The first animal you see in this picture Reveals your personality .

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Oct 22, 2016

Does it ever occur in your mind as to how does it get instincts when something is going to go bad when something doesn’t feel right? These brain games are played none other than our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind of ours is more powerful than we can think of. When you meet a person, the way you immediately know that the person is good or bad, cunning or innocent, are all responsible because of our subconscious. Many may think it’s a physical entity, but experts suggest otherwise. They term it as involuntary access of the brain’s memory-think unit that has a database of one’s interests and dislikes, faiths and terrors, your prowess and reminiscences. That’s why looking or talking with a new person gives you an overall idea of his actual nature which is 99% of the time turn out to be true.

Using these traits has helped experts and therapists design tests that can determine the actual traits of a person by juts mere small decisions made by a person. They have decoded a way through which they can target things that have actual relevance to your well-being and interests.
From the given below image, quickly have a glance through it and select the first animal you see. Now, in the given list below, select the one with your animal’s name to know about your personality traits. Enjoy!



Zebra as the first selection makes you like the needle in the hay we always try to find to. This means along with being a humorous person, you are charming and make the people around you follow your ideals, not by their will but by their choice. You have the most unprompted personality and never laze around for getting any work done. Everybody asks you for companionship as you always show others a wonderful time. Moreover, you are so vocal that even the mulish of a person will be convinced with your explanation.
However, this book of yours is also a bane for you as you have to keep on pleasing others and create a somewhat fake wall around you for people to care about you. Moreover, you get bored very easily, and always need that kick in your life to keep it interesting. You are contented and happy as long as each passing day brings new and different meanings in your life.


The cat as your first selection makes you quite like it. This means you are quite reserved and don’t like socializing much. The ones around you love you and know the good person you are, but the others may think that you are timid and careless. But you are of the type to stay away at distance from the field of action and rather have popcorn, while you keenly devise a counter-attack and cunning plan to remove the problem. A cat person doesn’t care about the world, it only cares about the people it loves and cares about. You have a separate set of guidelines that you follow which no one can deter you from, which brings an unbeatable self-independence to your personality.


As you can see in the true to its image, you stand out among others. This is owed to your immense hopefulness and confidence that turns the biggest of the mistakes and throws them on to a structure steps that take you to success. You are the one who instead of hating tests, loves them and is the first to challenge every difficulty in life with your contagious confidence. You are first to try out new things and always try to explore the new road of challenges, be it learning a new skill, wandering unexplored places, without having bound to your limits. For you, the glass is always overflowing.


Just like a koala, you are the most patient and tranquil person on the list. You never hurry things up and will always do things with your speed and will. You never force things upon you, as peace of mind is of utmost importance to you. This also means that you are a very gentle, considerate and caring person, who answers all the late-night, or emergency calls of friends who are in dire need of you.
Along with it, you are the person who needs much to get pleased. A nice warm afternoon, with a good movie running on your TV and your friends with you, makes you the most gratified person on the list.


Elephant as your first selection makes you the humblest of people. You never brag about your wealth and knowledge, and always have a considerate attitude towards others. People rely on you without a taint in their faith as you are the most honest person they will ever befriend. You are the one who will never cheat on your loved ones and always will be person people come to when they need to make a decision, ass you never fail in giving an appropriate solution to them. Despite being the best problem-solver, you never boast about it and always prioritize your friends and family before anything else.


Just like a bear, you hate the chaos people create and tend to get away from those. You are a practical person, who approaches all the problems in your life with proper analysis. Though your methods are orthodox or right-winged, you value them and always abide by them. You stay at a distance from places of chaos and observe the ongoing battle quietly and analytically. You hate wars and want others to stay as a family with peace and harmony. You being the head of the person group, you are consular and try not to incite war among others. You are of the notion of strict guidelines that everyone must abide by and only after proper analysis you give a verdict. You never joke around when it comes to serious issues and always be a neutral judge in the same.


You are a social being who loves mingling with people and bring colors around wherever you go. You are the most agile person and can mix like fragrance in the air, with any kind of people. You are the candy of the group and people look up to you in awe of your charm. You are never bored talking to anyone and can always talk with anyone on anything, this is what people like about you. The easiness of talking to you makes everyone love you, more so over, you being completely modest is what people admire about. You are a friend who will never cheat on others and also expect the same for others. You create a way of your own to do things and don’t like people telling you otherwise.


Pig being your first selection shows that people undermine you. They underestimate you and your prowess. You work in silence, and let your success make the noise. This makes you very independent and critically sharp with everything in your life. Your mind works so fast that the other around can’t keep pace with your analogy and explanation. Your critical appreciation of things, be it tiny or large is well appreciated by everyone. You never forget things you analyze, hence people take double care before speaking otherwise. These all characteristics make you an introverted extrovert, as you make groups of people around you with quite an ease.


Just like a rabbit, you cannot stay idle for long. You have the urge to move around always to disperse the immense energy of yours to the people all around you. You are immensely imaginative and think in ways others can’t. You meeting and talking to anyone becomes their highlight of the day and joy so infectious, no one spared of it around you.
The reason you make friends so easily and quickly is because of the big funny bone you possess. This makes you the leader of the group you are in, who admired as well as envied upon. Some people think you are inconsiderate and fake, but we know, how much good you are. You are sympathetic and very considerate towards others and just love people in joy, always undermining your peace for others.


Just like the almighty Lion, the king of the jungle, You too are the king in your life. You possess a natural quality of king who people follow and look up to in life. You know who are enemies and who are friends, and you give your unfiltered prowess to help deal with the problems. People just love the way you speak and will follow you no matter what. You have a presiding personality which no one questions about. Your command over governing others, maybe a bit over-commanding for some people, which you need to check on. You are the one who is not afraid of any challenges and never fails to show people about who you are and what you will be. This pride of yours, however, may take the better of you and at times can be undermining for others.


The last of the list is the one who prowls in the dark. You think of a solution to a situation in ways others can just imagine. You find new ways, unheard of while analyzing over problems. You don’t need anyone to satisfy your gratitude and are happy in your solace and silence. The worldly chaos, although is overwhelming for you, and makes you go away from it, however, this doesn’t mean you are afraid of it. You like things the old-fashioned ways, like a British library with all the books in the world and knowing exactly what is where. You like to do things the ideal way without deterring from the rules and also command everyone to follow the same order. Although, you not much social, nonetheless people love your company and look up to you for advice. People know the immense intellect you possess and hence are compelled to come back to always.
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Does the content defines your personality as stated?

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