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Uganda Government’s anti-gay stand stays, says minister

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by ByaseL, Dec 22, 2009.

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    ByaseL JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2009
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    The government’s position on homosexuality will not change despite growing international opposition to Ndorwa West MP David Bahati’s anti-gay Bill, a minister has said. In a statement issued yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa said the government does not support the promotion of homosexuality “just like we cannot promote prostitution.”

    “It is a fact that if there are any homosexuals in Uganda, they are a minority. The majority of Africans and indeed Ugandans abhor this practice. It is therefore not correct to allow this minority to provoke the majority by promoting homosexuality,” said Mr Kutesa.

    However, the official stance was that the government had not yet reached a position on Bahati’s Private Member’s Bill. Information minister and government spokesperson Kabakumba Masiko could not comment yesterday, saying she was in a meeting. Mr Kutesa’s remarks come hardly a week after US President Barack Obama issued a statement strongly opposing the Bill, that seeks to criminalise homosexuality and prescribes the death penalty in some cases.

    Obama’s position
    Mr Obama said the legislation “seeks to move against the tide of history”. The Canadian and British governments have also condemned the proposed law while Sweden has threatened to cut assistance. Other people to who have voiced their opposition include US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Anglican Church leader Rowan Williams.
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    M-Joka JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2009
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    I wish if somebody can tell these people that what they say about Uganda is foolish, hense they are themselves foolish.

    To Mr. Obama: Yes the legislation "seeks to move against the tide history". It is because the tide of history is moving towards evil, damnation and fire of hell in the next life from homosexuality, of which the Ugandans are trying to move the opposite direction of righteousness and perhaps eternal salvation in the next life unless he, Mr. Obama does not see the two opposing paths or he is following the doomed path.

    To Canadian and British governments: While they condem Uganda and elevate themselves by embracintg homosexuality, they are truly foolish. We, among those who try to be good Africans and human beings, ask God Almighty's condemnation to fall on them(British and Canadians) and leave them on their path to destruction of their societies. On the other hand, we ask the Almighty to elevate the Ugandans and all good human beings.

    To the Swedes and their government: Let them remember that sustainance is IN THE HANDS OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD. That is why the good and the bad all get it. Some are rich and some are poor but that does not mean that some are worthy than others except that the best is the one who is more obidient to God Almighty. If they thinks that our life depends on their wealth, let them put their financial assistance in their asses, foolish !!!

    To Rowan Williams: He is foolish because he has just lost ship of eternal salvation, he is very unclean for it. We are told that he believe in Jesus. Let him know that homosexuals are impure to be in the company of Jesus, son of Mary, here in the world and tomorrow hereafter. True Jesus is not what he and his church are trying to potray. Wake up the anglicans, do not be led by ******, you will also loose the boat which take no impurities.

    Hillary, aaagh!!! stupid,