The United States of America Embassy in Tanzania should stop cheap Politics and Misinformation on serious issues


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Mar 1, 2019
The US embassy in Tanzania has circulated a press release condemning the ban of what it has called " opposition newspaper". The embassy meant Tanzania Daima news paper which was unlicensed yesterday because of behaving unprofessional.

As a CHADEMA cadre, I have been surprised to see big embassy like this with high intelligence capacity fooling and misinforming Tanzania and world at large that Tanzania Daima is owned by CHADEMA or the opposition party as it said.

These are the facts, formerly, the news paper was owned by CHADEMA but it changed when the party entered into conflicts with Zitto Kabwe who wanted to know how party funds including those publishing the news paper were used and managed.

It should be noted that the party during that time was sponsored by one of its friends in Germany.

The conflict betwen Zitto and CHADEMA on funds mismanagement, forced the Party's Chairman Freeman Mbowe to re-register the news paper under his name and wife.

This means, for years now the newspaper is owned by Mbowe's family.

I am asking myself some questions, what is the motive behind for the US embassy in Tanzania to mislead Tanzanians and the world at large with false information.

Did the US embassy failed to seek right information from the registrar of newspapers in Tanzania?

Does it mean the US intelligence in Tanzania is weak to mislead the world on serious issues?

These and many other questions that may be asked without answers forces me to conclude that the US embassy in Tanzania is exercising cheap politics and should not be trusted.

John Chacha,
Rorya Tarime.


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Mar 21, 2020
For what I know, Americans have their own way of collecting information, the CIA. I don't think they can trust any other sources....

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