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Urembo: Karibuni kwenye ukumbi wa kujikwatua muwaone walimbwende!

Discussion in 'Urembo, Mitindo na Utanashati' started by Zinduna, Apr 24, 2015.

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    Makeup Ideas For African Women – Professional Makeup Ideas....

    The rules of applying makeup on black women are very simple the moment you master the trick of choosing and blending colors that match with the skin tone. You must be very careful when deciding colors to apply on a particular skin tone and this is where the challenge comes from. The number one rule that determines if you wore the right makeup is, when people look at you they must be able to notice you first before they notice the makeup. In this post you will find the basic tips or rules to guide you to wear the right makeup and some of the ideas that you can imitate.


    Below are some of the professional makeup ideas for African women you must always put into consideration so that the cosmetics you use can enhance your natural beauty. Trust me you will never go wrong with your makeup if you follow the tips below;

    • Put on a moisturizer before you wear makeup; this will help to keep your natural skin in perfect condition with or without the makeup so always remember to moisturize your skin each time you plan to wear makeup. Obviously, the moisturizer should be used after cleaning the skin.

    • Choose a good foundation; wearing foundation is not a must most especially if you have a perfect skin complexion, you may not need foundation. On the other hand if you have decided to wear foundation then you must choose a color that nicely matches with your African American skin tone. In fact, choose foundation that is almost the same color as your skin tone, if you have any dark spots on your skin this will help to make them invisible. Foundation color that is too far from your skin tone i.e. one that is too light as compared to your skin color will create an ashy undertone that is not attractive at all.

    • Make use of a concealer if necessary; if you are one of the African American women that have a very light skin tone you can try out using a concealer but remember this can only be applied to specific areas for examples under the eyes. To maintain that natural appearance it is best to use loose powder.

    • Make research about your skin's undertone; the only way you can know which colors looks best with skin complexion is by finding out your undertone. Just like any other women, African American women also have different undertones and which include neutral, cool and warm so the moment you get to know under tone you will be able to know which colors of makeup will look best on you.

    • Choose the right colors for your skin tone; after knowing what your skin under tone is, you should be able to tell what colors will look great with your tone. Just because you saw a certain color with your favorite celebrity doesn't mean you should be wearing the same. You don't want to come out looking like a clown. Therefore be extra careful with the colors of makeup you apply.

    • Be careful with bold shades; we I talk of bold colors I simply mean those colors that over stand out. They over power your skin tone for example orange, gold, bronze, silver and fuschia. If you must only apply such colors to only a specific area that you want to put great emphasis on but they cannot be applied on the whole face.

    • Pay great attention to your favorite facial features. Are your lips your favorite feature? Or are they your eyes? If your lips are your favorite feature than you should wear a light colored lipstick with just little gloss, if you are going to work. However if you are going for a night out, it is okay to wear heavy lip gloss. Then if you eyes are your favorite feature, you have a lot of eye make up to do, start by applying really attractive eye shadow, two layers of mascara and you will be good to go.






    Naomba Mods waiweke hii thread sticky kwa kuwa itakuwa ni ya urembo kwa wanawake.....
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    Спасаярмгясь рн
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    mimi uso wangu una makovu naitaji kuwa kama nyie nishauli