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The demise of East Africa Community

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Yona F. Maro, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Yona F. Maro

    Yona F. Maro R I P

    Feb 25, 2009
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    ITS not long since the Revival of East Afriican Community; but forces against its formation are becoming more stronger than the cohesive force binding it. I leave the detail by detail to historians though I shall point out a few indications that all is not well. In 1977, the difference between General Idd Amin and Mwalimu Nyerere Led to break of then co-operation, and subsequently Nyerere contributed to the Overthrowing of Amin. The co-operation died at a Time when Amin had taken away 7 kenyan Islands in L.Victoria. This time Kenyatta was busy grapping land to the size of Nyanza and did not bother to take action because he had differed sharply with Mzee Jaramogi Oginga. After Prof. Toro (Moi) , William Mukapa and Yoweri Museveni revived the community to their pride, cracks are now evidence.

    The greatest test has been to hold Tanzania in the community while expanding to accommondate Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan, and Maybe Ethiopia. Tanzania since the revival of the community has always been the biggest defaulter, Unsincere Member, Less committed while dragging efforts and raising majority complains; and by the way, the survey shows that Tanzania benefits most from the Community.

    When the Mentioned Islands(Migingo) were taken, Kenyatta never bothered but instead thought it was a discipline formula to deal with Oginga. It was cheaper at that time to reposses the Island and Now Its very costly. I remember that Sudan surrendered some parts to Kenya in 90s and our boundary Buldged at the L. Turkana. Museveni has a very poor history in terms of solving disputes and always prefers Military aggression which he always loses(Rwanda 2003, Kony). He has been thrashed twice with Moi and He surrendered in late 80s, People from Busia and Teso Districts can attest that Fact.

    Tanzania has killed and Maimed Kenyans in Hundreds where clear evidences have surfaced but did you here this Businessman called Kibaki complain? These are facts you all know. He complained when GM vehicles and other business deals were derailed by Tanzanians authority. Kenyan constitution( Presidential Oathing binds him to protect people and Not Business I stand corrected). Jeffa A King is constantly complaining of the the failures of Tanzania in the community. Other country's have told Tanzanians to quit if not satisfied with the community but Kenya Keeps quiet.

    I happen to have been to Uganda a Number of times and My Ugandan Friends belief strongly that Uganda Commands supperior Military Network compared to kenya. This is a daring experience and worst is that Ugandan Media has been reporting of Ugandan Marines defeating Kenyan army on the Island(Migingo). True facts are that Kenyans are the Leading investors in uganda!! To you Wana Bidii!! What shall be the future of The East African Community when another country decides to breach the very law it signed. Why should Kenya seek the intevention of Rwanda Burundi and Tanzania in this clear issue.

    During the post-election violence, It was reported that Kibaki had sought the Military Aid from Museveni to quel the rioting Kenyans. The case was noticed at Moi Referal Hospital when the foreign Forces invaded the hospital. Kibaki owes Museveni a debt! Its true that Museveni always goes to grap the resources for the countries he has Aided(DR Congo). To my surprise, the Man(Kibaki) who vowed in the Evening to protect Kenyans seem not bothered at all.

    Am not sure if Kisumu City has a Military camp? Even a Navy station!! Why sent APs with G3s Riffles when another person sents elite forces? Why tell helpless Fishermen not to panic when you are not protecting them. Telling Kibaki to confront the problem is simply playing a quitar to the goat. The so called East Africa community does not resonate well among Kenyans and Any ugly incident between two Governments will leave irrepairable damages to the community.

    The further military build-up by Ugandans on the Island will accelerate the levels of Hatred Kenyans are developing towards Museveni and Ugandans. Already there is wide spread tension among Kenyans leaving in Uganda and Especially the students. Did you know that Kenyans Learning in Uganda account for 20% of the total Foreign Exchange!! Slightly above its tourism industry. The ODM bandwagon belief that Museveni had a hand in the bangled elections!! This makes the relationshhip of the two countries slippery.

    Museveni has become very un-popular amongst the Ugandans as Majority are admiring the lifestyle of Kenyans and are raising up in demand for improved democracy. Museveni's boat is sinking and he would want to start such aggression so as to pull Ugandans together and make them hate Kenyans. Any form of war will be very disastrous and Uganda is bound to feel the heat straight away.

    Tanzanians on the other hand do not impress the idea of the community and the CLAMOUR for New constitution is threatening the powers of NDUGU KIKWETE who unfortunately thinks the Culture of Kenyans has spilled over to Ndugu Watanzania wenye Amani.

    Museveni is simply demanding for the pay he rentered to Kibaki and he is also using the Island to play politics. Uganda has no Military Muscle to match Kenya's Disciplined Forces. In any case, A War will mean the end of the East African community, Surrendering the Island will mean that even Somali's Al-Shabaab fighters can just take over North Eastern and make that A Muslim state!! Kibaki should simply Deploy the Kenyan Navy to cause a Stand-off then trigger diplomatic negotiations. " Amani haipatikani ila kwa Ncha ya Upanga" summarises the Swahili proverb.

  2. U

    Ubungoubungo JF-Expert Member

    Feb 25, 2009
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    Ukiongelea kwenye masuala ya jeshi mkuu, Kenya hawajui kitu, hawana uzoefu wowote, wanaweza wakakanyagwa hata na Burundi. Tz ndio kiboko yao, ikifuatiwa na Rwanda au Uganda, kenya ni ya mwisho. hawana historia ya ubabe wa ngumi. wanachojivunia ni ile US base basi kama ndio itakayowasaidia.

    kwa habari ya maendeleo, na kwamba sisi watz tunafaidika sana na kenya, nakushauri subiri karibia miaka kumi utaona matokeo yake. utakapoona tz ikiwa miaka kumi mbele ya Kenya na Uganda ndo utashanga.
  3. Mpita Njia

    Mpita Njia JF-Expert Member

    Feb 25, 2009
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    EAC Headquarters, Arusha, 24 February 2009: Our attention has been drawn to the barrage of publicity in some sections of the region’s Media during the past week about a “Financial Crisis” in the EAC. We wish to clarify that there is no financial crisis in the EAC and there is no cause for alarm. In particular, all the programmes of the EAC are proceeding as planned and at no time has any of them been interrupted. The EAC is meeting all its financial obligations to suppliers and to staff. The EAC is not “cash-strapped”, or in any “dire financial straits” and funds have not “dried up” at the EAC as is being touted in some sections of the Media.

    It is important to appreciate the following facts about the EAC’s Financial Management:-

    1. Partner States’ contribution to the EAC Budget: In accordance with the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community, the Budget of the East African Community is made up of equal contributions by each of the five EAC Partner States, viz Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Since the establishment of the East African Community in 1999, the Partner States have consistently honoured their Budget obligations and maintained a default free budget contribution performance. Over the period, EAC has stood out, among the regional or international organizations, with a default-free record. The EAC financial management has been exemplary and without reproach. EAC has consistently balanced its books and received a clean audit report from the independent audits every year.

    2. Commitment to full remittance of funds: During the current FY 2008/09 which is the subject of the barrage of speculative publicity, it is true that the Partner States had fallen behind in their contributions and as at 19 February 2009 the records showed that they had remitted only 45% of the assessed Budget to total $ 10.5 million against the Budget of 23.4 million. However, the Partner States at the same time made a commitment that the outstanding balance shall be cleared before the end of the Financial Year. Indeed, at the same time as this whole issue of the presumed financial crisis in the EAC was raging in the Media, the Partner States made further payments of their contributions that had the effect of substantial reduction of the outstanding balance.

    Magaga Alot

    Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, EAC
  4. H

    HellFire20 Senior Member

    Feb 25, 2009
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    What is this experience you people keep talking about that was like 30 years ago,So you fought a depleted Ugandan Army(Due to the Israelis Entebe Raid) and thats what you call experience,Please....I bet even most of the troops who did that are long Retired or dead.
    Secondly how war was fought in the 70's is not how it would be fought today so your 1970's experience would be annulled by time would be fast short and would require less manpower and more of technology i,e modern weapons,missile,and stuff.
    Of the above mentioned what do you have to show of nothing apart from some 1960 fighter plane that don't fly because they are unservisable.
    You people dont have a competitive edge the wow factor look at your national Football team they have become the whipping boys at CHAN,
    When was the last time you won an Olympic medal eeeh....cant remember?..I thought so.

    NB There is No US military base in Kenya,so cease from engaging in blatant lying .
  5. M

    MzalendoHalisi JF-Expert Member

    Feb 25, 2009
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    Yaani Kaazi Kweli Kweli!

    The migthy Kenyan Army and the Mightier Strong economy!

    Can not be compared! Not in Africa..not may be in the World!

    Kenya is so strong!

    hellfire20 Ndugu bado hujui huu Ukweli????

    Huu ndiyo ukweli tazama hapa BBC NEWS | Africa | Kenya police 'ran death squads'

    Kaazi saana yaani!
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2009
  6. A

    Alpha JF-Expert Member

    Feb 26, 2009
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  7. U

    Ubungoubungo JF-Expert Member

    Mar 2, 2009
    Joined: Jul 28, 2008
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    kaazi kwelikweli. jamaa anataka kulazimisha kuwa kenya wana nguvu kijeshi kuliko tz. anafikiri mashine pekee ndio zinapiga, kumbe the fighting spirit of the people, umoja na ushirikiano ndivyo vinavyoshindaga vita. tz hatuna threat yoyote, hivyo hatuhitaji kununua mavifaaa sanaaa kama kenya ambao wanayo threat ya maandamano na kupinduliwa selikali wakati wowote kutokana na ukabila. hivyo wanatakiwa kujiandaa kwa vita rais asijekupinduliwa wakati wowote.kama hakuna vita, mavifaru ya nini, ambayo anyway hata tz tunayo ya kumwaga. halafu, mtu ukiona unahitaji silaha unaweza ukanunua wakati wowote bora kuliko hata hizo zilizotoka ukraine.

    zaidi ya yote vita haina dili. nawashauri msielekee sana huko kwasababu mara nyingi fujo huwa zinaishia matatizo tu. ona sasa watalii wengi wamekimbilia tz kwasababu huko kwenu kumeonekana kuna fujo dunia nzima wanajua hilo. hadi mje mjisafishe sisi watz tumeshafaidika vya kutosha kwenye utalii. wabongo changamkieni tenda hapo.