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Toyota’s acceleration problems top consumer complaint survey

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Kimweri, Dec 19, 2009.

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    Kimweri JF-Expert Member

    Dec 19, 2009
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    Understanding that Most Tanzanians are in love with Toyota,i have to apologize for bringing this to your attention.
    my take:watanzania tuwe na utamaduni wa kusoma/review bidhaa tunazonunua,sio kwa kumuuliza muuzaji bali kwa kutafuta "independent mind"
    Toyota ni moja kati ya magari imara na yenye kudumu kwa muda mrefu.wamejitahidi kwa hili,lakini kuna baadhi ya model zao ni "experimental" tuwe nazo makini.
    Tujihadhari zaidi na magari Maarufu yanayokuja kwa kasi na kuyadi za magari hapa dar.mengi ya haya huwa yanafanyiwa ofloading from Japan,Dubai to Tanzania.,mfano some models of Toyota Nadia hii ni moja kati ya magari ya toyota yaliyojaribu kutumia a failed D4 engine which emphasises on Direct injection instead of VVTI (Variable Valve Timing Induction).
    VVTI is a decades old technology while Direct injection is a new,untested,unproven,unreliable technology which Mitsubishi Tried so hard in late 90's to pioneer before finally getting it right in late 2000s.
    so,tununue matoyota,lakini tuwe makini!

    check here and here

    sudden acceleration in its 2008 model-year vehicles than any other automaker, a new study has found.

    Toyota and Lexus vehicles received 41 percent of all consumer complaints to a federal database about runaway acceleration, more than Chrysler, General Motors, Honda, and Nissan combined, an analysis by Consumer Reports found. Other than Toyota, the only automaker with double-digit rates of complaints was Ford, which was the subject of 28 percent of complaints.

    Chrysler's 2008 model year vehicles received 9 percent of complaints and GM's 5 percent; Honda had 4 percent of complaints and Nissan 2 percent, the study showed.

    The analysis of acceleration complaints logged by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration covered the 2008 model year. Nonetheless, said Jeff Bartlett, deputy online automotive editor at Consumer Reports, "It says this is a very real problem.''

    Toyota's share of the US market in 2007 and 2008, when 2008 model year cars were sold, was roughly 16 percent.

    Toyota could not immediately be reached for comment.

    Toyota has been the subject of increasing scrutiny over sudden acceleration after an August accident in an out-of-control Lexus ES outside of San Diego that took four lives, including that of an off-duty California Highway patrolman.

    That prompted Toyota to announce its largest-ever recall, of 4.26 million vehicles in the United States and Canada. Starting in January, the automaker will modify or replace accelerator pedals in seven Toyota and Lexus models, alter carpeting in some models, and install new safety software. The recall includes vehicles from the 2005 through 2010 model years.

    Toyota has ascribed the problem to the interaction between the gas pedal and floor mats, which could cause the pedal to become entrapped in a full-throttle position. But investigations into a number of accidents have not found conclusively that the floor mat was responsible.

    A Los Angeles Times review found that 19 people have died in sudden acceleration accidents involving Toyota vehicles since the 2002 model year, more than all other automakers combined. In addition, the Times found that complaints of sudden acceleration increased dramatically after the automaker began replacing mechanical throttles with electronic throttle systems in the 2002 model year.

    Consumer Reports limited its research to acceleration incidents that "could be a real dangerous safety issue,'' excluding low-speed events or those in which the vehicle movement was arrested before the problem became more serious, according to Bartlett.


    wito kwa wamiliki wa Toyota na magari mengine,nissan,mazda,Honda etc kuweka matatizo ya magari yao hapa ili wenzao wawe na maamuzi sahihi wafanyapo manunuzi!
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    Kimweri JF-Expert Member

    Feb 2, 2010
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    niliraise hii issue ya Accn problem since last year,BUT ilikosa wachangiaji kwa sababu watanzania tumelinywa Kool-Aid la hawa jamaa.

    hawa Toyota stopped being a high quality manufacturer the moment the got carried away with chasing after GM.

    they make good cars now,but nothing outstanding,if you want really high quality japanese cars look for the other japanese makers, like honda,subaru mitsubishi &nissan.