The health benefit of spilina chlorophyll drink.

Nov 26, 2015
Edmark tz(approved by TFDA)

Splina Liquid Chlorophyll - possesses 3 main
functions; cleansing, balancing, and nourishing.
These enable us to have a stronger body and
better health.
1. Cleansing - Balances the digestive system,
assists in purifying blood, eliminates bacteria,
disinfects and detoxifies.
2. Balancing : Balances body acid-alkali level,
boosts the functions of the body system.
3. Nourishing - Assists in red blood cell
regeneration, enhances .
NOTE: Drink at least 6-10 glasses of water with
Splina liquid Chlorophyll per day. Chlorophyll is
rich in:
1. Zinc
2. Selenium
3.Vitamin E
4. Vitamin C
5. Vitamin A
6. Protein
7. Biotin
8. Folic acid
9. Pantothenic Acid
10. Calcium
11. Chromium
12. Phosphorus
13. Potassium
14. Magnesium
15. Iron
What are the Health Benefits of Liquid
Discharges Toxin through the Feces - Liquid
Chlorophyll improves the digestive system and
bowel movement to discharge the toxic feces
from the body. Liquid Chlorophyll deodorizes the
bowel and entire body; a natural antiseptic to
the intestinal tract. It also aids in rebuilding
damaged bowel tissue and helps to eliminate
Reduces Pesticide Residue and Toxin - Liquid
Chlorophyll effectively reduces toxin caused by
pesticides and chemicals in the body. It traps
and forms complexes with mutagens. Liquid
chlorophyll also facilitates the degradation of
toxic metabolites.
Balances Body Acid-Alkali Level - Balances body
acid-alkali levels to maintain good health. Liquid
chlorophyll provides an excellent source of
health-promoting nutrients. Because liquid
chlorophyll?s composition contains calcium, it is
highly useful for people as well as animals with
arthritis, bone diseases, and hip dysphasia. It is
very high in RNA and DNA and has been found
to protect against the effects of ultraviolet
Assists in Increasing Blood Counts - Liquid
Chlorophyll assists red blood cells generation to
ensure sufficient oxygen and nutrients for cell
regeneration. Chlorophyll helps to rebuild the
bloodstream. Chlorophyll increases the
hemoglobin production, the function of the
heart, affects the vascular system, the
intestines, the uterus, and the lungs.
Reduces Wrinkles and Aging - Liquid chlorophyll
is an antioxidant - it has the ability to scavenge
free radicals. It also improves the body's
natural free-radical fighting ability by increasing
the levels of certain enzymes that help in this
process. It acts as a superb antioxidant to help
support the body in maintaining healthy tissue
and fighting the effect of aging. The results are
smoother skin, clearer complexion and youthful
Promotes Cell Regeneration and Boosts the
Immune System - As chlorophyll helps to
thicken and strengthen the walls of the cells, it
is also a nutritional aid for the immune system.
As a nutritional supplement it accelerates tissue
cell activity and normal re-growth of cells which
helps the body heal faster.
Following is a list of disease conditions that
have either improved or cleared up entirely by
using liquid chlorophyll in conjunction with a
living foods diet:
- Hepatitis and other liver diseases
- All forms of anemia
- Asthma and hayfever
- Pyorrhea
- Varicose veins
- Hemorrhoids
- Ulcers - internal and external
- High and Low blood sugar
- Offensive body odors
- Sore throat
Actually chlorophyll will assist in correcting any
imbalance in the body due in part to its high bio-
available iron content. This allows the body to
utilize more oxygen, aiding in the removal of
accumulated toxins. We also know that the
internal use of chlorophyll strengthens the cells
and inhibits bacterial growth.
Who Should Drink Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?
- People with liver problems
- People with respiratory problems
- People with rheumatism
- Anemic people
- Those with pale complexions
- People with weight problems
- Very skinny people
- Very fat people
- Smokers and those who consume alcohol
- Those who dislike eating vegetables
- Those who suffer from constipation
- Those who experience menstrual pain
- Those who often catch cold
- Those who often have sore throats
- People with body odor and bad breath
- Busy and stressful people
- Easily fatigued people
- Those who often eat junk food
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