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Unyago!For MEN ONLY.

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by Katabazi, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Katabazi JF-Expert Member

    Mar 26, 2009
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    This is one way to be seen as LIJALI MAN. It saved my marriage.
    These days she is counting Hrs when I am late while she is waiting for It.
    TRY IT BOYS and dont get back to me,I know what she will feel-TRUST ME.

    Cure premature ejaculation.
    The ‘stop-start’ or ‘squeeze’ techniques should set you to rights.
    Ejaculation is a reflex muscular contraction and there comes a point in a man's sexual arousal when it is inevitable. Many men worry because they feel that they reach this point too soon. They often imagine that they and their partner would enjoy intercourse much more, and it would be much easier for the woman to reach orgasm, if they could only hold off ejaculation for just a few minutes longer than normal. There is, however, no absolute criterion for how long you should last. It is possible that you have unrealistic expectations, so, before deciding you have a 'problem' with premature ejaculation needing treatment by the 'stop-start' or 'squeeze' techniques described below, try the following approach.
    Learning to last longer
    Make sure your partner is fully aroused before you start to have intercourse. Foreplay should last 20 minutes at least, so that even if intercourse is brief, lovemaking is not. When you do start to have intercourse, try at first making movements less stimulating than thrusting; a circular movement of the hips to move the penis in the vagina, for example. An even simpler method is to wait 15-30 minutes after you have ejaculated and then, if you can regain an erection, have intercourse again. This time the edge will be off your arousal, so you will probably be able to last longer. This method is especially effective if you are young and sexually inexperienced (as you grow older you will automatically develop a degree of control). Some beginners find that increasing the frequency of masturbation also reduces their sexual tension and enables them to delay ejaculation during intercourse.
    However, there are a few men who suffer from a 'hair-trigger' problem: some can manage to thrust a little but still feel they have virtually no control over when they reach a climax, while others ejaculate before they even touch their partner. If you fit into either of these categories, the exercises described here will probably be very successful in helping you to develop greater control.
    The stop-start technique
    The following series of exercises, which was originally developed by Dr James Semans, is aimed at teaching you how to hold your level of arousal just below the point at which ejaculation is inevitable. You do this by gradually learning to recognize the physical sensations leading up to your climax and by modifying accordingly the movements you make during intercourse. Semans discovered that the stop-start technique is of enormous assistance to many of the large number of men who ejaculate so quickly that sex tends to prove disappointing to both themselves and their partners.
    Most men who practise these exercises gain good control in 2-10 weeks. You may find, however, that a somewhat different approach, using the 'squeeze' technique developed by Masters and Johnson is more effective for you. In either case you will need the cooperation of a sympathetic partner. Single men, whether heterosexual or homosexual, will find they can gain a good measure of control by practising just the first three steps of the stop-start method. These involve only manual stimulation and do not require the assistance of another person.
    1 Masturbate with a dry hand, focusing your attention only on the pleasurable sensations you experience in your penis, not on the sexual fantasies normally associated with masturbation. When you feel you are about to ejaculate, stop and relax. Start again when you no longer feel close to orgasm. Repeat the stop-start procedure, making a conscious effort to stave off an ejaculation, for fully 15 minutes. You may not succeed at first, but continue this preliminary exercise until you have had three consecutive 15-minute sessions without premature ejaculation. The first few times you do the exercise, you will probably have to stop and start quite often, but you will gradually learn to read your body signals more accurately and will need to pause less frequently.
    2 The next step is to do the same exercise using a lubricant such as KY jelly, or a specially designed sexual lubricant. Because this produces much more intense sensations, the timing of your orgasm will be more difficult to control. Again your goal should be to delay ejaculation during three consecutive 15-minute sessions.
    3 You have now developed enough control to try to keep down your arousal without stopping stroking your penis. Masturbate with a dry hand, but whenever you become very excited alter the strokes so that the excitement is eased. To do this, you can either slow down the tempo, use a different type of stroke or degree of pressure, or concentrate on less sensitive areas of the penis. Do not stop altogether, as you did in steps 1 and 2. Experiment in order to find out which method works best for you. The aim is to last 15 minutes - at this stage without stopping - for three consecutive sessions.
    4 At this point your partner becomes involved. First, explain to her the procedure you have gone through. Then ask her to stimulate your penis with a dry hand while you lie back with your eyes closed and concentrate, as you did in the first step of the exercises, on the sensations. As soon as you feel ejaculation is imminent, ask her to stop for a few moments to let the arousal subside. As before, try to last for 15 minutes before ejaculating and take the next step only after three successful sessions.
    5 Repeat step 4, but this time with a lubricant. You should find this extremely exciting. Just enjoy the feelings of mounting excitement and let nothing distract you. If you feel close to orgasm too soon, however, ask your partner to stop until the excitement dies down.
    6 Three consecutive successes in step 5 indicate that you now have enough control to try the stop-start technique during intercourse. The best position at first is with your partner lying comfortably on top of you. When your penis has been inserted, put your hands on her hips to guide her and ask her to move gently up and down. Stop her as soon as you feel you are about to ejaculate, and start again when the urge has gone. Do not thrust; just feel the movement and concentrate on the sensations. Try to last 15 minutes before thrusting and ejaculating. Repeat this type of relaxed intercourse three or four times, permitting yourself each time to thrust more often and more actively, but always stopping if you approach orgasm before the end of 15 minutes. If you ejaculate too soon, do not regard this as the end of the exercise: simply relax for at least 15 minutes and then begin intercourse again.
    7 Practice intercourse in different positions such as side-by-side or rear-entry before you finally move to the man-on-top position, which is the one in which delaying ejaculation is most difficult.
    Assessing your progress
    If, after practising the stop-start exercises for at least five weeks, your control is no better, try changing to the squeeze technique described below. Some men find this exercise more effective, but problems sometimes arise because it can seem boring, or because your partner feels frustrated or neglected.
    However, it is essential for you to concentrate on your own feelings during this period. And because it is an exercise that usually produces good results, the eventual improvement in your sex life should make temporary boredom worth enduring. Your partner need not be frustrated at the end of the session, since after ejaculation you can bring her to orgasm. If you have tried both the stop-start and squeeze techniques without success your doctor may be able to prescribe a drug to help you regain control.
    It is possible, if it worries you unduly to have to rely on your partner's help during these exercises, that you feel insecure, either about yourself or your relationship. It will help to talk things over with her.
    The squeeze technique
    This is a somewhat more complex technique than the stop-start method for treating premature ejaculation. It requires your partner to squeeze your penis in a way that inhibits ejaculation when you feel it is imminent. Let her grip it firmly, using two fingers and the thumb of one hand. Her thumb should be placed on the frenulum, which is the area on the underside of the penis where the head and the shaft meet. Her first finger should be opposite the thumb and the others around the shaft. She should apply fairly firm pressure, without moving her fingers, since too light a touch can arouse you instead of inhibiting ejaculation.
    1 Your partner masturbates you as in steps 4 (dry hand) and 5 (with lubrication) of the stop-start technique. But instead of removing her hand when you signal to her that you are about to ejaculate, she squeezes your penis for 15-20 seconds, which causes your erection to subside. She then begins to stimulate you again. Repeat the procedure two to three times before allowing ejaculation to occur.
    2 When you have gained a degree of control in this way, you are ready for intercourse; but of a particular kind. Your partner sits astride you and guides your erect penis into her vagina, where it remains with neither of you moving until you warn her (in good time) that you are near orgasm. She immediately lifts herself gently away and applies the squeeze grip. Repeat the exercise two or three times before you let yourself climax.
    3 When you are quite sure that your control has improved (this will probably be after you have practised step 2 three or four times) you should try gentle movement during intercourse. Using the same woman-on-top position, begin to thrust a little, and encourage your partner to move her hips slightly. But she should be prepared to withdraw and squeeze whenever you give her the signal. Within a few weeks you should be able to maintain this pause-and-squeeze kind of intercourse for 15-20 minutes without ejaculating.
    4 Now attempt intercourse in other positions. You may find that control remains difficult in the traditional male-on-top position. But if you practise step 1 of the squeeze technique at least once a week for the next three months, you should, by the end of that period, have gained ejaculatory control that will be useful in all types of sexual activity.
  2. Mwiba

    Mwiba JF-Expert Member

    Mar 27, 2009
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    Huku ni kutishana tu akuna chochote ,hawa ndio wapotoshaji wakubwa na kutumia uongo kuwaharibu akili wengine,kuchelewa na kuwahi na mambo nature na yenyewe yanajitengeneza kadili ya siku zinavyozidi ,siku ya mwanzo unachukua nusu dakika ,sinku nyengine unachukua dakika tano baada ya mwezi unafika hadi nusu saa baada ya mwaka saa nzima ikifika miaka mitatu si ajabu kila mtu analala kitanda chake.
  3. Mwiba

    Mwiba JF-Expert Member

    Mar 27, 2009
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    No more excuses, men:

    "Comparing sexual arousal between men and women, we see that there is no difference in the amount of time it takes healthy young men and women to reach peak arousal," said Dr. Irv Binik, psychology professor and founder and director of the Sex and Couple Therapy Service of Royal Victoria Hospital, which is part of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).
    Thermal imaging, or thermography, is infrared imaging using thermographic cameras that detect radiation emitted by objects based on their temperature. Because of its usefulness in detecting warm objects in the dark, most people know it as the technology used in night vision goggles for military operations.

    Previously, sex researchers have measured arousal with instruments that require genital contact and manipulation. Binik focused thermographic cameras on his subjects' genitals while they watched a montage of material from pornography to horror movies to The Best of Mr. Bean to Canadian tourism travelogues to provide a base of control data. During the arousal experiment, the male and female subjects watched separate sexually explicit films procured from the Kinsey Institute and determined to be sexually arousing to specific genders. They watched the images through special video goggles to minimize distractions.

    As the subjects responded, the Binik team monitored body-temperature changes to within a 100th of a degree from a computer in another room. Both the men and the women began showing arousal within 30 seconds. The men reached maximal arousal in 664.6 seconds (roughly ten minutes), the women in 743 seconds - a statistically negligible difference. (Emphasis mine.)

    So the next time it ain't happening, I guess that means we are just bad at it. No more using that "Women are tough!" crutch anymore.
  4. newmzalendo

    newmzalendo JF-Expert Member

    Mar 27, 2009
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    just loads of bullshit,piga punyeto for a while then u r sesitivity is gone,u can hammer her tani yako.
    swali la kizushi kwa mtoa mada:katabazi vipi kama dem has bonge la shimo,**** yako ikiingia ndani after mlango wa k its like umeingia ktk Hall ya harusi(d**k inapwaya ndani ya K) is there a solution to this?
    Je kuna exercises za kuongeza unene wa M**o kwani ni ndefu but too nyembamba kama mkuki
  5. Mwiba

    Mwiba JF-Expert Member

    Mar 27, 2009
    Joined: Oct 23, 2007
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    Wewe unaonyesha una mawazo ya kufikirika na huelewi au huna uelewa wa sehemu nyeti za binadamu ,kwa ufupi una matatizo huelewi kabisa ni vipi sehemu za ukeni zilivyomanufactured na Mwenyewe Sir GOD.
    Zaidi unaonyesha dharau kwa jamii ya wanawake ,nadahni unafahamu kabisa kuwa wanawake wanajifungua watoto na si mmoja kuna wanaofikia hadi kumi au ishirini ,hivyo angalia kwa kina na hio sula ambalo umelitoa ,ujiulize mwenyewe kisha ujijibu mwenyewe.