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May 7, 2010


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I'd love to appeal for Dr. Slaa to conduct Chadema's tasks and implement its plan as business as usual especially to strengthern Chadema. NEC ignored your concerns and now section 41(7) of the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania denies your right.

God knows everything and we should submit all our difficulties to Him since He is the one to judge. I ask you now to focus on recovering stolen parliamentary seats through a court of law.

I heard you on the radio yesterday saying that some people are asking you if they can go out and cause a commotion and you have asked them not to do that. With reference to section 41 (7) of URT, please issue a statement to ask all Tanzanians to remain calm, possibly this night. I am saying this because I voted for you and I'll do the same for you in 2015 if you contend again.

I remember I heard you in one of your campaign rallies saying that YOU ARE NOT READY TO TAKE THE TERM IN THE OFFICE AS A PRESIDENT THROUGH BLOODSHED. This is the high time now to make sure this is not happening.

You have done a great job in 2010 General elections. It is you who have made Chadema to snatch many parliamentary seats. You deserve a big clap!

I will remember you in my prayers on Sunday 7 Nov 2010.

May God bless you.

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