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Aug 21, 2008
Tarishi Hauwawi

Mama Regina Lowassa

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I am Mrs Lowasa, wife of the Tanzania ex-prime minister. I know you know where I got your mail address, don’t you?.

As you know my husband was implicated for the crime he did not commit, but that is how politics is! The actual fact is that he is a threat to many because he is a presidential material, AND many politicials know that if ED is to be a president, they are finished! This is because he is against Ufisadi 100%. I can compare him to the late Sokoine to whom he shares the first name and also came from Monduli.

Lets leave politics aside. Our family have make a lot of money through legal channels and contacts throughout the period Ed was minister and PM. We have invested wisely and some of our investiments are known to Tanzanians. We also have some money in different accounts in Tanzania and few millions $ outside Tanzania. The problem is anything we do now is related to Ufisadi. We are not free to invest, give contributions to charities or even to do a simple shopping. The ufisadi thing is following us!!

Now my friend here comes the reason I contacted you. With your permission, I want to appoint you as a manager of our investiments either in Tanzania or abroad, not both. You will invest our monies in the manner directed by us BUT under your name. In return, you will be getting betwen 5 to 10 percent of the profit from the investiments plus fixed salary and other benefits.

I request you to treat this mail with confidentiality. Do not share this info with anyone. NEVER trust anyone!!! You may contact me through the phone +255 754 27 51 51 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +255 754 27 51 51 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

You dont have to leave what you are doing now, this will be a part time thing.

I am waiting for your call!!

Best regards

R Lowasa
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Jul 14, 2007
Hahahaha! anapigwa mtu hapo na akija kushtuka hatamuona Regina wa Lowassa wala nani, majina makubwa hayo yanatumika kutafutia pesa. Angalia kinachofuatia ni kukwambia mtumie pesa akutumie pesa nyingi zaidi


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Jan 5, 2009
we are finished.....................
Ze nigerians have arrived....

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