"Universities used to be the think tanks of this country"-R.Mengi..WHAT HAPPENED?


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Nov 24, 2010
I am currently a third year student at Mzumbe University, under grad. I'm also a member of the student gov and many other things. I could safely say that I try to be an active student and take every opportunity I get to learn new things. What depresses me is the lack of initiative, imagination and the drive to explore outside the class room walls that is plaguing the bigger percentage of the population in the university.
I feel like college should be an experience, an avenue to make mistakes (while learning) and get away with it. Build things. They should be the hub of creativity.
I have every reason to believe that things were different back in them days when the today's Mengis and Mufurukis were in college.
What happened? What changed along the way? And how do we ignite that fire again?
The first step to solving a problem is knowing that there is one. Do you agree that there is a problem? How do we make it known that there is a problem? And how do we solve it?
My colleagues and I were thinking of organizing an inter-university summit.Please advice.


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Sep 22, 2010
Good idea,but you need 2 respond to these questions first for da start. what is going to be the theme of the summit? aim? hw are u going 2 achieve the aim (objectives). what information do you have about hw thngs were at da time UDSM was topping up da list & producing the leaders of east africa, where is it that thgs went wrong (backgrnd info). Tackling these qns will gv u da grim of hope, bro it's an excellent idea & i'll be mo thn ready 2 hlp you.

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