Time for Mugabe to go!


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Feb 11, 2007
Time to go Mzee Bob Mugabe
Adam Lusekelo
Daily News; Tuesday,April 08, 2008 @15:01

WHEN he came to power back in 1980, he was my hero. When I heard that he had earned seven university degrees while in jail I could not believe it. Mzee Bob did ten years in the lam fighting for Zimbabwe 's independence.

That was all very cool. He found Southern Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) in pretty good shape economically. It was the breadbasket of Africa . It remained that for 20 years. One would think that Mzee Bob would stay for awhile, make his adieu and bow out gracefully.

That was not the case. Mzee Bob slowly started to think that the job of president was his for life. Unlike Mzee Nelson Mandela the Great who stayed for a single five-year term, Mzee Bob decided that the job was his forever.

As usual when politicians rule for too long a time, they start to have nothing to say. Then they start tinkering with things. Mugabe tinkered with the economy and land. For 20 years he had kept quiet about it. Then when the Zimbabweans started stirring and thinking aloud that he should go he discovered the question of land.

Mzee Bob kicked out the white Zimbabwean land owners and slowly but surely the economy grounded to a halt. Now there simply is hardly nothing to eat. Five million Zimbabweans have fled their country. Now five million are a lot of people, you cannot ignore that. It sounds like Iraq .

Now the people of Zimbabwe have spoken. They have simply said that Mzee Bob should go. Everyone knew that they would say that. Some 28 years after independence Mzee Bob had turned Zimbabwe from a breadbasket of southern Africa to a basket-case, the Zim dollar is almost worthless. I saw footage of protesters. One had a placard saying "Starving billionaire!" That sums everything up.

But you wonder why Mzee Bob doesn't just go. It could be his hangers on (wapambe) are at it. They must be telling him that Mzee Bob has been the best thing for Zimbabwe since sliced bread and he must be nodding in agreement.

So Mugabe wants a run-off of the presidential elections. His rival Morgan Tsvangirai knows he has defeated Mzee Bob. But the Mzee has to be persuaded to bow out. The smell of blood shed in our neighbouring Kenya is still in our noses.

One just hopes that Mzee Bob will be persuaded to go. I don't think that the Zimbabweans can take his rule anymore. Guns or no guns. There is a limit for guns, you know. The AU should also introduce a behaviour bill saying that rulers should not stick around for more than a decade. There are a quite a few dinosaurs clinging into power who should just go, in the name of their countries.

Mzee Paul Biya of Cameroun, Mzee Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Mzee Mwai Kibaki of Kenya, Mzee Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Mzee Dos Santos of Angola, Mzee Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. They can't just impose themselves on their people forever. Do they need a lesson in biology?
This is typical african leaders ways of thinking..kujiona bora kuliko wanaowaongoza..hii inachangiwa zaidi na wapambe hasa wale wanaofaidika na utawala wake....
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