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Tarime North Mara Gold Property Summary Report

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Yona F. Maro, Aug 13, 2008.

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    Tarime North Mara Gold Property Summary Report

    Property Description.

    Kilimanjaro Mining’s North Mara Gold property is in northern Tanzania, eastern end of the Lake Victoria Greenstone Belt, in the Tarime District, Mara Region. The property is approximately 12 kilometers southwest of the town of Tarime and 110 kilometers southwest of Barrick Gold’s North Mara gold mine (proven and probable reserves of 45 Mt of 0.058 oz/ton or 2.6 million gold ounces; Dec 31st, 2006 from Barrick Gold’s website).

    The North Mara property consists of seven prospecting licenses and covers an area of 420.2 km2. Another one license is in the application process with the Government. These applications cover an additional 488.55 square kilometers.

    The Prospecting License and their areas are:

    PL 3005/2005 TARIME NORTH MARA 85.43 5/3
    PL 3340/2005 TARIME NORTH MARA 194.56 5/2,4
    PL 4882/2007 TARIME NORTH MARA 61.51 5/3
    PL 3339/2005 TARIME NORTH MARA 3.57 5/4
    PL 3087/2005 TARIME NORTH MARA 34.17 5/4
    PL 3355/2005 TARIME NORTH MARA 24.06 5/4
    PL 4645/2007 TARIME NORTH MARA 16.9 13/1
    TOTAL AREA 420.2

    Property under Applications and its area:

    HQ-P15508 TARIME NORTH MARA 68.35 5/4

    Access from Tarime to Tarime North Mara is over unimproved roads through the villages of Mhunze and Busingwa. This four hour trip requires four-wheel drive vehicles during the wet season. The nearest airport with regularly scheduled flights is in Tarime. Supplies and services are also available at Tarime.

    Fig 1: North Mara Gold Property Location Map


    Topographically, the property consists of a series of low hills and intervening grass covered valleys. Vegetation is primarily grass and thorn bush. The climate at Tarime North Mara is tropically humid with alternating wet and dry seasons. The rainy season usually starts in November and extends to May with a short interruption towards the end of December. Maximum rainfall occurs in March and April; daytime temperatures in the dry season vary from 22 to 32 degrees Celsius. Climatic conditions are not expected to unduly hinder exploration programs in the area.


    The Tarime North Mara property is 100% owned by Kilimanjaro Mining.

    Property Geology and Mineralization.

    The North Mara Tarime property situated within the Mara Greenstone Belt, part of the larger Lake Victoria Greenstone belt. This is the granite –greenstone terrain significantly along the Northwest mineralization corridor with gold occurrences along and in the property. The underlying geology comprises felsic and medic volcanics intercalated with sediments which are intruded by various granitoid and gabbroic plutonic rocks. Tertiary volcanic lava flows partially cover the underlying Archaean geology.

    Mara shear zone which crosses the property and the North Mara Mine in northwest trend is believed to be an ore controlling structure, the shear zone was active during gold mineralization and is a fertile structure that remains prospective for the discovery of additional mine able gold deposit.
    Fracturing has been the prime ore control at most of the deposit over the North Mara area and they are played an important role in the controlling the distribution of gold mineralization. Barrick North Mara gold mine and the North Mara Gold property are the offshoot of the major Utimbalo fault which trend over 50km NE to the neighboring country, and is very significant for mineralization in the areas where it crosses.
    As the reference to Gold mineralization over the North Mara property, the Nyabirama and Nyabigena-Gokona ore bodies at Mara mine located along the Mara shear zone are structurally controlled, shear-hosted lode gold deposits. Situated seven kilometers apart, the two deposits occur in similar structural settings, but in different host rocks.
    At Nyabirama, mineralization is predominantly disseminated in an intensively deformed, pervasively altered granitoid intrusive rock associated with intensive silicious alteration and approximately1% sulphide minerals.
    The mineralization at Nyabigena occurs as both disseminated sulphide-gold (2-3% sulphide) mineralization within the pervasively altered andesitic volcanic rocks and quartzveinlets.
    The interpretation of regional geology and vertical derivative magnetic data indicate high magnetic intrusion in the magnetic low which geological equivalent in the area is the Gabbros intrusion in the granite and the mineralization occur in the Margin of intrusion similar to Barrick North Mara Gold Mine.

    Majority of the gold found at North Mara is finely disseminated and are associated with quartz-sulphide veins and the most common sulphide is pyrite with minor arsenopyrite, minor amount of silver occurs with the gold. The combination of northeast-southwest trending fracture zones interpreted by aerial magnetic pattern along with abundant gold occurrences and magnetic intrusions makes the North Mara property an ideal environment for hosting a major gold deposit and attractive exploration target. The long time presence of artisanal gold mining confirms the importance of this property. Kilimanjaro Mining believes the site is capable of hosting a large gold deposit.

    Fig 2: Geology and Interpretation Map over the North Mara Gold Property.

    Historical Exploration

    The earliest recorded exploration in the area dates back to 1935. From that time through to approximately 1990, geological studies, and airborne magnetic and radiometric surveys were carried out that added to the information, although these studies did not yield significant exploration results. Recently, the property has been surveyed by different company but no surveyed data which have been published.

    Kilimanjaro Mining reviewed the previous North Mara work, which included that by the Geological Survey of Tanzania and Exploration, Geo Survey International (aeromagnetic interpretation map), Barth (1960) and Stockey (1935). In 2007, following this reviews Kilimanjaro Mining decided to proceed with the property acquisition of North Mara.

    Exploration Program

    Kilimanjaro Mining is proposing a two-phase $2.1 million exploration program for the North Mara property. This program will involve geologic mapping and sampling, ground magnetics, ground IP, RAB drilling and RC drilling.
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    Hii Kilimanjaro Mining ndio ile kampuni aliyoileta Marehemu Wangwe? mwenye kufahamu atufahamishe kwa kina. Maana Wangwe alidhulumiwa au alitoswa baada ya kampuni iliyoanzisha mgodi kuuza kwa wawekezaji wengine na kuna taarifa zisizo rasmi kwamba hadi kifo chake wawekezaji (bila kuweka bayana) walimuona kama adui namba moja
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    Tunaomba majina ya hao wamiliki wa Kilimanjaro Mining maana tunaweza kujuwa mengi...Majina...Majina tafadhali ili tuweze kujuwa kama marehemu alikubaliana na nani na nani alimgeuka nani.