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Dec 1, 2006
Hii siyo nyepesinyepesi, imemtokea mtalii mmoja huko Zimbabwe.

Miracle escape from jaws of death
Olinka Coster
March 09, 2008

THIS was the horrific moment when a tourist was savaged by a lion.

The big cat pounced on Briton Kate Drew from behind and dragged her down, sinking his teeth into the back of her neck.

The fearsome incident (right) was captured on film by an onlooker.

Ms Drew came within centimetres of death, with the lion's teeth narrowly missing her brain stem.

As Zimbabwe game reserve wardens rushed to help, the lion kept the tourist, 28, firmly in its grip.

Seconds later, Ms Drew, a primary school principal, was rescued.

The bite wounds left her needing 13 stitches.

Recalling the attack about a month ago, Ms Drew, of Essex, said she'd believed she was a "goner".

As the lion held her down, she became more terrified when she saw two more lions coming her way.

She was saved only when the wardens rushed in with sticks and prodded the animal away.

Ms Drew had been sitting with the lions before one turned on her.

It is thought the lion, which weighs about 180kg, was drawn to her mane-like long hair and intended only to "play".

On seeing this graphic photo, Ms Drew said: "It brings back just what a crazy experience it was. I really thought I'd had it."

Herald and Weekly Times

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