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Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by agala, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. agala

    agala Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    1.Zima computer yako kisha iwashe

    2.Kabla haijaleta login screen bonyeza function key namba nane yani F8.

    3.Chagua boot in safe mode kisha itajifanya inataka password we bonyeza enter key au return key

    4.Kisha nenda kwenye user account kwenye control panel futa hiyo account au badili password utakayokumbuka

    5.Ukimaliza iwashe kama kawaida bila kubonyeza key yeyote na computer yako itafunguka vizuri.

    Kama una maswali pitia JigambeAds au g.francis@jigambe.com
  2. f

    flexyps Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    ndugu yangu it works if and only if wakati wa installation mtu hakuweka administrator password ila kama aliweka that does not work
  3. Donnie Charlie

    Donnie Charlie JF-Expert Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    sawa sawa kabisa kama admin ipo na password hili haliwezekani hata kidogo, ila kuna software za kuondoa password ambazo ni bootable
  4. Osaba

    Osaba JF-Expert Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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      • 1 Turn your computer on and insert the Windows XP Setup CD that came with your system.

      • 2 Choose "Boot From CD" in the setup window that pops up. Wait for the computer to take you to the "Licensing Agreement" page. Accept the agreement and wait for a screen to ask you if you want to repair your system.

      • 3 Press the "R" key to repair the system and allow the computer to start copying files over to the hard drive.

      • 4 Wait for the computer to reboot and then watch the bottom of the setup screen until "Installing Devices" appears. Press "Shift" and "F10" together and wait for a command prompt.

      • 5 Type "nusrmgr.cpl" into the command prompt. Press the "Enter" key on the keyboard to go to the "User Accounts" page.

      • 6 Click on the "Administrator" account to remove, reset or change the password.

  5. m

    majala New Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    tatizo la power on password?(bios password?) can u help me this jf?
  6. D

    Derimto JF-Expert Member

    Sep 21, 2011
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    Thnx. Nalipenda hili jamvi.
  7. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    Sep 23, 2011
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    How to clear an unknown BIOS or CMOS password.


    How to clear an unknown BIOS or CMOS password.

    [​IMG] The below steps are for a desktop computer and do not include steps on how to clear a laptop CMOS password.
    If you encounter a password prompt at boot or the BIOS / CMOS setup is locked as shown below and you do not know the password you will need to clear the BIOS password using the suggestions listed below.
    Clear using jumper (recommended)
    [​IMG] When inside the computer be sure you're aware of the potential damage that can be caused by ESD.
    [​IMG]On the computer motherboard locate the BIOS clear / password jumper or dipswitch and change its position. This jumper is often labeled CLEAR, CLEAR CMOS, JCMOS1, CLR, CLRPWD, PASSWD, PASSWORD, PSWD or PWD as shown in the picture to the right. To change the jumper remove it from the two pins its currently on so that it covers the pin that is not covered. For example, in the picture to the right pins 1 and 2 are covered, you'd remove the jumper and put it on pins 2 and 3.
    Once this jumper has been changed, turn on the computer and the password should be cleared. Once cleared, turn the computer off and return the jumper or dipswitch to its original position.
    The location of the jumpers or dipswitches are dependent on the manufacturer of the computer and motherboard. However, below are some general ideas on where to find it. Remember that most motherboards could have dozens of different jumpers, make sure you're changing the CMOS jumper and not something else. If these general suggestions do not help refer to your motherboard / computer documentation or skip to the next step.

    1. On the edge of the motherboard - Most jumpers are located on the side of the motherboard for easy accessibility, verify by looking at all visible edges of the motherboard.
    2. By the CMOS battery - Some manufactures will place the jumper to clear the CMOS / BIOS password by the actual CMOS battery.
    3. By the processor - Some manufactures will place the jumpers by the processor of the computer.
    4. Under the keyboard or bottom of laptop - If you are working on a laptop computer the location of the dipswitch (almost never a jumper) can be under the keyboard or on the bottom of the laptop in a compartment such as the memory compartment.
    5. Other visible location - While it is possible that the jumpers / dipswitches may not be in a visible location, most manufactures try to make things easier by placing the jumpers / dipswitches in another visible location.
    Generic passwords
    Try using generic CMOS passwords. Note: many of these generic passwords are no longer used or only used with older computers.
    Use a BIOS password utility
    There are utilities designed to help bypass CMOS passwords. An example of a great utility to decrypt / bypass BIOS passwords is the PC BIOS Security and Maintenance toolkit.
    Remove CMOS battery
    [​IMG]Removing the CMOS battery like the one shown in the picture to the right will cause the system to loose all CMOS settings including the password. To do this locate and remove the CMOS battery on the motherboard for at least five-minutes. After this has been done put the battery back into the computer and turn it back on.
    Jump the CMOS solder beads
    Older computers and especially older laptops don't have jumpers or dipswitches and require the user to jump a pair of solder beads on a circuit board. The identification and location of these solder beads can vary and if not available in computer documentation is only obtainable through the computer manufacturer.
    If you've identified the solder beads they can be jumped by placing a flat-head screwdriver over the two beads and leaving it on those beads while turning on the computer. Once the computer has booted turn off the computer and then remove the screwdriver.
    Contact manufacturer
    If the above solutions do not help or you are unable to locate the jumpers or solder beads, it's recommended you contact the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer for the steps on clearing the computer password.

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  8. e2themiza

    e2themiza JF-Expert Member

    Sep 23, 2011
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    OLALALA! this is xo old fashioned.. hehehehe :) NO OFFENCE!!!

    On the other hand big up sana mkuu... what better solution of clearing the cmos pass....would be there more than this!!!
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  9. f

    flexyps Member

    Sep 23, 2011
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    kwa hii ya kuweka cd ya xp works under ol circumstances how bout vista windows 7
  10. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2011
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    How to Change Windows Password on Windows 7/Vista/XP?

    Setting a password on Windows 7/Vista/XP can add a level of security to your computer. So an available suggestion is to set a password on Windows. In addition, it is highly recommended to change Windows password regularly, which is a good habit to keep your PC security. Here are some simple methods to recover forgotten Windows password among Windows7/Vista/XP once you can not log on with a wrong password..
    Method 1: Change Windows password with Control Panel.

    The steps to change Windows password are different on different Windows OS. The following steps are based on changing Windows 7 password.
    1. Click Start, Control Panel and User Accounts in order.
    2. Pick the specified Windows account whose password you want to change.
    3. Click on Change the password.
    4. Enter your current password and type a new password, and then click Change Password button.

    Note: you may need appropriate privileges to change the password of another user.
    Method 2: Change Windows password by pressing Ctrl +Alt +Del.

    It is the easiest way to change Windows password for Windows XP
    1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del when you log onto your Windows XP/7/Vista PC.
    2. Click on Change password.
    3. Type your new password, type your new password to confirm it, and then press Enter.

    1. If your press Ctrl+ Alt +Del when you log onto your Windows XP, it will show you the classic security options instead. ClickChange Password to change Windows XP password of the logged on user.
    2. If the security options does not appear. Task Manager shows up instead of the security options. Just go to Start, Control Panel, User Accounts and Change the way Users Log on or off. And then uncheck Use the Welcome Screen.

    3. Only when you logon the PC with an available admin account and password can you change Windows XP password with the method.
    Method 3: Change Windows password with lusrmgr.msc

    The following steps are operated to change Windows Vista password.
    1. Click Start button and input lusrmgr.msc into the Search box.
    2. In the coming Local Users and Groups screen, double-click Local Users and Groups, and then click Users.
    3.Right-click the account that you need to reset the password for, and then click Set Password.
    4. Type and confirm the new password.

    Method 4: Change Windows Password with Windows Password Recovery Toolkit

    Windows Password Unlocker Standard allows you to change lost or forgotten password on Windows 7/Vista/XP.You can adopt this method to reset Windows password when you are locked out of computer without a password reset disk.
    1. Download Windows Password Unlocker Standard and install it in any accessible computer.
    2. Run the program and insert a bootable CD/DVD.
    3. Burn an ISO image file to the CD/DVD.
    4. Set your locked computer to boot form CD/DVD.
    5. Change Windows password with the burned CD/DVD.

    By the way, if you have a USB flash drive at hand, things wil get more convenient with Windows Password Unlocker Professional.
    These are the simple methods can be applied to change Windows password on Windows 7/Vista/ XP. Of course, there are some other ways for your choice. Please remember your changed password. It is easy for one to get the Windows password lost after changing it. Otherwise, you'll need to bypass forgotten Windows password with Method 4 if you are locked out of computer.
  11. MziziMkavu

    MziziMkavu JF-Expert Member

    Sep 24, 2011
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    How to Unlock Computer if I Forgot My Windows Password?

    Problem: I forgot my Windows password, how could I unlock the forgotten password now?

    What should I do if I forgot my Windows password? A few days ago, I have changed my password and now I cannot remember it any more. I am the only user with the administrator account. How could I log into my computer again or is there any way to recover or reset password in Windows 7? (I am on another computer now obviously).

    It is a question collected from Yahoo Answer. Have you ever met with the similar trouble? How did you fix it? It seems to be a universal phenomenon that users forgot Windows password with different reasons. The following is the collection of Windows password forgotten problems.

    I stupidly forgot my Windows 7 password, how can I remove or reset it?

    What should I do if I forgot Windows password and there is no reset disk or another available admin account?
    I forgot my windows password - how can I get into my computer?
    What can I do if I forgot administrator password for Windows Vista?
    I forgot administrator password and how to recover it without reinstalling?

    Solution: Reset Forgotten Windows Password with A Third Party

    To resolve these problems, you can simply change or reset forgotten Windows password with a Windows password reset disk. A password reset disk is a flash drive configured with your current password, specially formatted to reset the password on Windows machine when you ever forget it. It acts as a key to unlock the account. But the problem is that we often forgot to create a password reset disk and cannot log on computer with any user account.

    Of course, a common solution is to use a third party software, just take Windows Password Unlocker for example. It can help you remove lost Windows password including Windows administrator, user and domain password on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003(R2)/2008(R2), etc. You can easily reset Windows password with a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive in hand.

    Guide: Steps to Unlock Forgotten Windows Password

    The following is a guide on how to unlock computer with a USB flash drive when I forgot my Windows password. It is very easy to use and just takes less than 5 minutes. Prepare a USB flash drive and an accessible computer with a driver.
    Step 1: Download Windows Password Unlocker Professional and Install your computer in any computer.(an bootable CD/DVD is available)

    Step 2: Start the application and insert the USB flash drive in computer and select your target USB flash drive, and then click
    the Burn button to start burning.

    Step 3: Click OK when burning process is completed, and take the USB flash drive out of computer.

    Step 4: Insert the burned USB flash drive to your locked computer and set the computer to boot from USB.

    Step 5: Select y the specified Windows account you want to recover, and then click Reset button.

    Step 6: Click Yes to continue, and click OK when password has been successfully reset.

    Not clear? Get more details here to reset Windows password with Windows Password Unlocker Professional

    Next time, if you lost Windows local password or administrator password, you can follow the steps above to reret Windows password. Of course, do not forget to create a password reset disk when you can log on computer again.
  12. nxon

    nxon JF-Expert Member

    Oct 3, 2011
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    haya bana
  13. j

    jeeva Member

    Dec 29, 2011
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    It is a interesting sharing...........
  14. bakuza

    bakuza JF-Expert Member

    Dec 29, 2011
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    Senki yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  15. Michael Amon

    Michael Amon Verified User

    Dec 29, 2011
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    I can help you with this. kuna njia mbili za kutoa password kwenye BIOS nayo ni kutoa CMOS battery na kuirudisha tena au kucrack kwa kutumia software maalum.
  16. Amoeba

    Amoeba JF-Expert Member

    Dec 30, 2011
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    Kaka, watu walishashusha nondo za kutosha hapo juu! somasoma na wewe kaka!
  17. d

    david2012 New Member

    Apr 25, 2012
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    It's really a headache thing when you forget Windows 7 password, especially there are important data stored on it, which stops you reinstalling the system. At this time, to access your computer and work normally with it, you need a Windows 7 password cracker, a tool that enables you to reset Windows 7 password and regain access to the computer.

    For those who are good at computer, it will be a small cake as there is an effective resolution in their mind. But for those who lack computer skills, it may be a disaster. Here we will show you 3 best ways to help you reset Windows 7 password, no matter what level of your computing knowledge is.

    Method 1: Use Password Reset Disk

    A password reset disk could really come in handy if you ever forget Windows 7 password. The problem with this method is that you have to create the password reset disk before the password is lost. Assuming that you have created it in advance, then you can use this method to reset your Windows 7 password easily.

    • Once you've typed the wrong password, Windows 7 will show a Reset password link below the login box.
    • Click on Reset password. Make sure that password reset disk is plugged into the computer at this point.
    • When the Password Reset Wizard appears, click Next to continue.
    • Select the right password reset disk. Click Next.
    • Type in a new password and a hint for the password. Click Next.
    • Click Finish. Now you can log in to your PC with the new password.
    Method 2: Reset Windows 7 Password from Command Prompt

    Are you an administrator on the Windows 7 operating system with multiple user accounts? Have you forgotten the password to one of those accounts and you are locked out? Then, provided you are the administrator, you can reset the password from the command line.

    • Click on the Start button.
    • Click Run and type cmd into the box. Press Enter to open the command prompt.
    • Type net user on it and press Enter. All the user accounts will be displayed.
    • Type the following command line and press Enter to reset Windows 7 password. Replace username with your desired account and replace password with your new password.

      net user username password

    Method 3: Reset Windows Password by Third-party Software

    • Download the self-extracting Zip file of Reset Windows Password package.
    • Uncompress the package, there is a ISO image: ResetWindowsPwd.iso. Burn it onto a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
    • Boot your locked computer from the newly burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
    • Wait until the boot process is finished. When a window pops up with all your Windows accounts, select the target one to reset its forgotten password.
  18. g.n.n

    g.n.n JF-Expert Member

    Apr 25, 2012
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    Duuuh wakuu mko deeep safi sana ngoja nimeze kwanza
  19. Rural Swagga

    Rural Swagga JF-Expert Member

    Apr 25, 2012
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    HIREN BOOT CD ndio mwisho wa matatizo,kuwe kuna admin password au nini lazima ifunguke
  20. Biohazard

    Biohazard JF-Expert Member

    Apr 25, 2012
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    Mkuu hapo umeongea ...... Kama hizo njia zikishindikana basi Toa RAM tupa then weka nyigine.