Tree Planting In The City Of Dar Es Salaam


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Jun 20, 2008
Tree planting is an important activity which provide different resouces in terms of tangible resources and those which we can not touch. Trees provide shade, attract rainfall, act as carbon sequenstration and it also act as a decoration of the areas, to list but a few.

When people plant trees they get fuelwood (charcoal and firewood), building materials, fruits, fodder for their animals, to mention a few. In other circumstances tree planting help to address the problem of deforestation.

For the case of Dar es Salaam there is a plan arranged by municipalities to plant trees along the roads including Morogoro Road, Mandela road etc. I appreciate this plan. The problem with these plans is that no programme of irrigating tree or wetting them. After trees/flowers are planted that is the end of the activity. What is expected is rain to wet the trees. If it does not rain that is the end of trees.

My concern here is that, who is to blame? What should be done to address this problem? How to make tree planting sustainable program for the city of Dar es Salaam?
What can be done!!!!
Everybody knows, plants need watering, its either rain or irrigation.
or else the plant dies.
What they can do is appoint ppl who believes that the big trees need to be seen.
not the process of planting.
What we see is a result of municipa directors needing to keep employees busy. not necesarily achieving set goals.
That is why sometimes you see them watering the trees, sometimes you dont.
when you see them it means that there is nothing else to be done somewhere, when you dont see them, it means that they are occupeid somewhere else.
no one thinks of subcontracting and constant ensuring of perfomance .
to prove it, you will never see a plant being replaced as soon as it dies, it will have to wait until the director gets the next urge of tree planting, meaning another set of special funds for tree planting.
(that is only my opinion)
Can you suggest ideal varieties that can be suitably planted in residential areas...I need a different variety afar from this elongated specie that everyone grows...a variety to surround a well planned home...advice
Mandela road and Morogoro road may needs expansion as congestion is getting worse everyday,so when they've decided to plant trees along those major roads they must consider and future needs of the city as they ar important roads...
Planting trees during rainy season is good idea cause it's not possible to wett em every day by using cars. ..but during dry season they may choose to wett em at least weekly
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