US Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes


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Nov 27, 2007
Monday, March 24, 2008

US Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes

US Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes

Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel, Israelis control America, "Who control America"?, Masochist American Slaves and Oil, Israel and Iraq are not enough to open many American eyes!

Asked about two thirds of Americans' opposition to war, Cheney says, 'So?' (f…..g what?) and these types of people would like to export democracy?! Isn’t it like Charles Manson taking care of Sharon Tate?

However, you are welcome to watch the followings and make up your mind instead of remain blind.

YouTube - Dancing Israelis on 9/11

YouTube - Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11

YouTube - 911 Truckload of explosives Mossad Movers

YouTube - Fox News : 911 The Israeli Connection

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It sounds worse and worse.........

US Pushed Allies on Iraq, Diplomat Writes

Colum Lynch, writing for The Washington Post, reports, "In the months leading up to the US-led invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration threatened trade reprisals against friendly countries who withheld their support, spied on its allies, and pressed for the recall of UN envoys that resisted US pressure to endorse the war, according to an upcoming book by a top Chilean diplomat."

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