Ukraine yakumbana na kisiki mpango wake kujiunga na NATO mwaka huu. Zelensky kuambiwa siku ya mkutano

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Apr 24, 2023
BBC wameripoti wakinukuu jarida la 'the Teleghraph' kuwa Zelensky atakiwa kutoomba visivyowezekana.

My take;
Kaomba nini huyu Bwana Mkubwa? Au kachokwa baada ya kuona anashindwa Kuleta natokea chanya ?

Ukraine no nearer to joining Nato this year, Zelensky to be told at summit​

Frustrated president has been asked not to appeal to member states, after rifts dominated alliance meeting last year

Ukraine will not move further on its path to membership of Nato at this year’s annual summit, The Telegraph can reveal, amid fears the alliance could be drawn into a war with Russia.

Germany and the United States have been vocal in their warnings against offering Kyiv a firm timeframe, during preparations for the two-day gathering in Washington marking the organisation’s 75th anniversary.

“They’re very sceptical about bringing Ukraine any further along the path to full Nato membership this year,” a source familiar with the Biden administration’s thinking told The Telegraph.

The source added: “The US is perhaps not as concerned as Germany, but there is a worry about the threat of Russia to the rest of the alliance.”

The decision is expected to frustrate Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, who has been warned by counterparts not to demand the “impossible” from the alliance.

Last year, Mr Zelensky branded Nato “absurd” when its leaders refused to extend an invitation to Kyiv for full-fledged membership at the meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Nato’s top officials carried out “expectation management” in the wake of the summit, according to alliance sources, after it was decided members supportive of Ukraine’s accession, including Britain, had created too much pressure around the decision.

There are concerns that the issue of Ukraine’s membership was allowed to dominate last year’s summit and create rifts between member states.
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