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Tunakotaka kwenda wengine wanarudi - The Mugabe story!!!!!

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Nyambala, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Hii inapatikana ndani ya gazeti la serikali - The Herald

    Presidential hopefuls must have a party

    Herald Reporters

    Government will soon enact legislation that will make it compulsory for presidential candidates to have the backing of a particular political party, as some politicians, that include independent presidential aspirant Simba Makoni, were taking advantage of such loopholes to divide votes.

    Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at a rally at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera yesterday, President Mugabe said there were flaws in the current legislation with regard to candidates who wanted to stand in a presidential election.

    "In the next elections we will say one must have a party.
    Tinoti vanhu ngavauye vakapfeka zvakanakawo pamutambo wakadayi. Kupfeka kwandiri kutaura ndiko kwokunge wasarudza party yaunomirira," he said to the applause from the floor.

    Cde Mugabe urged those who had lost in the ruling party’s primary elections to work with the winners for Zanu-PF to score a resounding victory in next Saturday’s harmonised polls.

    The President said Western countries, that included Britain and Australia, were continuing to fund the MDC in their efforts for regime change but this was all in vain.

    He urged people to vote for Zanu-PF, saying it was a tried and tested party, which represented the interests of the majority.

    "Zanu-PF is there as the custodian and caretaker of the legacy of our people," Cde Mugabe said.

    Despite the economic problems in the country, the Government would continue empowering people through the farm mechanisation programme and self-help projects.

    The enactment of the Indigenous Empowerment Bill would also go a long way in promoting the participation of indigenous people in the mining sector, he said.

    The Government, Cde Mugabe said, was making funds available to the health sector to boost the health delivery system.

    Turning to some of the problems that were being faced by Marondera residents, he said the construction of Wenimbi Dam should be completed urgently for the town to have reliable water supply.

    President Mugabe said the Government had bought generators that were capable of powering towns like Marondera as a way of solving power cuts that were affecting some industries.

    Earlier, during a briefing with the provincial leadership, Cde Mugabe said there was need to revive some of the companies in the town, that included the Cold Storage Company, as such companies created downstream employment.

    Commenting on the distribution of food countrywide, he said this was being hampered by the poor road network and the Government had provided funds to the District Development Fund for road maintenance.

    Government was also concerned that it was taking 10 or more years to work on some of the major roads, adding that particular roads should be targeted at a time before starting new ones.

    Mashonaland East Zanu-PF provincial chairman Cde Ray Kaukonde said the ruling party would win in all the constituencies in the province although there was need to campaign vigorously in Marondera where the opposition had embarked on a door-to-door campaign.

    In his vote of thanks, Chief Svosve paid tribute to the Government for distributing food to the people.

    Earlier at another rally in Chikomba, President Mugabe said Zimbabweans should reflect on their history as they cast votes on March 29 so that they do not betray all the heroes and heroines who laid down their lives to liberate Zimbabwe.

    Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at his penultimate star rally in Mashonaland East Province held at Masasa Secondary School in Chikomba

    Central, Cde Mugabe dismissed opposition candidates Simba Makoni and Morgan Tsvangirai as British stooges.

    ‘‘Tirikuenda musi wa29 kunovhota, tovhota tichiziva kuti kwatakabva ndokuku. Tine ropa rakadeuka, tine nhaka yemadzitateguru kubva kunanaMbuya Nehanda ikoko. Vose madzishe vaka**** rusununguko, nevakanga vainehushe munyika muno, mumatunhu akasiyana-siyana, vose ava vanoti kwatiri nhasi uno, chengetedzai nhaka yenyu, ndochikwama chiye chamanga muchiimba, chikwama, chichengetedzwe ichocho. Hunhu hwedu hurambe huripo, kuzvitonga kurambe kuripo,’’ Cde Mugabe said to applause and ululation from the crowd.

    He chronicled the history behind the MDC, which was formed when the three British parties — Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats — pooled their resources under the aegis of the Westminster Fund for Democracy to launch the MDC on a ZCTU platform.

    This, he said, was done in the hope that the MDC would safeguard the interests of white commercial farmers and British concerns in Zimbabwe at the expense of the black majority.

    To this end, he said, at this stage in history, Zimbabwe wanted committed cadres to defend its heritage in the face of the neo-colonial machinations personified by Makoni and Tsvangirai.

    ‘‘Zvino MDC iri party, Tsvangirai ane party asi party yacho ine zvinangwa zvisina kuwirirana nezvedu, zvinangwa zvisina kuwirirana nezvido, zvisingawirirane nezvinangwa zvenyu imimi, zvinangwa zvinowirirana nezvido zvemabhunu, zvinangwa zvinowirirana nezvido zvemaBritish. Ndopatinosiyana naye ka ipapa.’’

    He said Tsvangirai had grovelled for the sanctions which had brought so much suffering to the people, saying Zimbabweans should never buy the claims by the MDC and the British that the sanctions are targeted at top Government leaders only.

    ‘‘Ivava vanoti zuva nezuva tine zvinangwa, hanzi tine zvinangwa zvishanu. iyi minwe iyi, zvinangwa zvishanu zvipi? Hanzi tine mazano matsva, hanzi Morgan means more things. More chii? More sanctions? More dambudziko? More participation yemabhunu muno? Hatidi isu, aiwa maMore ako anotirwadza, anokurwadzai, gara nawo,’’ Cde Mugabe said in reference to Tsvangirai’s motto "Morgan is More", which he is using in his advertisements in the print and electronic media.

    Cde Mugabe said Makoni was roped in after some in Britain felt Tsvangirai had faltered in his brief to effect regime change since 2000.

    "Vamwe hongu vangadai vakati, ha Tsvangirai azvitadza, anenge asina simba rekuteverwa neruzhinji rwemuZimbabwe, ngatitsvagei Makoni, iye Makoni wo maitiro ake, dzimwe nguva ndiwo atingati akavakanganisa, nekuti akangoti tanyarare pakadaro, panzvimbo pekunge akapinda, dai aida izvozvo, akanopinda ikoko kuMDC, akatsvaga hukuru hwacho ikoko.’’

    He advised people against following fly-by-night parties and politicians who only rise at election time, saying, though the phenomenon was disgusting, it was there even during the liberation struggle as several reactionary parties and individuals tried to hoodwink the people with retrogressive agendas.

    Zanu-PF, he said, was a party grounded in the revolution, which resolutely defends the interests of all Zimbabweans, which is why the British had marked it for extermination. This, he said, was why people should vote overwhelmingly for Zanu-PF to stop the British in their tracks.

    Cde Mugabe detailed the sanctions imposed by the British, their EU counterparts, and the Americans, saying the sanctions had cut Zimbabwe’s access to even short-term loans from multilateral institutions.

    He said when Zimbabwe launched the Look East Policy to counter the sanctions, the British went on the offensive trying to turn the East against Zimbabwe to the extent of waylaying shiploads of fuel destined for Zimbabwe and offering to buy the fuel at a higher price to divert it from the country. (jamani mheshimiwa raisi anaweza kuongea uongo huu? as if mafuata yanauzwa kama vitumbua????? na huko east (China kuna mafuta?????)
    This, he said, was all part of the regime change agenda, which the people should kill on March 29.

    Cde Mugabe said even though the sanctions had brought so much suffering, Government would not give up on the people and would continue working to improve their livelihoods.

    He said it had taken the Government time to bust the sanctions because the economy was largely British-owned, but some of the interventions were beginning to bear fruit as foreign currency was beginning to flow into Zimbabwe.

    Cde Mugabe said no one would be left to starve as food distribution would be smoothened, as the DDF was busy repairing feeder roads that had compromised food distribution.

    Turning to social services, Cde Mugabe said Government was working to rectify the problems that had detracted from health and education delivery. To this end, he said, Government had since purchased ambulances for distribution to all hospitals in the country, and was deciding on a date to distribute them.

    He said Government would deal with all profiteering businesses after the elections, saying some of the prices some businesses were charging had nothing to do with profit, but had everything to do with trying to turn people against the Government.

    ‘‘Maelections, it doesn’t matter what they do because tirikuhwina, vangave vanaLever Brothers, vangave vanaLobels, tirikuonana mberi ikoko,’’ Cde Mugabe said to cheers from crowd.

    Cde Mugabe later commissioned 23 buses under the National Transport Enhancement Programme distributed as follows: Chikomba District, three; Hwedza, two; Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe, three; Mudzi, three, Mutoko, two; Marondera, three; Goromonzi, two; Murehwa, three; and Seke, two.
    Cde Mugabe was accompanied to the rally by First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, Defence Minister Cde Sydney Sekeramayi, Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Cde Elliot Manyika, Mashonalnd East Governor Cde Ray Kaukonde, Retired General Solomon Mujuru, senior Politburo and Central Committee members from Mashonaland East, and candidates at all levels.

    Mzee anazeeka vibaya huyu jamani, Africa kweli tutafika??????????