unapoamua kuwa mtumwa nyumbani kwako


Mar 1, 2008
Hawa makaburu inaonekana sasa hivi wanataka kutufanya kama walivyokuwa wanawafanya waafrika weusi Afrika kusini. Mandela alipotimiza miaka 90 wiki moja iliyopita aliiambia dunia kuwa " The work was never done!" Alichopigania bado kiko. What we see now is exportation South African Racism to developing countries, to be more specific Tanzania. As we will increasingly be in need of their investors, ni wazi kuwa kwao ubaguzi ni utamaduni wa kawaida. Wengi hawaoni km kuna tatizo kumbagua mtu mweusi. After all wangapi kati wao wanaamini kuwa mweusi ni binadamu kamili? Yanayotoke sasa hivi Selous yanatuonesha tunapoelekea na hawa jamaa. This is just a tip of what they are doing! Kuna wengi kwenye mashoprite wananyanyaswa lakini wanaogopa kufungua mdomo kuhofia kufukuzwa kazi na serikali kutochukua hatua.

Foreign investor in racism row

Dar es Salaam

A SOUTH African investor involved in a multi-million dollar project involving the construction of luxury lodges in the Selous Game Reserve, is at the centre of a racism row that has left the development of the key tourism project reeling in crisis.

Roland Vincent is accused of uttering racist slurs against Tanzanians, including a senior official of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism which oversees the country’s tourism sector.

The South African, currently overseeing the construction of the Malala luxury lodges in the Selous, is alleged to have referred to local Tanzanians as ’’black monkeys’’, and is accused of other racial slurs and bias.

A senior official with the tourism ministry who allegedly suffered racist verbal abuse from Vincent officially reported the matter to the management of Sea Cliff Hotel in Dar es Salaam, which is the main company behind the development of the luxury lodges in the Selous.

When contacted by THISDAY, Sea Cliff Hotel General Manager Keven Stander confirmed that formal complaints against Vincent’s reported racist slurs have been made.

Stander said the hotel’s board of directors has already ’’cautioned’’ Vincent about his alleged racist behaviour.

’’I cannot comment on additional racist remarks because I spend very little time in the camp sites where Mr Vincent is supervising construction and overseeing the labour force,’’ he added.

Among other things, Vincent, who is also one of the Sea Cliff Hotel directors, is accused of mistreating and harassing the company’s workers in the Selous project.

Several of them, claiming to have been victimised by his allegedly racist abuse, have said he even forces local workers to ’’stand up whenever he passes by.’’

They claim that Vincent has been promoting a ’’master-slave mentality’’, and even refuses to give workers permission to attend funerals.

One member of the company’s local staff, speaking on condition of not being named for fear of retribution from Vincent, told THISDAY in an interview this week: ’’We have made formal complaints against this man (Vincent) to the company management since September or October last year, but nothing has been done. He continues to abuse Tanzanians in our own land with incessant racist slurs.’’

When contacted for comment, Vincent himself told THISDAY he was currently on a business trip to Dubai, but hastened to dismiss the allegations of his being a racist.

’’I am not happy about these allegations directed at me, which are untrue and vindictive,’’ he said.

’’I must tell you that I am not a racist�some of my best friends in Dar are black people and therefore these types of comments are very unfair. In fact, if anything, I look after my staff better than anyone in the Selous,’’ Vincent added.
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