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Ugonjwa wa ajabu

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by Vakwavwe, Mar 14, 2010.

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    I find that people react strangely when I'm present. It been almost 3 year since i made this connection. People would start complaining of feeling light headed, eye & nose would start itching and running, some would start acting like something is biting their skin, some people would become irritable and down right nasty within minutes and some would would become down right sleep and drained. (some of you might not even make it thought reading this post.) I can't figure it out, sometimes i think it allergies but sometime (very seldom) even long distance interaction causes people to sneeze. I started to think it was my energy or something.

    My life was almost completely ruin due to this, whatever it is. I saw many doctors, became very depressed, i was in physo therapy and on physo meds for a number of years, I became hyper sensitive to every uncomfortable reaction or complaint.

    I don't mean to remove any hope from anyone with this condition but I had it real bad. I said had because my reaction to other reaction was extremely severe. I still suffer from anxiety attacks of thought of having to meet new people and i have reconfirmed and have to go through the motions but how i deal with this now is, I know what to expect and i've come to point in my life where i can't let this stop my living. I've also noticed the some people will get over those ill feeling and get acclimate to my presence.

    As you can see, i much to say on this subject because it has haunted me for years, i lost friends, dating has been hard, I've ended really great relationships because i couldn't stand to see someone i care for suffer and knowing I was the cause, and work was extremely hard. Many people might have noticed this connection and just said whatever, but not me, i took it personal and it made me physically ill, mentally unstable and emotionally drained.

    I've been dealing with it much better, through self help tapes and such to help built my confidence cause in the end that is the only thing that can take you the next day.

    Today, The one "benefit" is that it has made me stronger because just knowing your mere presence can make someone take a complete 180 degrees for the worst is completely draining.

    I've just complete 1 week in new position at my job, and the very first day the complaints started but I just have to take this on one day at a time cause i not ready to remove my self from society and move to the mountains. i actually considered that. I'm at the point where it this is actually comical, cause the people I've told this took thinks I'm crazy, including family. it got to a point where i could take it no more and keeping to myself, so I had to check with someone, and family and doctors confirmed to me that i was nuts. well, now I know I'm not nuts and i have to laugh cause it sounds crazy but its real.

    How I found this site. i was watching a ABC News story (
    & ) about a woman who smell like dead fish all her life and lead me thinking about my situation, we are about the same age, in our 30s and I'm male. The article mentioned Philadelphia's Monell Chemical Senses Institute where the woman got treatment (plan on giving them a call to check this out) what if i emitted a similar but odorless chemical. anywhoÂ… i did a search and here i am.