Uingereza: Chris Whitty asema hakuna haja ya lockdown, wataishi na Corona kama mafua

Analogia Malenga

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Feb 24, 2012
Afisa Mkuu wa Tiba na Mshauri wa Tiba wa Uingereza, Chris Whitty amesema hakutakuwa na lockdown wataishi na #COVID19 kama mafua.

Ameshauri Serikali yake kujifunza kuishi na #CoronaVirus pia amesema vinavyotajwa kuwa virusi vipya ni uongo.


The idea that Covid variants can be stopped from entering the country is “not realistic”, and Covid will eventually have to be managed in a similar manner to serious seasonal viruses such as flu, Prof Chris Whitty has said.

Speaking at a Royal Society of Medicine webinar, England’s chief medical adviser said the relaxation of Covid restrictions was likely to result in the R number rising above 1 and the risk of variants gaining a foothold and spreading increasing.

The more cases that have been imported, the quicker that will happen. As a result, Whitty said, border policies are focused on countries with more cases, or more cases of particular variants, than the UK.

“The UK is a net exporter of [the Kent] B117 variant, so other countries are understandably putting their border measures up against us to slow that down. We are a net importer of other variants that are a bit more of a worry from the vaccine point of view. That’s really what drives a lot of the policy, when it is being rational, excepting that border policy isn’t always fully rational,” he said.

Whitty said the majority of experts believed Covid was not going to go away and it would eventually have to be managed in a similar manner to flu. In a bad year, flu can kill 20,000 to 25,000 people. “It is not flu, it is a completely different disease, but the point I am making is, here is a seasonal, very dangerous disease that kills thousands of people every year and society has chosen a particular way around it,” he said.

While Whitty noted that factors such as variants and population density were important, he cautioned against trying to explain how Covid had affected different countries by focusing on just one or two factors, noting that Germany was now facing a difficult situation despite its previous success in tackling Covid largely being put down to its diagnostic capabilities.

“It is actually usually a large combination of factors, some of which are under our control, many of which are not. And more of it is chance than I think people are prepared to accept,” he said.

'A class act': Chris Whitty, the calm authority amid the Covid crisis
Whitty said new vaccine technologies meant it had become easier and quicker to tweak vaccines, which will be important for tackling new Covid variants, and he said that two years from now it was likely there would be a wide portfolio of vaccines available.

He said at present the main effort of companies was to boost vaccine supplies and there was less capacity to respond to new variants, while it was unclear whether current vaccines offer a “fair degree” of protection against severe disease and death even if they do not generate high levels of neutralising antibodies.

“What we have got to do is work out some balance which actually keeps [Covid] at a low level, minimises deaths as best we can but in a way that the population tolerates and do as much of the heavy lifting as we can by medical countermeasures,” he said.


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Aug 28, 2020

Mganga Mkuu na Mshauri Mkuu wa Afya, Chris Whitty amesema wataishi na #COVID19 kama mafua mengine

Amesema virusi vipya vya corona havizuiliki kwa kuzuia watu kuingia nchini mwao

Soma Uingereza yatangaza kusitisha lockdown, wataishi na corona kama mafua

Magufuli wetu jamani ameacha alama duniani. Walaaniwe wote waliomwombea kifo Magufuli wetu, Sisi hatujui. Katika jina la Yesu Kristo aliyejuu tunaomba wafe kifo kibaya sana. Amen

Dr. Wansegamila

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Feb 3, 2012
Naomba niwaambie kuwa UK's decision to remove restrictions related to COVID is based on DATA. Uamuzi wao kulinganisha na approach yetu (au kusema UK wameiga approach yetu) ni mbingu na ardhi.

1. What they achieved so far in terms of vaccinating their "risk population". Kindly note that, UK has already vaccinated 16% of its population (kindly note that UK's population of above 65+ is about 16% of the total population).

2. Kwenye transmission dynamics za infectious diseases, kuna kitu kinaitwa R number ambayo ni number ya watu ambao mtu mmoja mwenye huo ugonjwa anaweza kuambukiza kwa wastani. Kwa sasa, namba hii kwa UK ni 1, na inatarajiwa kushuka zaidi kutokana na strategy ya vaccination inayoendelea ideally ili ku cut down the transmission R number inatakiwa iwe below 1- Hivyo basi their move ya kulegeza restrictions is a well calculated and informed move.

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