Unlock PDF Files Online using Free PDF Unlocker



The reason why most users choose PDF format to share and transfer documents is because they can be protected by the creator. Content, such as text and images, can not be copied or stolen from such PDF documents.

One solution, recommended by Ghacks, is to use PDF Unlocker which is a free PDF unlocking utility that will remove all restrictions.

However if you want to unlock a PDF file without installing any software, I would recommend PDF Cracker. It is a Free online PDF Unlock utility.

It works simply by uploading a protected PDF file through your PC and once uploaded, it will open an unlocked and non-restricted version of the same PDF document in a new window.
That's actually useful, thanks! I can say that I started to work with PDF files way more often nowadays, so such services are quite helpful for me. Right now, I use PDF Guru to edit, convert, sign, split, and od other tasks with PDFs, and by far, I haven't found a service that could process everything so fast.

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