Tukio huko Nairobi, Kenya ni: Ushetani, Ukichaa, U-Frankenstein au U-Dracula? | JamiiForums | The Home of Great Thinkers

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Tukio huko Nairobi, Kenya ni: Ushetani, Ukichaa, U-Frankenstein au U-Dracula?

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by bagamoyo, Jun 10, 2010.

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    bagamoyo JF-Expert Member

    Jun 10, 2010
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    ‘I still have 83 more women to kill'

    There, in that small space, was a grinning skull, believed to be of a girl his own age from Bomet District. Draped on her skeleton is a red pullover and a black skirt. A dark stain of putrefied goo is all that remains of her flesh, her life and vitality. Riverside Drive is the buffer between the blistering pace of the inner city and the languid quiet, leafy Lavington where the rich live. Riverside is itself not poor, in its upper reaches are still to be found embassies and ambassadorial residences.

    Number 115 Riverside Drive, next door to the embassy of Germany, is one such residence, whose iron gates and uniformed sentry stand guard over acres of green gardens and a stone mansion with a red roof. On Wednesday, as part of his busy schedule, Mr Onyancha led homicide detectives to this home, where he had worked as a guard in 2007.

    In the sewer in this compound were the remains of a woman. The police had pulled out her purse and it sat open on the manhole, a pitiful reminder of an unmourned victim of violent murder. This woman was randomly picked, a conversation struck up with her, she was lured into the compound and viciously attacked, the man's supine body wrapped around her, strangling her, his strong teeth clamped on her throat.
    Continue to read the chilling crime on the link shown below:

    Daily Nation:
  2. Mpeni sifa Yesu

    Mpeni sifa Yesu JF-Expert Member

    Jun 11, 2010
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    shetani yuko kila sehemu, kila utakapokanyaga hapa duniani shetani yupo..na anatumia wanadamu pia kufanya kazi zake..tuna kazi nzito kuwaleta watu kwa Yesu ili wapone na utumwa huu wa adui shetani..hii haina tofauti na mauaji ya albino Tanzania, ivyo tuongee kwa kusaidiana na si kwa mashindano kati ya tz na kenya...
  3. paradox

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    Jun 11, 2010
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    Odd news really. . . .I guess even Africa has it's share of lunatic serial killers, we definitely can't blame western culture for this one lol
    Killing in the name of the occult is not an uncommon practice in this superstitious continent of ours, most cases don't receive any media coverage and the killers don't always get caught by our rather incompetent homicide detectives, I'm sure the mystery of the disappearance of the 17 victims would never have been solved if the man hadn't turned himself in. . .It's sad really. . .T.I.A I guess. . .