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- The following quiz will enable you to seek your own Entrepreneur Understanding

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by CHASHA FARMING, Dec 30, 2011.


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    Dec 30, 2011
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    -The following quizwill enable you to seek your own Entrepreneur Understanding

    1.An entrepreneur s primary motivation forstating his own business is
    a.To make money
    b.To work independently
    c.To find an outun used energy

    2.To be successful in an entreneurl venture youneed in abundance
    c.Hard work
    d.Good ideas

    3.A successful entrepreneur
    a.Will use his personal resources only
    b.Will take advantage of external resources
    c.Will utilize external resources havingassessed own resources
    d.Will take benefit of all available help

    4.Entrepreneurs are
    a.High risk takers
    b.Moderate risk takers
    c.Small risk takers
    d.Do not take risk

    5.The firs stapes in starting business should be
    a.Find a product
    b.Get some money
    c.Select a partners
    d.Do self analysis

    6.An entrepreneurs should be
    a.A business man son
    b.An influential man
    c.Front a certain community /caste
    d.None of the above

    7.An entrepreneurs is
    a.A born gambler
    b.A born entrepreneurs
    c.Not a self made but the one who in her its
    d.A politicians son

    8.To become an entrepreneurs one must have
    b.Long experience
    c.High education
    d.Initiative to do some thing

    9.Do you believe that to be successful anentrepreneurs must be
    c.A person with integrity