Travel the universe through music with me (Just another extraordinary MELOMANIAC)


Dec 8, 2015
Hello,hope you are courageously going about through your daily activities.For those going through a bit of a patch,well I'm here to invite you to travel with me through extraordinary good music vibes.

For centuries various civilizations have been creating music to suit almost every mood and occasion,some even to the extent of healing the human body, mind and soul.

Here we can share any piece of music and state what has it done to you personally.from healing you,making you happy,making you anxious,making you jump with joy,easing your driving experience or even just wanna sit in the shower and cry your pain away.

"Safety dance" by men without hats. Personally this song is always a go to when I'm down,it has a very uplifting vibe in it IMO.

And as if to add the cherry on top glee's version of " safety dance"ft Kevin was created.

Welcome fellow music fanatics, let's keep it going.


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Oct 7, 2021
It's such an old song, but it's actually good. I've been a fan of this band for a while, and I have to say that these guys used to support me at my lowest. I even have a few of their tracks on my phone in Mp3 format because I used to listen to them several years ago, and I want to have access to my favorite songs even when I don't have the connection to the internet. So I'm glad that this band is well-known.

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