Ten (10) Pictures that shows Why women live longer than men...

Mr What

JF-Expert Member
Oct 22, 2016
Enough of the boring day , let this put some smile on that face , below I will show you 10 Funny Pictures That Shows Why Women Live Longer Than Men, Enjoy.
1. Man cutting a tree on a ladder and the ladder resting on the same tree - Oh! This is extreme and at the same time stupid , the picture below shows a Man cutting a tree on a ladder and the ladder resting on the sane tree, wasn't he even thinking at all ?

2. Standing on top of a door to paint the ceiling - Everybody knows how hurt someone will be if the man in the picture happens to fail , he is really a funny legend .

3. Policeman sitting on a gun up- This is the dumbest policeman ever , what if the gun fire ? So he would be shot in the as*.

4. Five Men use themselves as a Ladder - These five men climb one another as a ladder to fix the electricity , this takes a lot of courage , don't try this at home !

5. Trampoline on the top floor of a four storey building - Those guys must be fearless , what if they jumb up and not down back to the trampoline, you should guess what happened.

6. Two bike men transportating a ladder fixed to their neck at each end - These two bike men must make sure they must be balanced on the same line .

7. Contractors holding their mate on a storey building- This should take a full trust , what if they drop him ? Don't try this

8. Extreme rider

9. This man must be a professional climber , how did he even climb there to change the bulb , fearless legend .

10. Duffer

So , how funny is this , which one shocked you the most ?

Mad Max

JF-Expert Member
Oct 21, 2010
Hao mabaharia waliobeba ngazi kwenye pikipiki wameshatunukiwa PhD au corona imekwamisha mahafali?


JF-Expert Member
Jun 10, 2016
Na kuna toto utalisikia linabana pua "mimi nampenda sana mama angu kuliko baba mana kanibeba miezi 9 tumboni"



JF-Expert Member
Sep 2, 2017
Hapa lazima tuwe tunakufa mapema Sana aisee nimecheka Sana hao wahuni waliobebana kufix umeme na hoa waliomshikilia mwenzao hao ma contractors

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