Tour operators fault Kenyan minister

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Oct 31, 2009

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LOCAL tour operators have lashed out at Kenyan minister Najib Balala, for accusing his Tanzania counterpart Ms Shamsa Mwangunga, of downplaying single East African destination promotion.

Local operators have complained that the Kenyan Tourism Minister, had no right to discuss anything about his Tanzanian counterpart with the media unofficially.

Reacting through their Arusha based Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO), the 250 tourism industry stakeholders said it was wrong and unfair for Mr Balala to speak negatively of Mrs Mwangunga behind her back.

During his last week's statement to the media in Zanzibar, the Kenyan Tourism Minister reportedly accused Mrs Mwangunga of downplaying efforts towards single East African destination promotion.

At that time, the Tanzanian tourism minister was in abroad. Mr Balala who was holidaying in the Isles, was reported by various media outlets blaming Tanzania, but especially the country's tourism minister, for being the stumbling block to the EAC tourism promotional efforts.

The Kenyan Minister claimed that his Tanzanian counterpart, Mrs Mwangunga, had 'skipped' several important meetings and questioned the country's commitment to the (EA) single destination strategy.

“Balala outbursts were unfair, he should be aware that such official matters and complaints can be handled through proper channels,” stated the TATO executive, Mr Mustafa Akonaay.

He noted that his association had received complaints from its over 250 members, regarding the Kenyan minister’s outburst. Akonaay said TATO members also questioned the idea of Mr Balala who was supposed to be on holiday, in the first place, to stir up such debate instead of simply taking his vacation peacefully.

"And we are sure that the Kenyan minister is fully aware that all matters related to the East African Community (EAC) even those related to regional tourism, need to follow proper channel lest they cause animosity between member countries," added Mr Akonaay.

My take:
It is good that people are waking up and starting to see the arrogance and bulldozing habit of Kenyans! big up TATO

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