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The good, the bad and the ugly sides of masturbation!

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by Rutashubanyuma, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Rutashubanyuma

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    Sep 29, 2010
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    Devil’s advocates have been trigger-happy to promote masturbation as a good thing to have happened to a human body! Instant sexual gratification without the hustles of contending with the needs and wants of a calculating sexual compatriot is now something in vogue. Some of the devil’s advocates’ persuasive nous includes the euphonious appeals to self-empowerment. This school of thought passionately pleads her case upon gender rivalries claiming they compromise individual latitudes to taste and timing of access to sexual escapades!

    A gender rival; though an infatuating sweetheart, can withhold sex in order to advance selfish aims. Devil’s advocates chide at this form of sexual coercion as vicissitudes of a controlling freak and normally urge the victims to free themselves from this kind of neo-slavery via indulgences in self-love which is euphemistic term for masturbation. Self love is vigorously vended as akin to “charity begins at home” and a posy of roses is sprinkled around to highly recommend… “Why learn from others while you can self –teach yourself and fully enjoy the intricacies of compassionate love-making!” Self-empowerment induced by masturbation is argued to have been a “release clause” from chains of when to have sex and the impediments of contemplating the needs of the other fastidious sexual partner.

    Medical practitioners in support of masturbation reassuringly suggest it is free of side effects! Another plausible argument has always been masturbation is the closest to abstinence or a safer dint of dodging the horrors of unsafe sex knowing protected sex rubs away the natural feel to normal sex as it should have always been... With two love-makers being callously separated by a plastic sheath the whole meaning of consummating copulation becomes aloof. The harsh reality of HIV and AIDS has fired masturbation activists with a new and a dominant justification to sustain the malpractice. Masturbation is now believed to be the last bastion of protecting oneself from the ravages of HIV and AIDS! But what is the real drawback from all this blithering? The inconvenient truth happens to be masturbation is unnatural and hence bears the consequences of disobeying nature.

    On social interaction frontier, masturbation is both virulently addictive and withdraws the masturbators from social spheres. The more the individual secures self-aroused sex the less (s)he feels the necessity to engage with others particularly of the opposite sex. Natural sex impels individuals to covet symbiosis of randy amour but that insatiable quest is brutally stolen when self-love is now a dominant recipe in sexual menu. Symptoms of delusion and withdrawal from social interactions tend to overwhelm casualties of masturbation. Then there are stealth interjections of unnatural blood-flow during masturbation which over time lacerates the heart. Sudden and uncontrolled blood flows to the heart as a result of impromptu sexual self-gratification forces the heart to pump the blood in an unusual patterns resulting into heart aches leading to heart failures if the habit is sustained over a long period of time.

    What about the issue of abnormal traction and viscosity generated by the usage of raw hands or sex objects to arouse the genitalia? While the maiming of sexual organs is a real possibility but the permanent impairment of sensual senses is often noticeable to chronic masturbators. When for one reason or other addicted masturbators have to jettison their pernicious habits then they find themselves in a sensory jam! They reckon arousal by heterosexual bout presents new challenge they need to surmount. The level of frictional caress during masturbation is much coarser than the ones encountered during normal sex particularly when crude methods of arousal are relentlessly deployed. The ruses of self-empowerment are at most a distraction from a short shrift of insecurity. A masturbator struck by a frisson of social interactions can seek solace in self-love to negotiate his way from the hurdles of confronting the vagaries of romancing the opposite sex. Masturbation also deprives indulgers of the vital lessons of patience and perseverance. Normal sex nurtures one’s attitudes to patience and fortitude. Individual sexual freedom at expense of one’s health appears to be a costlier affair to plunge one’s virility into.