UCHAGUZI: Nini malengo yake na kwanini tume haiwezi hojiwa juu ya maamuzi na yake?



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Jul 4, 2007


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Why there are so many gray areas in our legal system and electoral process?

What is being witnessed in the 2010 election process is primarly a result of weakness in the setup and structure of the electoral commission.

I believe the voter turn out was satisfactory and Tanzanians have spoken, and this time they have spoken with so much energy and vibe that it has shocked the ruling party and NEC.

In a country with less than 20 million voters, imroved vote tallying mechanism, better information highway for delivering results and increased technical assistance than in previous elections, the counting and release of results in 2010 has been far more slow and with little or no transparency.

Is it accidental or is there something being etched. Its been nearly 92 hours since counting commenced and over 27% percent of results are yet to be released.

What are we telling the rest of the world on this? Are Tanzanians involved in the process too slow (as some of our friends say), are the members of the electoral commission too old to cope with tasks at hand or so overwhelmed?

For the love of our nation, prosperity and speedy development only those that are capable should be mandated to take authority and leadership.

Somebody share their views on the title i have put above

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