DONT BE CLINGY! And don't be hard to get; if she asks you if you like her dont say i dont know or maybe. Girls HATE it and just want a straight up anwser.

    Exactly, and also if the girl likes you chances are she is thinking of you when you're not together so its a good thing not to be clingy.

    Boys have done that to me before and I thought it was plain weird.

    I am a boy and from experience the person who first answered is quite right. I found the perfect girl but no, burping is horrible and farting, try to hide it, this is to the guys. You just act yourself and if they don't like who you really are then they aren't worth the pain.

    Where I'm from you need to look like Edward Cullen and Christiano Ronaldo! That's ALL girls care about, looks nothing else! I don't have a girlfriend and probably won't because I am not a footballer or have sparkling skin. The statement about there is always a person for someone seems wrong to me! I know people that half there life is over and never meet anybody!

    Attracting a girl is hard some times. I know because boys at my school go for the girls with thier noses in the air. Girls like it if you just be yourself. If your not cool then I don't know, but still. I did like this boy, gosh he was wow. But he was himself and I could see the way he started to act around me he liked me. He was in year 9 and I was in year 6 but I liked him so. It was him being himself that attracted me and no I did wish he said he liked me beacuse I'll never know.

    I'm a guy! I have a really great personality but sometimes that means absolutely nothing! Tell a girl hi and she looks the other way. Offer her a hand shake and she just stands and stares at your hand in scorn. Smile at her and she pulls a face. Go out on a first date with her and although everything goes well she never speaks to you after. Try to make them laugh and they make you look like an idiot in public. You know how embarrassing it is to tell a girl good morning in public and she completely ignores you?

    Sometime you reach a point where its better to just leave people alone and save yourself embarrassment.

    I think the best thing is being funny. I'm funny and it attracts quite a few girls.
  2. The Son of Man

    The Son of Man JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    Wajinga ndo waliwao!
  3. Preta

    Preta JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    yah hiyo ndio kweli
  4. FirstLady1

    FirstLady1 JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    Kila ntu anatafuta namna ya kujipatia Riziki ..
  5. Sumbalawinyo

    Sumbalawinyo JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    Some men have problems getting the women they want due to low self-esteem, lack of personality, bad attitude or a bad dresser. Thankfully it is never too late to change as with one small difference, you can attract women. Learn what you can do to get the ladies to like you.


    1. <LI id=jsArticleStep1>Step 1
      Use your best psychical feature to your advantage. If you have a wonderful smile, nice muscular build or attractive eyes, most women will go crazy over it or definitely take notice of your best asset.
      <LI id=jsArticleStep2>Step 2
      Be confident. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who is sure of himself and knows what he wants. One of the key points in confidence is keeping your head held high and having enough courage to walk up to a lady and introduce yourself and say you are interested in her.
      <LI id=jsArticleStep3>Step 3
      Make her laugh. While a good-looking guy with a great body can be a magnet to women, one of the best characteristic a man can have is a sense of humor. Women will greatly respond to a guy that doesn't take himself too serious and can be light-hearted, fun and one who does not bored her to tears.
      <LI id=jsArticleStep4>Step 4
      Dress nicely. As brutal as it may sounds some people believe your first impression is your last one, so it never hurts to keep your appearance in check by keeping yourself well-groomed and maintaining good hygiene. Although you don't have to look like you just stepped out of a 'GQ' magazine, having a sense of style does have an effect on how women will find you attractive.
    2. Step 5
      Engage in meaningful conversations. Women are well aware that men are pulled in by their beauty and while it is nice to compliment her, talking about looks alone shows that you are after her body rather than her mind. Discuss on the issues on the world, or an interesting book you'd read. Show her you have an opinion other than she is hot and you might be a keeper.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Always be yourself and try not imitating what another man does. Every woman has her likes and dislikes. Keep a nice balance of being a nice guy and being a bit mysterious.

    • Avoid being
  6. PakaJimmy

    PakaJimmy JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    Asilimia kubwa ya watu hawana muda wa kufikiria mambo kwa upana na urefu wake, they just want shortcuts in reaching or achieving the set goals!...Kuna concept vichwani mwa watu kwamba FEDHA inaweza kumfanyia mtu kila kitu, which is sometimes too wrong!...Mtu kwa vile ana pesa tu, anadhani inaweza kumsababishia akapendwa na mtu, bila kuweka jitihada ya kibinadamu pale!...Hii ndiyo sababu watu wanaishia kwenda kwa waganga na kupewa dawa za MCHINA za kutaka wawavute wasichana..Ni uvivu huu!
  7. T

    Tall JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    penzi halisi, lakudumu na zuri halipatikani kwa nguvu za giza.
  8. WomanOfSubstance

    WomanOfSubstance JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    Mganga akusaidie? mbona ni simple.... mwanamke anaenda kwa mganga ili apate mwanaume..mwanaume naye anatafuta mwanamke kupitia mganga.mganga anachofanya ni match-making tu! Hakuna magic hapo.

    Unaweza kuuliza - kwanini waganga wasianzishe agencies tu maana thats what they are doing anyway? Tatizo wakianzisha agencies..washirikina watahamia kwa waganga wazidi kutapeliwa tu.
    Waswahili walivyo washirikina! Sijui watu watajikomboa lini kifikra. Ati sasa waganga wanajitangaza wana dawa za kuongeza makalio.... hivi kuwa na maumbile madogo nayo ni ugonjwa unaohitaji tiba za kishirikina?.... Wachina unaweza kuelewa kisayansi wanavyowapa wateja wao kile roho inataka... si unataka makalio makubwa.... wanachofanya ni kutengeneza dawa zenye kuleta reaction ya kuvimba pale unapopaka. Na ndio maana mpakaji akipaka chances za kuwa na moja kubwa na lingine dogo ni kubwa - reaction inategemeana na eneo husika limepakwa " dawa" kiasi gani na reaction hiyo itatokeaje pindi upakapo!
    Poleni washirikina wote.
  9. N

    Nanu JF-Expert Member

    Apr 12, 2010
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    For all the ladies I have approached, I have never being brushed away. May be b/se of the way I look like but not really, I am not such handsome but I am not ugly too but I am cool and contain my words when talking but I can also burst when it is funny time but also trying to know what are the sensitive words for the other party to avoid using them! There is no uchawi to be loved, it is you who can make it!!!!