Used car buyers beware


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Dec 2, 2006
A Brownwood man who recently bought a used car from a local dealership got a surprise when he tried to fix a rear window that would not roll down.

Lynn Franlynn, who had been driving his used 2002 blazer that he bought last week, decided to fix the window last Sunday. When he took off the door panel, he found 11 bricks of marijuana inside. He called police to tell them about the find.

When police came to verify his report, the other three door panels were taken off and more marijuana was found. A total of 35 bricks worth about $18,000 was found in the car.

Franklynn did take the car back to the dealership, which gave him his money back.

Police say if Franklynn were to have gotten stopped and the drugs were found, he would have had a hard time convincing police it was not his.
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