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Feb 26, 2006
Some people wanted to know which websites are not safe. Before you visit some links please ask experts on how secured are the links.

I have an example of few links which are as mentioned below:


After entering our e-mail address on this site, we received 3.8 e-mails per week. They were very spammy.

What our inbox looked like after we signed up here:

Sample Inbox

1. Subject
2. Sender

Welcome to ws's newsletter!
2007 September

Newsletter Worldsex
2007 September

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2007 September

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User Review Summary for worldsex.com

Consists of Adware, spyware, or viruses

It's Browser exploit

i don't like it.lots of spams
Posted at 11/13/2007-09:37:40 AM by marun101

This site in it self is not bad, but every site it points to is potentially an exploit. Yellow on exploit/
Posted at 08/10/2007-09:17:06 PM by GrandpaShaggy

w32.dreffort - Virus

Posted at 06/21/2007-01:26:45 AM by ColoradoChris

Die Links zu anderen Sites sind in der Tat bedenklich. Ich finde das YELLOW rating sollte beibehalten werden.
Posted at 05/20/2007-08:19:49 PM by C-Sticky

The site contains gallery links to japxxx.com and other malicious sites.
Posted at 01/18/2007-09:28:26 PM by mankey
Now www.Hi5.com

This site spams

Browser exploit

Excessive popups

Phishing or other scams

Bad shopping experience

This site spams
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Dude i aint got a clue what a spam is but i know that some times bad websites send you real dodgy liks to bad sites so beware. but other wise a nice and pleasent experience on this site, but as you all know wathc out for he dodgy people sending you messages to meet them, im serious.
Posted at 09/26/2007-12:05:14 PM by Aceman3000
Excessive popups
I have to say that this site is really good when it comes to profiles and stuff like that but whenever you go to the homepage you will always have pop ups. that is the only thing that bugs me about this site.

Apart form that it is fantastic.
Posted at 09/04/2007-10:55:16 PM by rosazzo
Excessive popups
En general en un buen sitio donde se comparten fotos, se añade musica y es un buen espacio familiar ya que tienen restricciones de videos y la opcion de poder reportar abusos de otros usuarios, lo único malo que tiene es que son demasiadas ventanas emergentes!!
Posted at 08/09/2007-05:39:40 PM by nickgt
Phishing or other scams
Spam for this site was sent from a hijacked Yahoo account - i.a.w. a friend's Yahoo address book was stolen and used to send out unsolicited hi5 maliings to all his friends looking klike they came from him.
Posted at 07/16/2007-03:59:43 PM by barbieri
When you go on Hi5's homepage and click on any link one pop-up window must come up first and it leads to sites of questionable character. Also, when you continue to use the site there are more pop-ups when you click on links. Very annoying.
Posted at 06/29/2007-06:48:57 PM by milkysher,
We can still give out our comments on some sites and let you know how good or bad are they. If you know any site that you'd like your fellows be aware of it keep us posted.

The best solution before you visit damn links is to go to McAfee Site Advisor and get info before visiting the link.

For instance, you wanna know if JamboForums.com is an unsafe web, visit


Wanna see if IPPMEDIA is unsafe just visit http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/ippmedia.com


There are other websites that I have visited, they are full of pop ups and other malwares, so anyone who visits them must be very careful.
These are:

I just checked this LoveHappens.com

It's linked no Monster websites & one bad website known as Ringo.com

Also have these damn cookies:


It's not that much bad compared to the linked one (Ringo.com).

It's much better if we keep ourselves informed on unsafe links!
Duh, hii niliisahau kabisaaa. Itawasaidia wengi ambao hutembelea mitandao hiyo
Duh, hii niliisahau kabisaaa. Itawasaidia wengi ambao hutembelea mitandao hiyo

Mkuu, unavyosema ni sawa kabisa - tahadhari ni muhimu. Ila kumbuka kuwa hiyo list ilikuwa kitambo kilichopita kidogo....(kirefu - for website lifespan). Sites nyingine zinaweza kuwa zilishabadilishwa na kuwa mbaya zaidi au kuboreshwa na kuwa za kufaa.

Mfano wa site kuboreshwa ni hiyo hi5.com. Hawa walianza mwanzo mwanzo kabisa kwenye mambo ya socialnetworking, ila wakawa wamezubaa na site yao ikalemaa na kuwa spammed mara nyingi. Kisha wakapoteza wateja/members wengi sana kutokana na popups na poor messaging system, pia ongezeko na kuimalika kwa other social networking sites kulichangia watu kuikacha hi5.
Duh, hii niliisahau kabisaaa. Itawasaidia wengi ambao hutembelea mitandao hiyo

Ulichosahau ni kipi mkuu? Maana tangu thread imeanzishwa hukuweka post yoyote, hii uliyokuja nayo ndo ya kwanza kwako katika thread hii but ndo unasema kuna kitu ulisahau! Ni swali tu mkuu, huenda umesahau kuwa hukupost before, na pengine hicho ulichodhamiria kupost kina msaada kwetu. Hebu angalia vizuri tena utuwekee hizo webusaiti tuziepuke!
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