Transforming gossiping/picking/ intelgence to scientic and technology intelgence


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Jan 29, 2008


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If u ask most of us who in an intelgent agent he/she will tell u is that person who is after to hear and report something of which may endanger national /local security. As time pased through transiparents tanzanian have been able to say free alot about any one or anyt hing with no fear. If we tried a bit to advance interms of scintific,social,legal and engineering techinology and let us say that is all about intelgence were in future can we placed this blessed nation? I call china jesus christ of ecenomics just because on how they made our elecronics staff cheap even a poor can now afford a transistor radio. In a mean time wasomi wetu wametulitea mlimani city how is that buildig enrich our intelgence rather than extend the lavish life style of those who impairly think won life??

It is our chance now to feel what we can do if u will be able to tell people that i know about how i can realease your stress that country x what they did is tressing the path of your stress , find out what real hapen for you to have that streess and then u find some one x made u mad then we ask u can u forgive him u say no then keep ur stress ,if u say yes u may find ur stress goes off. Then u may not need any pills.

nb(from the tittle f is mising in scientific)

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