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Uchaguzi wa vijana

Discussion in 'Matangazo madogo' started by Habarindiyohiyo, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Ndugu wanaharakati wanachama wa TYVA,Napenda kuchukua fursa hii kwa niaba ya TUME YA UCHAGUZI ya asasi ya TYVA inayoratibu zoezi zima la uchaguzi kutangaza rasmi kuanza kwa mchakato wa kutoa fomu za kuomba ridhaa ya kuongoza asasi yetu ya TYVA. Fomu hii itawekwa pia katika tovuti yetu ya asasi (Tanzania Youth Vision Association) kwa wanaopenda kuomba ridhaa kuiongoza asasi tafadhali jaza fomu hii na irejeshwa ndani ya tarehe 30.03.2009 ofisini TYVA!! pia fomu inaweza kujazwa na kurejeshwa kwa njia ya baruapepe : tyvavijana@yahoo.com!! Tunaomba msaada wenu kupashana habari hizi.
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    Habarindiyohiyo JF-Expert Member

    Mar 19, 2009
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    Ujumbe huo vijana wameomba usambazwe kama ulivyo

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    Mbona bado wanatumia Yahoo dot com?

    Hiyo tovuti haina baruapepe?

    Fomu ziko wapi?

    Utapeli gani huu?
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    Cell: 0732-090 909
    0715-218 822
    Web: Tanzania Youth Vision Association
    P.O. Box 110024
    Office: Africasana, Sinza.
    Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.


    1.0 2007 OVERVIEW

    It is a high time to be seated for our Annual General Meeting, the strength of TYVA today is due to the foundation it has to date. It is a 7th Annual General Meeting meaning TYVA has been live for years now. Despite the challenges we have passed through out, TYVA will always stand firm as we see it today.

    In guidance of exploring and explicitly seeking an insight into the core challenges facing the youth generation particularly in our country as TYVA requires. Need of effectively utilization of every resource we have mainly human resource can’t be escaped. Every member in the organization should keep on having the sense of belonging. Since by doing so TYVA will really be ours and for Tanzanian youth who will live in the mission and vision of our organization.

    Currently TYVA has grown not only in terms of age but also membership wise. I can proudly say that even the branches we have one after the other has been strengthened and active talking of branches such as Moshi, Dodoma and Zanzibar which actively have started to operate despite the challenges they face. The effort to awake these branches is from members and Executive Committee. This shows that if we keep united and work as a team TYVA will even grow more than what we know of it today. As a writer Rick Warren said “We become what we are committed to”.

    Membership being expanding need to be maintained by improved, committed management and leadership. Effective management and committed leadership will easy the act of utilizing every opportunity that comes along as it will develop the skills of the members hence having a pool of skillful human resource.

    TYVA need to utilize the resource it has, every year a certain number of people get trained in different aspects through TYVA .Thanks to my Executive Committee which trough thinking realized the need of school of TYVA which does the work of capacity building for more and more members who needed the chance to get trained in various aspects. The school of TYVA which is doing well currently and planning to have activities after training in order to ensure trainees don’t waste the knowledge they got and a way of giving back to TYVA.

    Being grateful to TYVA for this year ,honored to be part of it, I am forced to say our partnership because is growing we need not to be blind but rather looking forward for other partners as the issues affecting youth are growing endomancly this calls for need of partners.

    It is very important to realize the achievement of our organization today is the effort of everyone with sense of belonging. Our partners Fur Die Freihert have been more than partners rather are friends to us, am very thankful to them as they have been supportive in many tasks that we share goals.

    Being firm to members of our organization, you have been a great support and part of achievement of the today TYVA; your togetherness has made the work of Executive Committee to be easy.

    I am grateful for the Executive team of this year because it is for their tolerance, team work and commitment are the results of where TYVA is today. In a special thanks to the office of Secretary General who actively played a special role as his office requires.

    It is a call for every one of us to realize the truth in the statement “we become what we are committed to” and knows that as much you do for TYVA is as much it pays you back. We should also remember TYVA is ours and so let us make it live for our good and for the future generation.

    God Bless TYVA, God Bless Tanzanian Youth!

    Elizabeth Riziki

    Preface and Acknowledgement
    Basic youth needs are still far from being fully enjoyed. To ably satisfy those needs different forces much more than the existence of keen youth potential joint efforts to encounter the challenges under recognized umbrella like organizations. With this understanding, ours is a role of making a difference.

    TYVA still offers a platform for joint ventures to the youth towards their struggle against the acquiring of participation and involvement via youth activism.

    It is my happiness to have a platform presenting the over all Annual Report for the operational year 2008 on this 7TH Annual General Meeting. This is so vital exercise that provides opportunity to communicate to whole organizational members, Government, Partners, NGOs and the Public in General as an element of maturity in accountability, good governance and democracy among non governmental organization.

    Much as we have worked very hard, with our own power alone things at last couldn’t have moved smoothly. As it is said “in unite we stand”, I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to Daniel Welwel, John Mnyika, Baruani Mshare, Alex Mayunga, Elly Mgumba to mention the few former leaders who couldn’t seize supporting our cause by provision of advices in crucial moments and quick acting in a number of our activities required highly skills from experienced personnel.

    I was much moved by the warm working relationship we had and continue to have with our partner FNst who can’t leave behind in the TYVA success we cherish today for the whole 2008 operational year. I am so grateful to your support.

    I can't forget my fellow members of the Executive Committee and entire organization: it is with you all the doings obtain its healthy blessings. It’s a point of no return to accomplish our journey towards our vision as guided by Martin Luther King’s words “If a man hasn’t discovered something will die for, and then he is free to live”!

    Aluta Continua!

    Michael J. Dalali
    Outgoing Secretary General

    1.0 2008 Overview

    In the year 2008, TYVA focused much in accomplishing the conduction of some identified issues and areas under the strategic plan 2003-2008 and the 2008 Action Plan. We dealt mainly with areas in;
    • Carry out advocacy on youth areas
    • Carry out Organizational Development
    • Civic Awareness
    • Building Capacity to our members

    TYVA's 2008 operational plan focused on these issues in line with the needs of the time and our Strategic Plan. The revival and sustainability of the organizational was vividly seen in the course of this year when compared with that of the year 2006. TYVA has recorded an increase in number of new youth activists’ in board.

    TYVA involvement in some new coalition and working with new partners brought much impact towards the fulfilling the vision and mission of our organization. Increasing potential opportunities for partnership and joint initiatives provide TYVA with a bright future.

    Yet it is in order to report that TYVA faces huge changes of its time: one for financial deficit and under resourced activities, but two, and more seriously from the passivity and lack of commitment of TYVA national leaders in fulfilling their required tasks as per the organization’s Constitution due to their other commitments.

    2.0 Programs and Activities

    2.1 Lobbying, Advocacy and Networking [LAN]
    This is the core program of TYVA. It is in charge of conducting activities advocacy for pro youth policies. LAN program works to ensure youth concerns are head and addressed. The following are activities conducted under LAN program in the year 2008.

    DIRA Dialogues
    DIRA Dialogues still acted as our engine in conduction of advocacy and lobby of our youth ideas towards improving the youth involvement and much stabilization of democratic environment through creating platform for freedom of speech and opinions giving in a number of areas. A total number of 2 Dialogues were conducted that in Dar-es-Salaam and Dodoma that trapped 100 participants from Youth Based organization with TYVA inclusive, youth wing of political parties, Higher Learning institutions, schools and governmental officials

    Participants of DIRA Dialogue had a platform to share knowledge in a number of areas such as The National Youth Policy, Foreign Aid, Youth capacity towards bringing national development and other number of issues that could be touched in line with the discussion.

    All these DIRA Dialogues got much of the support from our partner FNst that assisted much there implementations.

    International Youth Day
    TYVA in collaboration with YUNA and Ministry of Labor, Employment and Youth Development marked the International Youth Day on 11TH-12TH August, 2008 at Karimjee Hall. Within these two days of event that involved conference in day one and public rally in day two attracted more 1500 Youth from different clusters to discuss the global thematic theme of “Youth and Climate Change” and our own formulated national theme of “Youth a base for sustainable environment”.

    During the Conference day; that Mrs. Edina Mangesho, the Deputy Permanent Secretary to the Ministry, was the guest of Honour we invited Mr. Hebron Mwakagenda, Mr. Tundu Lissu and Ms. Ester Riwa who gave papers in various areas that not only raised the understanding to the youth in various areas but also they transformed the experience towards the vital role of youth in acting towards the National Interest.

    In the cornerstone of the event thus 12TH August, 2008 IYD attended by Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Labor, Employment and Youth Development as the guest of Honor on behalf of Honorable Minister, Representative from UNIC and other number of governmental and Non-Governmental marked the pick inauguration of IYD with on top public rally from Mnazi Mmoja Grounds up to Karimjee Hall Grounds, the rally trapped the attention from citizens and media on our youth involvement and interest

    The event was effectively coordinated by TYVA under the team formed by the member organizations. Through the event attracted sponsors such as TIGO, UNIC.

    Round Table Discussion
    On 8TH October, 2008 TYVA conducted a small round table discussion which focused in areas of Free Market, World Economic Growth, and trying nurturing the minds of youth towards being the Think Tanks.

    The event trapped a number of invited organizations such as IREN Kenya that represented by its founder and Executive Director Mr. James Shikwati who shared much with practical experience through his organizational works.

    However we can not forget the support obtained from FNst and Soma Café who in hand with TYVA made the Round Table Discussion materializing.

    Compact Seminar
    In 21ST November, 2008 TYVA in collaboration with TDFY and IFMSO carried out a compact seminar on entrepreneurship that exposed youth towards the entrepreneurship culture.

    Through the event, TYVA played a major role of inspiring and educating the youth on the means and the importance in their engagement to the economic struggles through promoting entrepreneurship.

    Media Activities
    TYVA with recognition of the importance of media in lobbying and advocacy works to facilitate trapping the stakeholder attention and much pushing our youth agenda effectively used the Media during the operational year under review. All stated LAN activities got media coverage from cross-sections of media houses such as printing media, Televisions and Radio.

    Much also has been done by a good small number of our own member resource who used well their writing talents and pushed our youth agenda and in line with TYVA stand through publishing a number of articles.

    Branches Revival
    TYVA having eight (8) branches since 2003 operating in eight (8) regions faced some ups and down as to their performance. In the year 2008, Executive Committee decided to make deliberate effort to revive the branches.

    Through this, TYVA carried a number of activities such as selection of coordinating team and leadership to branches. Furthermore, initiated some activities and programs to stabilize these branches. However decided to go according to phases by moving to four regions at first and other four in the next phase. But that not to say that other branches seized in its operation.

    Our Stand on Critical Issues
    TYVA has remained firm to advocate youth interest in number of issues that various actors either knowingly or mistakenly impeached the youth needs and priorities.

    As an advocacy organization, TYVA conducted a number of press conferences giving out our stand and much advocated changes in the identifies issues such as The Newly National Youth Policy, Higher Learning Educational Policy, The Transport critical situation to Students to mention the few.

    2.2 Training and Capacity Building [TCB].
    TCB is an assistance program which aims at empowering Tanzanian youth through capacitating them to enhance their meaningful participation. The following are activities conducted under the program in the year 2008.

    TYVA through its department of Training and Capacity Building structured much a number of programs within the organization that trained our members in a number of areas. Moreover seek other opportunities outside the organization to equip the needs of our members. TYVA implemented;

    School of TYVA
    This is a new program in TYVA that designed and launched to cut the needs of the youth being capacitated. Through the program, TYVA conducts an in-house day one session of training in a topic suggested by its member and make effective usage of the potential resource person it possess.

    TYVA trained effectively about 150 members under this School of TYVA program. The sessions dealt with Proposal writing and report skills, public speaking, leadership, lobbying skills, fundraising and Event Management.

    We acknowledge much support obtained by our members who used their skills in nurturing other fellow members for the well-being of TYVA.

    British Council has been of much helpful towards the implementation of this program as it has been an extension of Debate to Action program which TYVA took part under them.

    Basic Facilitation Training
    One week facilitation training was conducted at Giraffe Hotel-Dar-es-Salaam through FNst support. Some of identified 20 potential members participated.

    The training acted as one of the strategies of stabilizes the capacity of the organization and equips members with essential skills with participants trained on Facilitation, Organizing and fundraising.

    Advocacy Training
    TYVA as a lobbying and advocacy based organization, organized a one week training program to equip well our members with essential update skills in carry out advocacy activities.

    Through the support from our partner FNst, TYVA conducted training at Giraffe Hotel-Dar-es-Salaam and attended by 20 participants newly members.

    Youth Leadership Training Program
    TYVA achieved maintaining our representation in the YLTP organized by FES having one member attending a one year program.

    The Training aimed at enriching the potential leaders from various institutions with leadership skills as per selected topics like Economic Capacity, Political Science, Research Proposal writing, Media usage and Organizational Management.

    Our representative in the program position well TYVA by having outstanding performance excelling to second best student of the year in the program.

    Project Planning, Organizational Management and Leadership Training
    In 15TH-19TH September, 2008 TYVA under the HPI-Youth Coalition which we are member sent our three members in one week training carried at Regency Hotel in Dar-es-Salaam.

    The training covered “Project Planning, Organizational Management and Leadership” topics which have been so much essential areas needed by our members for the well-being of the organization.

    Tackling Poverty Together Program
    TYVA has been able taking part in the program of Tackling Poverty Together “TPT” that involves more than four (8) youth based organization here in Tanzania. However, TPT has been not only a Tanzanian program but a global by it’s been in eight (8) countries. The participation gives us a national and global eye.

    Our organization is well presented by our six (6) members . Furthermore, not only taking part as participants, TYVA also is among the coordinator of the program “PMT” by our Head of TCB department being in the team that composed of four organizations.

    Local Government and Good Governance Authority Training
    TYVA attended the training organized by TYC by having our two (2) members participate. The training impacted the skills on importance of working with the Local government authorities in our organizational works.

    Methodological Skills Training
    11TH to 15TH August, 2008 TYVA got a vital chance of its two (2) members capacitated by FES in areas of methodological skills, negotiation, and moderation. The areas which are so important to be with skilled actors in TYVA as per our works.

    Ujasiliamali Workshop
    21ST to 22ND June, 2008 In response to a capacity building request from VIWANDA NA BIASHARA NDOGONDOGO union (VIBINDO)-Temeke branch, TYVA, through the Debate to Action project with the British Council, organized a 2 days training workshop to 20 members of the Dar-es-Salaam based petty traders ‘WAMACHINGA’ union.

    The training was conducted at the Azimio ward local government offices in Temeke. The training mainly covered some basic entrepreneurship skills, the National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction (MKUKUTA) and the 8 Millennium Development Goals.

    Policy Analysis, Lobbying and Advocacy Training
    8TH to 12TH July, 2008 TYVA could have our member representing us in the training conducted by The Non-State Actors (NSA/AZISE) that participated by 20 members from different NGOs in the country. In the training TYVA was the only youth based organization participated with that exposed it to other kind of experience with different nature of NGOs.

    The training capacitated our member with enough skills in areas of Policy analysis, Lobbying and carry out advocacy activities.

    Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation
    3RD to 7TH November, 2008 TYVA got an opportunity from FES, to train our member in area of “Monitoring and Evaluation” which in one way or another as an organization needs an expert to conduct the exercise in a number of our activities we carry out. The training was conducted at FES offices.

    2.3 Research and Information Program [RI]
    RI program is in charge of conducting research on pro-youth policies providing a locus stand for advocacy activities. The program also is tasked with disseminating information to young people so that they can make informed decisions. To meet these objectives RI program had these activities during the 2008 operational year.

    Website (Tanzania Youth Vision Association)
    TYVA constructed the newly website under the support from The Foundation for Civil Society-FCS to cut the needs of the former website (www.vijanavision.org) in mean while still trying to work out getting more sophisticated one.

    However, members are invited for opinions towards the improvement of this website. On top, we encourage members to send their analyzed and researched papers in areas in line with the vision and goal of our organization to put in the website.

    Organizational Newsletter “VIJANAVision”
    TYVA as discovered the needy and existence of narrow channels of communication by youth for youth decided under its plan of action in 2008 to have a newsletter that will impact various news in different areas.

    Through that, RI Department launched “VIJANAVision” newsletter that has been firstly release on December as first edition available online. It covered a number of areas such as legal, politics, relationships, economy and others thematic areas which inspire the youth engagement.

    Members were invited and encouraged to participate in the process by sending the articles in different topics they are much in capacity of.

    Online Networking
    TYVA under RI Department has been able initiating online networking groups under the year 2008. Through online network groups we believe has played a big role in simplified transforming information to all members in the link instantly, stabilization of closeness among members.

    We still mobilize more members to join in these networks, and share information and have vast platform on discussing issues as our TYVA culture.

    2.4 Organizational Management
    This is an internal managerial program with a general aim of creating a conducive working environment. It is in this program where all managerial aspects such as coordinating, motivation and controlling are hosted. The following are activities conducted under OM program:

    Office Premises
    TYVA has been able to maintain the office under much support from the OM department. It has tried much to improve the office environment to create suitable working environment.

    Participation in International Events
    TYVA has been able trapping international opportunities in equipping its member under a number of trainings offered by different organizations. Moreover present the country in international events which are engine of our involvement as youth that impact knowledge and experiences with our counterparts in different corners of the world.

    A total of 4 members participated in 4 international events. TYVA participated in the following events;
    • Training on “Africa Think Tank and Business Leadership Training” at Mombasa-Kenya under IREN Kenya
    Two members attended

    • Training on “Political Communication in IT Age” At Leadership Academy, Gummersbach-German under Friedrich Naumann Foundation.
    One member attended

    • Our one member took part in “The Boost Fellowship Regional Exchange Program” held at Harare-Zimbabwe from 3RD – 17TH November, 2008

    • Workshop on “Youth and Poverty Reduction” that took part in 24TH -27TH February, 2009 at Pretoria, South Africa.
    One member attended

    TYVA Day
    On 29th July, 2007 TYVA marked 8 years of its existence since its establishment. The anniversary was marked at Makumbusho Village. The event wasn’t successful much due to facing a big challenge of member’s participation. This was a critical moment of assessing our devotion and commitment in the organization which we own its vision.

    Regardless the challenges of members’ turn-up, the event attended by the founder members other former leaders who some happen to attend physically and others phoned and talked to the members (John Mnyika).

    The event was well managed, involved the entertainment part by artist who played live thus Vitalis Maembe (famous by song SUMU YA TEJA). That impacted big message to most of newly members who took part in the event.

    New Year Eve Day
    TYVA organized a new year eve day on 3RD January, 2009 at Nyumba ya Sanaa, Dar-es-Salaam. This event is among the channels of bringing the unity and bound between the member organization.

    The event was poorly attended by member of organization. However, the few who turn-up marked the celebration and contemplated the prospective of TYVA.

    3.0 Achievements

    TYVA has been working hard to build capacity of its member in the whole year 2008 by searching and link opportunities of training, workshops, conferences. With this believes creates exposure and acquisition of skills that we highly demand them for our organizational progress.

    TYVA continued attracting more young people joining the organization and pursuing implementation of our vision and the cause we believe towards the success of our country. This initiative goes further by the process of revival and consolidation of the branches. The spreading of the vision impacts the generation to generation along the country.

    In the year 2008, TYVA tried much to stabilize its brand through acting as mouth piece advocating the youth interest towards decision makers. This has much been dealt under holding of press conferences and release of our statements in critical issues affecting the needs of youth such as Higher Learning education policy controversial.

    TYVA collaborated with good identified partners who assisted much pushing our plans and programs with their support. Friedrich Nauman Stiftung, Foundation for Civil Society, British Council to list the few.

    TYVA maintained royalty with having good governmental relationship by engagement and invitation to our programs. This is as vital as government being among crucial actors towards decision making and implementation of youth agenda.

    4.0 Challenges
    Still TYVA faces ineffective utilization of the few trained members possesses. Few do engage and utilize well their skills towards the well-being of organization that attribute to its minimum performance.

    Lack of many long lasting projects has been a constrain in operational of organization due to very narrow contribution of write ups in projects design with which leads to minimum utilization of member, lack of funds and high donor dependency.

    The lack informed members regarding organizations’ about leads to minimum engagement and attachment. This goes hand in hand with little being done in documentation area of our organization.

    Falling down of members morale and their attachment to the organization undermine the good designed action and strategic plans, vision and objective organization has towards youth activism.

    Lack of investment in researches, analysis and studies carried down by our members in youth interest issues attribute our minimum advocate impact and sounding to the welfare of the youth as a lobbying and advocacy youth based organization. This can be also the attribute factor towards minimum project write-ups.

    5.0 Way Forward
    Much as organization achieved identified the challenges faced in the year 2008 triggers the strategic operational in the year 2009 by focusing on;
     Effective utilization of members’ potential and skills.
     Conduction of Civic Awareness programs.
     Increase advocacy activities for Youth related issues.
     Conduction of researches, analysis and study upon youth related issues.

    TYVA should focus on the implementation of the next phase program of stabilization of the branches. This will much require our member engagement hand in hand with the Executive Committee in executing structured programs.

    Still there are a lot of opportunities TYVA can grab and make fully utilization of them. It's high time now to open up eyes and mind and work for interest of organization.

    TYVA members and leaders should increase an assist each other in their service to the organization in any position they are with passion and volunteering spirit. Furthermore, must invest their time carrying our analytical studies, conduction of desk researches in number of issues which will attribute towards the achievement of our vision.

    Executive Committee [2008-2009]
    1. Elizabeth Riziki Chairperson
    2. Deogratius Munishi Vice-Chairperson
    3. Michael Dalali Secretary General
    4. Daniel Kaila Vice-Secretary General
    5. Mrisho Ramadhan Treasurer
    6. Naamala Samson Head of Research and Information
    7. Justin Rwelengera Head of Training and Capacity Building
    8. Zakianice Saronga Head of Lobbying, Advocacy and Networking
    9. Khatib Diwani Executive Committee Member
    10. Dorice Mushi Executive Committee Member

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    Thanks HNH;

    Sasa hako ka-NGO kako mbona sikafahamu na mimi nagida pombe pale kimtindo aisee? Anyway nawatakia kila la heri mfanikiwe ila msije mkawa kama tule tuofisi twa mfukoni twa kupatia tuhela twa kujikimu

    Mmesajuliwa chini ya category ipi?

    TIMING JF-Expert Member

    Apr 5, 2009
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    Thanks HNH;

    Sasa hako ka-NGO kako mbona sikafahamu na mimi nagida pombe pale kimtindo aisee? Anyway nawatakia kila la heri mfanikiwe ila msije mkawa kama tule tuofisi twa mfukoni twa kupatia tuhela twa kujikimu

    Mmesajuliwa chini ya category ipi?