The Tricky Husband


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Aug 16, 2007
There was a man called Mr Chinena (Zambian man) . He was married with one kid. One day his mother in-law visited them. He looked at his mother in- law and found out that she was more beautiful than her daughter. His mother in-law stayed with them for a month and he continued admiring her. He had no other way of approaching his mother in-law as it is a taboo.

One day he organised a nearby township-gang to come and break into his house, and demand to be paid K10, 000, 000 cash. And if he fails to pay the Gang should demand that he should have sex with his mother in-law as form of punishment, failure to which he will be killed. He promised to pay the Gang K400, 000 after the mission is completed.

On the material day around 02:15 hrs, the Township Gang came and broke into his house and everyone was alert. The Gang shouted "everyone down".
"Who is the owner of this house?"
Mr Chinena said its me.
The gang asked "how many are you in this house?"
Mr Chinena was very fast to answer and said " this one on my left with a kid is my dear wife and on my right is my mother in-law"

"Tipase(GIVE US) K 10, 000, 000 or else you are going to die."
Mr Chinena said he didn't have such a huge amount of money.
The gang leader said "As a punishment for not having the money you are going to sleep with your mother -in-law, I mean you are going to have sex with her". "If you refuse we are going to kill you".

Mr Chinena looked very sad and started crying but inwardly he was happy that an opportunity had come to kill the passion he had for his mother -in-law.

The mother in-law consented and said " Its better than losing you my son".

The Gang leader ordered his wife to go to her bed and leave her husband and mother in the sitting room.

30 minutes after the gang has left, his wife came into the sitting room and found her husband still busy on top of her mother. She screamed at the top of her voice " Bashi Junior simuchokapo (JUNIOR'S DAD ARE YOU NOT GOING TO LEAVE MY MOTHER'S TOP), baka bwalala baenda kudala" (THE GANG HAS ALREADY LEFT).
The husband replied " Ba kamba ati bazabwela futi" (HE ANSWERED THEY SAID THEY WILL COME BACK).
The wife again said " Chokaniponi bakabwela, muzabwelela po futi" (LEAVE MY MOTHER'S TOP IF THEY CAME BACK YOU WILL CONTINUE).

This is how Mr Chinena satisfied his love for his mother in-law
Udaku Wakati Mgumu Kama Huu?vichwa Vyauma Ufisadi,na Mikataba Mibovu....anyway Ni Wakati Wa Ku Fresh Mara Moja Moja Si Mbaya Sana.........hizo Zimo Kwenye Maisha ............
Watanzania ni wepesi sana kuiga mambo juzi juzi Mungiki ilikuwa Kenya haikuchukua muda Mungiki ikaingia Tanzania. Chonde chonde tusiige style hii.
duh!! Tricky.. yes! but .... quite bad!
Thanks for the humour though.....

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