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The moment King of Swaziland caught minister under love-cheat wife's bed

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Estmeed Reader, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. E

    Estmeed Reader Senior Member

    Sep 24, 2010
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    The moment King of Swaziland caught minister under love-cheat wife's bed

    The polygamous king of Swaziland has fired his justice minister after the politician was caught red-handed having an affair with one of the king’s 14 wives.
    King Mswati III acted after pictures emerged of his minister Ndumiso Mamba hiding in the base of his adulterous wife’s bed.
    The astonishing images show security officials standing around the upturned bed looking down at the forlorn minister (…)

    Ukipenda kuona picha na habari zaidi, fungua:
  2. Ab-Titchaz

    Ab-Titchaz Content Manager Staff Member

    Sep 24, 2010
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    Caught red-handed: The moment Swaziland's former justice minister Ndumiso Mamba was caught by state security agents holed up in a hotel room with King Mswati III's 12th wife, Nothando Dube


    Now what? As security officials move around him the Justice Minister emerges out from the base of the bed


    Cuckolded: King Mswati III has placed Nothando Dube (pictured) under house arrest and fired his justice minister


    Jailed: Ndumiso Mamba
  3. Lole Gwakisa

    Lole Gwakisa JF-Expert Member

    Sep 25, 2010
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    [​IMG] High chieftain: Mswati III rules as an absolute monarch and enjoys lavish parties

    [​IMG] Pick of the nation: Some of the 50,000 young, half-naked Swazi women at the annual Reed Dance pageant where Miss Dube caught the king's eye six years ago

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    How can he keep 12 women happy in addition to all his other duties? The position of King's wife number 12 was just not enough for her, she wanted to assume other positions as well.
    - Dailymale, London, 24/9/2010 11:34

    I wouldn't want to be in that mans shoes. But that annual Reed Dance looks like a good time. Putting that one on my calender.
    - Mr. Frost, Spain, 24/9/2010 11:27

    Maybe it is the King himself who should be in prison...
    Is this the country that Bonos charity supports.???
    PS I know they do not distribute most of the funds given to them...They just 'advocate'...Whatever that means..
    - lebedeff, budapest, 24/9/2010 11:19

    Another useless piece of information but at least slightly amusing AND definitely preferable to your horrible reporting about global low-life that you seem to think the UK public need to be fed with.

    The UK has its fair share of problems and quite frankly, most people would rather be informed about how thieves, liars, murderers, rapist, sadist, misappropriation of tax money, etc. are being dealt with EFFECTIVELY.

    I suspect this Swazi lover has already beenbrought to the realisation that his bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Oh for a bit of that in the UK system.
    - ex-Londoner, Heidelberg, 24/9/2010 11:14

    So it's ok for the male to have a new wife to add to his collection each year but it's not ok for her to take a single man. Why should she have to spend the rest of her life under 24hour surveilence?

    This male's greed for both women and wealth shouldn't be tolerated in this day and age.

    Africa needs to rapidly improve the status of its women who are often the ones doing the bulk of the work.
    - Melanie, NW UK, 24/9/2010 11:01

    Another country whose people are still living in the 1800's or before with their lifestyle.

    But this is how countries run by dictators work.
    - Pip Waller, North Yorkshire, 24/9/2010 10:57

    Thanks Ab Tichaz- Am filling in the rest!!
  4. Chimunguru

    Chimunguru JF-Expert Member

    Sep 25, 2010
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    aaagh wake wote hao wacha aibiwe tuu
  5. B

    Barbywala New Member

    Sep 27, 2010
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    Iam loving this yea!hello everyone!
  6. m

    mapafrika New Member

    Sep 27, 2010
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    Jamaa ni mjinga kabisa, watu wana haki zao za msingi sasa yeye kuwaweka watu wote hao kumi na nne kwa kodi za raia wake ni vizuri? lets post things that matters to us and the rest should be dealt with stupid people like muswati ze looser:smile-big:
  7. Joseph

    Joseph JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2010
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    Hawa wanawake wakati wanaolewa hawakujua kuwa mfalme ana wake wengi na hatakuwa na muda wa kuwa nao wote kwa wakati mmoja?Huyu mwanamke hana adabu hata kama ndio kukosa unyumba toka kwa mfalme,kasindwa kufanya namna nyingine mpaka aende kugonoka na waziri?Angetafuta hata mtunza bustani na wakati angekamatwa angejitetea kuwa hapewi haki yake ya msingi,kwa misingi hiyo huyu mwanamke hafai na hana heshima kwa taifa lao na jamii kwa ujumla.