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The meaning behind "Lolote Liwalo" campaign slogan by CUF for Igunga seat

Discussion in 'Great Thinkers' started by Geza Ulole, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Aug 12, 2011
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    The meaning behind "Lolote Liwalo" campaign slogan by CUF for Igunga by-election
    Guys, For a number of days I have been trying to get a solid meaning behind operation "Lolote Liwalo" but i am affraid i only got to see signs of a party that has completely lost direction and hope but under pursuit of undignified and unglorified motives to be a buffer for a third part but yet a spoiler to another part though acting within constitutional and democratic principles. As we know campaign slogans have been the center pillars and inspirational motto/indicators to any political movement aiming at sending clear messages on what is all about particular initiatives! But when you compare the main three parties' slogans (i.e. Operation chukua Igunga by CHADEMA, Operation Lolote Liwalo by CUF and Operation Okoa Igunga by CCM) that all have a chance to cede that seat; i fail to understand what is the logic, significance and gist behind those two phrases "lolote Liwalo". Here is my definition of what transpired CUF to come up with that not appealing at all;

    CUF seems to be not in "hey days" at the moment; the party sounds as if there are some crises cropping up behind the curtains that have made its leaders fail to come up with a catchy and
    clicking, logical-sound and appealing campaign slogan for the operation they are about to undertake but rather in "lack of determination and nothing to loose" spirit/moody. With the past turn of events during the by election of Mbeya Vijijini and the 2010 Tarime seat election, this view can be considerably substantiated since there; CUF played a spoiler role to CHADEMA rather than a party craving to garner more seats!

    What convince "the Adamant Political observers" of the mission; CUF is about to lead is the manner at which CUF has been conducting its affairs in and out of the Parliament with respect to CHADEMA that currently has a commanding support from Wananchi by all indications. On top of that the "Operation Lolote Liwalo" does not say anything about Igunga as a place or people, as the two phrases stand for "let it be" translation in English; they imply lacking focus and any sort of caress to them since the phrases are out of touch with the main target
    i.e. Igunga constituents and agenda in discussion i.e. their development! And most important those two phrases are not result oriented i.e. not specifically aiming at winning but just to take part in that by-election. Well as a person, I am left doubting and wondering whether they are meant to liberate the people of Igunga; if so then why are they quiet on unravelling their good intentions by hinting on them? Nobody know for sure except CUF leaders!

    CUF a fellow opposition party that was under a mutual cooperation agreement with CHADEMA during the 2005-2010 Parliament; in despair and detest, turned to be one of its ever worst enemy (near CCM) to CHADEMA for reasons that most of us believe have been triggered by its losing prominence in that Law making Chamber and as a misguided and reckless motive chose to try to maintain its "status quo" by being rebellious towards a party that commands a majority appeal as an official opposition
    (in the streets and in the Parliament) on its own and therefore CUF eating its own cake and support CCM! whether intentional or unintentional people are to judge!

    In disguise, CUF's CCM proxy Offers CHADEMA a chance to be a sole undisputed opposition flag bearer of that liberation movement towards freeing the Wananchi from that long overdue tight and firm grip of CCM rule. CHADEMA that has so far conquered the hearts of many Tanzanians and as a matter of fact, the party is now as an official main opposition party! To the Wananchi, CHADEMA is the most reliable party to trust upon and in ability to shoulder
    their burdens by effectively represent them if not sorting them (in local governments); for them CHADEMA is their visible leader they can approach at any time and at the same time a vehicle to take them to that promised land!

    However counting down towards the Igunga election CHADEMA should not be taken away by the status/success it has acquired but has to make sure none of Rural Mbeya election's mistakes are happening again i.e. they have to abide to all stipulated elections' rules and procedures to give no room for disqualification or any form of penalization! On top of that CHADEMA has to remain unwoven, vigilant and direly determined to win that seat by accepted standards! The party has to make sure it do away with all sorts of vulnerabilities e.g. putting one-self in an appeasement, displeasure, retaliation and smear campaign position with CUF since is obvious known to be a spoiler and not aiming at achieving results!

    Therefore the process of nominating their candidate has to be transparent and has to consider reaching out serious concessors among the various stakeholders in Igunga and most important picking up a candicate who is ready to represent Igunga people under CHADEMA by heart (John Shibuda scenario should not reoccur here). So CHADEMA, lets go and stamp out your authority in Igunga! We are behind you and we will give you all the support you need...