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This is my personal letter to all tanzanian youths especially those who are @ schools

Discussion in 'Celebrities Forum' started by Da vincci, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Da vincci

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    Aug 12, 2009
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    One night two mice fell inside the bucket of milk which was in a storeroom of a poor farmer.The first mouse gave up and died,but the second mouse as it was struggling to escape from that bucket it managed to turn that milk into cheese and butter.Due to the fact that cheese and butter are both in a semi-solid state,the second mouse managed to get out of the bucket before the sunrise but it was tired and full of sorrow for loosing its beloved friend.when the poor farmer woke up in the morning he was so glad to find out that his milk has turned into a half cheese and a half butter.He took out the dead mouse and threw it away!
    Comrades,after prolonged suffering and exploitation before and after the independence as we have read and as we are witnessing the hindrances towards our dream of development still have been always the same!Poverty,Illiteracy and diseases as our ancestors and the founder of our nation has told us,those are the enemies of our society.
    Comrades,things have changed,nowadays those hindrances have increased instead of decreasing as we expected.The new enemy is growing up very rapidly and in a dramatic way.Our new enemy is not other than COMPRADORS!Yes,!We are witnessing the rise of compradorial class which is taking away even that little which have been left on our hands.We are all aware of scandals like those of RICHMOND,DOWANS,KIWIRA,and BUZWAGI mining etc.It should be noted that it is not the aim of this article to explain or to criticize how things are running in those organs.
    Brothers,we as students who are soon going to face our streets and villages as graduates of either O'level education or A'level education,we are facing some serious challenges which have never been there in our society and if they were there then in a low level.The enemy is unmasked,everyone can see the enemy.But the question is who shall bell the cat?it needs someone with guts.I am not trying to be a political agitator but i think and believe that it's my duty to convey this message to everyone that the question of poverty and unfavorable condìtion which we are facing and which is motivating us to dislike and blame the whole sytem is there.An Italian Astronomist called Galileo Galileo once said that 'You can not change the system if you are out of the system'Then the answer to our problems is not going to come by running from the system but by joining into the system.Young people of Tanzania and Africa at large,I encourage you to join the system at this time of our youth so as we can be able to utilize our strength well and bring about changes which we all have been dreaming for,for ages.We as young people with full of determination,potentials,dreams and ambitions should know that always history remembers the big people,the heroes and those who bring changes.It's naturally that we all wants to be part of history but all that shall happen if we could only dare!
    We are the people,we are the part of changes,we can be the part of History!Lets this be our slogan wherever we go around our country.If something does not kill you,it makes you stronger!We should not be afraid to tackle the system!Lets make a step.
    We are the sons of our beloved mother Africa,as brown as our land and proud of it.Where is our sense of patriotism?We have seen our mother being raped by a group of strangers and some of our kind.If we can not take action,then let the curse of our mother be upon us!My brothers as we all know that the tree of liberty was once watered by blood but this time its different,the tree of changes shall be watered by sweat and by our decision to join the system and bring about what we have been waiting since the time of independence.
    Sons of Africa,my brothers to whom we have shared the same womb of our mother Africa.One we are and the blood of our greatest ancestors is still running in our veins.The greatest challange in our life is not where we are but where we are leading to.
    Comrades, our fore-fathers had the task of eliminating colonialism during their era,but our task now has changed.As they fullfilled their task,we have to promise ourselves that we are going to finish our task too.The task which we have is to develop our nation for the betterment of not only the existing generation but also for the betterment of the future generations.
    'Res ipsa loguita' as Latins says to mean that facts speaks for themselves.The fact that we are poor is there,the fact that we need changes is there too.Poverty is not a curse,poverty is like a dangerous disease but it can be cured.Lets act like the second mouse,it didn't give up,it struggled,it had hope it was courageous,it was not only brilliant but also magnificent one.As we know that the education curriculum of our nation is obviously producing job-seekers instead of job-creators,let's improve our creativity and have the heart of an enterpreneur,a heart which is never afraid of risk like the hert of the second mouse.Let's plant the seed of Entrepreneurship within our hearts.
    Lastly I would like to advice my fellow brothers who are still in schools that,the time when we shall be required to pay back the poor farmers and poor workers of Tanzania their taxes which we have been using during our school-life time is nearer.Lets show the society what we have obtained in here.Let's pay them back the taste of changes.It's possible to our country to be 'coppi di tutti Cappi' as Latins says meaning the boss of bosses among other nations but it all begins with you! It's possible one day we should wake up and find cheese and butter already made like that poor-farmer.But we are supposed to remember how that cheese and butter were made.We can trust in the strength of our youth!Yes we can bring changes! TO LIVE ONE DAY AS A LION IS BETTER THAN TO LIVE A HUNDRED DAYS AS A DEER!

    Posted by,
    Emily Sylvester Mdinda,
    a.k.a Emilio Da Vincci Del Nemo Dos Sylva of form six HGL at Tabora school.
    For more info or comments to the author you may contact him
    6th Aug 2009
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    Aug 12, 2009
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    counting one!....................
  3. Tangawizi

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    Aug 12, 2009
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    What mind can conceive, can be achieved. I wish you all the best. Trust me, we all face challenges of different nature. But what makes a difference is the way everyone approach those challenges.
    Kamwe lakini usisahau kuwa elimu ndo ufunguo wa maisha
  4. TANMO

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    Aug 12, 2009
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  5. LazyDog

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    Aug 13, 2009
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    I don't share the same view. Sorry!

    That makes a lot of sense.
    Kwa maoni yangu, hapo ndio pa kuanza napo.
    Change start in the head!
  6. LazyDog

    LazyDog JF-Expert Member

    Aug 13, 2009
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    Da vincci,
    We hope to hear more from you.